Your Symptoms Speak Volumes

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A famous proverb “One apple a day keeps a doctor away” is not that topical in our everyday world. Sometimes vitamins cannot help unless a person understands the origin of some body symptoms. Moreover, the Internet is so overwhelmed with the information about health, that the necessary data gets lost. That is why we have decided to create a useful page with all the symptoms with a short description to each.

By reading this information, you may easily identify which health problem is related to the symptoms. Our body gives us lots of signs which we need to read and understand. Unless you know this information, the illness may deteriorate in due course. It means that people have to pay attention to what their body feels. Whether it is a pain, discomfort, weird tingling, you have to determine the cause of it. By understanding a true reason, it will be much easier to eradicate the disease from its core.

Before going to the doctor, try to identify which possible reason for symptoms you may have. Find your problem on this page below, select it, and read a short description. There you may find an explanation of the symptom and its relation to other more serious illnesses. Analyze possible causes which are mentioned and underline those which are more likely to be related to your health problem. By identifying this information, it will be easier to select the doctor’s specialization for further investigation.


The abdominal pain can be acute, nagging, dull, even excruciating. It is quite difficult to identify the reason if you know that no bad food, poor diet, strong stresses have caused it. First of all, identify the location of the pain. Then, determine which organs are placed there. The most frequent reason is related to eating bad, spoiled food, or ingredients which do not match for proper digestion. If you do not remember eating something harmful for the last 24 hours, it can be a more serious situation. Also, you can check whether the pain is not coming from the appendix. If it is inflamed, the pain comes from the lower right part of you stomach (close to the right hip). Appendicitis should be treated with the help of surgery. Do not drink any medications before the doctor arrives.

Possible Causes: spoilt food, indigestion, gastritis.

Possible Treatment: Antacids, Antibiotics.

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