World History Unit 2

Hitler inaccurately associated the concept of an Aryan race with all of the following groups EXCEPT

Hitler ended Germany’s economic woes, unemployment, and the depression by
public works projects and a rearmament program

The Kristallnacht, which happened on November 9, 1938, was
the destructive rampage against German Jews led by Nazis

Hitler’s goal was to create a
Third Reich, or German Empire.

Hitler’s political theories were based on all of the following EXCEPT

The League of Nations was less than effective for all of the following reasons EXCEPT
President Wilson did not support the idea.

The Weimar Republic was hurt by all of the following EXCEPT
too much spending on the German military.

general rise in prices and pay rates

period of low economic activity and high unemployment

right of unions to negotiate with employers
collective bargaining

The Triple Alliance was a loose agreement of cooperation among
Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy

Which one of the following is NOT considered a major cause of World War I?

Austria-Hungary feared that Serbia would
create a large Slavic state

Germany viewed the Russian czar’s full mobilization of the army as an
act of war

The German military plan devised by General von Schlieffen
called for war on two fronts.

Russia was unprepared for war in all of the following ways EXCEPT one. Which one?
no czar

Women workers in Petrograd marched in protest, then
organized a general strike

Outwardly, Lenin turned over power to the all-Russian Congress of Soviets, then
passed real power to a Council of People’s Commissars that he controlled.

Military opposition or other forms of challenges to the Red Army came from all of the following EXCEPT
Italian royalists who supported Lenin.

Kerensky’s provisional government made the fatal mistake of deciding to
continue the war.

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