West Between Wars

Life in Europe post WWI
Failure of US to join the league
German republic made its 1st payment in 1921
-could not pay any more reparations
-France sent troops to occupy the Ruhr Vally
German government adopted a policy
-workers went on strike
-Germany government mainly paid their salaries by printing more paper money
-Dawes Plan
New European diplomacy
-Treaty of Locarno
-Krllogg-Brand Pact

Why was the League of Nations ineffective in maintaining stability
US did not join

what country was most negatively affected by the Treaty of Versailles

how did america try to help Germany pay off their WWI debt
Bank Loans

at are 2 key factors that led up to the Great Depression
1st- series of downturns in economies of individual nations in 1920s

2nd- international financial crisis involving US stock market

How did the poor state of the economy allow for the growth & future acceptance of extreme forms of government
-increased government activity in economy
-led masses of people to follow political leaders
-offered simple solutions in return for dictatorial power
-democracy seemed on defensive

Why did France & G.B. “survive” & fair a little better than other countries in Europe?
-more balanced economy- was not effected till 1932
-soon suffered and had political effects
-6 cabinets were formed- formed popular front gov
-started program for workers- called French New Deal
-gave workers right to collective bargaining

-Labour Party failed & fell from power
-new gov led by Conservatives
-claimed credit for bringing Britain out of worst stages of Depression
-Political leaders ignored ideas of economist
-John Keynes
-argued that unemployment came from decline in demand not overproduction
-gov could increase demand by deficit spending

-active in passing reforms
-preserved democratic governments
-they were winners
-didn’t loss land or anything

How did the Great Depression affect peoples confidence in democracy? How could/ did it allow for the rise of authoritarian dictatorship?
the GD led to people too follow political leaders who offered simple solutions in return for dictatorial power. Democracy seemed defensive because the people wanted to stop the Gd from becoming worse.

-people uncertain to what would happen
-lost confidence in leader

Why/how was democracy being threatened?
-Totalitarian regimes pushed central state’s power far beyond what it had been
-regimes wanted more than passive obedience
-wanted to conquer the minds & hearts of there subjects
-achieved this goal through mass propaganda techniques & modern communications

Describe the totalitarian form of government
-government aims to control the political, economic, social, intellectual, & cultural lives of its citizens
-led by single leader &single party
-rejected ideal of limited government power & the guarantee of individual freedoms
-individual freedom was subordinated to the collective will of the masses as determined by leader

T/F: All totalitarian are authoritarian but not all authoritarian governments are totalitarian
True: -totalitarian government- total control of all aspects of peoples life (controlled resources, media, government, EVERYTHING)
-Authoritarian- single dictator- strong authority figure- didn’t have total control

Who is the father of fascism

What does fascism emphasize? What did people in Italy find it acceptable or even appealing?
-Various means to establish complete control over the italian people
-Mass media used to spread propaganda
-organizations to promote ideas of fascism

Describe Mussolini’s path to dictatorship & how he obtained total power & control
-converted 1,000’s to Fascist party
-threatened to march on Rome if not given power
-Victor Emmanuel III (king of Italy) gave in

What is the Politburo? Why are they struggling?
-Communist Party’s (in Russia) main policy making body
-severely divided over the future direction of the Soviet Union

What changes did Stalin make when he assumed complete control over the communist party?
-removed the Bolsheviks from the Politburo
-established a powerful dictatorship

-ended Lenin NEP
-series of 5 year plan
-economic changes

What was the goal of the 1st 5 year plan? How did Stalin plan to meet that goal?
-Production of military and capital goods
-quadrupled the production of heavy machinery
and doubled oil production

agricultural -to- industry ~ really fast

met his goal by force
-everything at industry
-nobody was working at agriculture

Describe life in Russia under Stalin’s 5 year plan
-unhealthy living quarters
-always worked on locations owned by gov= no private business
-peasants resisted by hearing crops & killing livestock

-financially expensive
-widespread famine
-parents teaching kids
-wages declined

How did Stalin maintain complete control; totalitarian?
-had so much control
-controlled peoples lives
-people could not run away from it
-Great purge- get rid of unused things

What are Hitler’s core beliefs
racism, especially anti-semitism

How are Hitler’s racial superiority beliefs similar to the ideological motives for imperialism that we discussed during our Imperialism unit?
-extreme German nationalism
-strong anti-semitism

Briefly outline Hitler’s 2nd attempt to gain complete power
promised a new Germany that appealed to nationalism and militarism

How does passage of the Enabling Act allow Hitler to take total control?
gave gov to ignore the constitution for four years

Whom did Hitler blame for Germany’s economic woes?

There are several ways the Nazi party promoted their agenda & totalitarianism.
Parades, rallies, propaganda, mass media, youth groups (brain washing), terror (concentration camp), violence

On what 2 principles were the Schutzstaffeln based
Terror & Ideology (what you believe in)

Compare and Contrast Women’s & Men’s roles in Nazi Germany
-Mothers- raised Arian race

-Jobs women couldn’t do

Describe the Nuremberg Laws
defined who was considered a Jew

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Which of the following actions did Japan take in an attempt to recover from the Great Depression? Japan seized control of resources in other nations Italy and Japan were dissatisfied with the peace settlements provided in the Treaty of Versailles …

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