Vitamin E and K

Currently, intramuscular injection of 0.5 to 1 mg of phylloquinone shortly after birth is recommended for all infants.

Jane took a vitamin E supplement before breakfast. Where would you most likely find most of the vitamin E from the supplement in the body two hour after the meal?
in chylomicrons in the lymphatic vessels and general circulation

Which of the following provides the most vitamin E activity in the U.S. food supply?

Which of the following appears to be the least toxic when taken in high amounts?
vitamin E

Which of the following provides the greatest amount of alpha-tocopherol?
1 cup cooked spinach

Risk of vitamin K deficiency is greatest in:

Vitamin K deficiency in adults is most likely due to:
antibiotic therapy.

Which antioxidant is most effective in rapidly eliminating hydroxyl radicals prior to initiation of oxidative damage?
vitamin C

How does alpha-tocopherol differ from beta-tocopherol?
location of methyl groups

___________________readily reacts with organic molecules such as protein, lipids, and DNA and thus can damage cellular components.
Singlet molecular oxygen

The tocopherols all are composed of:
saturated side chains with 16 carbons.

Which antioxidant is most effective in terminating chain-propagation reactions in cell membranes?
vitamin E

The action of vitamin K is the post-translational synthesis of blood clotting factors occurs:
in the liver

Whhich fat-soluble vitamin appears to operate as a coenzyme that modifies proteins to bind with calcium?

Gut bacteria can produce some vitamins, but this rarely contributes to our requirements because they are not absorbed.

Which fat-soluble vitamin has as its principal function the maintenance of membrane integrity?
vitamin e

Regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E requires reducing agents, such as
all of the above

Of the following, which is the richest source of tocopherols?
wheat germ

Which of the following provides the greatest amount of vitamin K?
1 cup cooked turnip greens

Anticoagulant drugs that act by inhibiting vitamin K activity do so by which mechanism?
inhibiting the formation of the active form of vitamin K

7-dehydrocholesterol is the form of vitamin D that is added to fortify milk.

A genetic deficiency in _____ leads to a vitamin E deficiency syndrome.
RRR alpha-tocopherol
b, gamma-tocotrienol
c. tocopherol carrier protein in the jejunum
*d. alpha-tocopherol transfer protein in the liver

In what type of tissue is the largest amount of vitamin E stored?

All three forms of vitamin A (retinol, retinal, retinoic acid) are stored in the liver as retinyl esters.

Why shouldn’t vitamin E supplements be taken for at least one week before surgery?
Vitamin E acts as a blood thinner and could lead to excessive bleeding

Which of the fat-soluble vitamins is consumed in the form of phylloquinone from plant foods?

The _________________from á-tocopherol effectively and quickly react with and terminate a variety of free radicals before the free radicals can destroy cell membranes and other cell components.
hydrogen ions

Many anticoagulants inhibit the vitamin K cycle, thereby preventing activation of clotting proteins.

Which is the best measure of vitamin K status?
prothrombin time

Because â-carotene can be converted into retinol, plant sources are referred to as preformed vitamin A.

The current thought about using antioxidant supplements to decrease risk to cancer and heart disease is:
eat antioxidant-rich foods instead.

Palm oil is also of the richest natural sources of:

Which vitamin is associated with improved plasma membrane structure and glucose transport/metabolic control in people with type 2 diabetes?

Which of the following should be avoided before surgery?
Vitamin E

For which vitamin is the Tolerable Upper Intake Level set because of increased tendency for bleeding?

Induction of a protein (i.e., increasing the amount of a protein) via increasing gene expression can be accomplished by:
Vitamin A

Joe. takes warfarin due to his valve replacement surgery. He is an avid gardener and enjoys eating the many green leafy vegetables he grows. You caution Joe. to tell his physician about this because the amount of warfarin he takes may need to be _____

Within cells, most of the vitamin E is found in:
cell membranes

Only RRR á-tocopherol is incorporated into very-low-density lipoproteins.

Many anticoagulants work by inhibiting the regeneration of active vitamin K (i.e., dihydrovitamin KH2) during the vitamin K cycle.

The isomeric form of alpha-tocopherol found in foods is:

If a person consumes fat with vitamin E, absorption of vitamin E:
increases from about 20% to about 50% to 80%.

Dietary vitamin K is absorbed mainly from the:

For which vitamin is a severe deficiency associated with an increased tendency for bleeding?

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