Victory and Despair: The Roaring Twenties, Modernism, and Postwar Outlooks Review

No, let us go no further. Decency and custom forbid it. I said it earlier, when speaking of my grandfather: In Jewish tradition a man’s death belongs to him alone. Let the gas chambers remain closed to prying eyes, and to the imagination. We will never know all that happened behind those doors of steel.

Read the text and study the images from Spiegelman’s Maus.


Which theme is addressed in both excerpts?

Some truths are too difficult to fathom if one has not experienced them.

My best friend is a white girl named Denise—
we look at boys together. She sat in front of me
all through grade school because of our names:
O’Connor, Ozawa.

In the excerpt, Okita reveals significant details about

race and friendship.

Which accurately describes a contrast between Wiesel’s All Rivers Run to the Sea and Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel, Maus?
Wiesel’s story includes his thoughts and feelings, whereas Spiegelman’s novel illustrates his father’s horrific experiences.

It is unbelievable how fast people adapt. It hurts to admit it, but within hours of first breathing the cattle car’s nauseating air, we began to feel at home. ‘Home’ was the edge of the wooden plank I sat on as I dreamed of the Jewish exiles of antiquity and the Middle Ages. More curious than afraid, I thought of myself as their brother. Mixed into my sadness there was undeniable excitement, for we were living a historic event, a historic adventure.

Which best describes the author at this point in his life?

He is too young and naive to truly understand what is happening.

I was relieved when the Crash came. I was released. Being in business was something I detested. When I found that I could sell a song or a poem, I became me, I became alive. Other people didn’t see it that way. They were throwing themselves out of windows.

Harburg was relieved when the crash occurred because

it gave him the opportunity to develop and profit from his creativity.

By signing Executive Order No. 9066, President Roosevelt assumed that
he was doing what was best for his nation.

They used to tell me I was building a dream
With peace and glory ahead—

These lines emphasize the pre-Great Depression belief that

American businesses were imperishable.

Roosevelt’s Executive Order No. 9066 was based on
the assumption that Japanese Americans posed a threat to national security.

Everybody picked the song up in ’30 and ’31. Bands were playing it and records were made. When Roosevelt was a candidate for President, the Republicans got pretty worried about it. Some of the network radio people were told to lay low on the song. In some cases, they tried to ban it from the air. But it was too late. The song had already done its damage.

From the content of the excerpt, it can be inferred that

the song and its message struck a chord with the American public.

Which best describes the author at this point in his life? He is too young and naive to truly understand what is happening. Which best describes the effect of Passini’s long pieces of dialogue? They indicate that Passini feels passionately …

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