USMLE Mnemonics Pharmacology

Competitive inhibitors change Km or Vmax
“Kompetitives change Km. Also K for POTency (POTassium)”

Parameters of pharmacokinetics
“ADME” Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion

Therapeutic index equation
“TITE” Therapeutic Index=Toxic/Effective dose

Drugs with lower therapeutic index values
“Warning These Drugs are Lethal” Warfarin, Theophylline, Digoxin, Lithium

Platelet aggregation is promoted by which receptors
“Aggregates (A for Alpha) Two-rombocytes”

V2 receptors are located in
“Collecting Two-bules”

MAO subtypes are located in
“maoA Anywhere, maoB Brain”

Bethanechol clinical use
“activates Bowel and Bladder smooth muscle”

Neostigmine CNS penetration?
“NeO has NO CNS penetration”

Important features of physostigmine
“PHYxes atropine od and PHreely crosses bbb”

AchE inhibitor poisoning symptoms
“DUMBBEELSS” Diarrhea, Urination, Mydriasis, Bronchospasm, Bradycardia, Exitation of skeletal muscle and cns, Emesis, Lacrimation, Salivation, Sweating

Agonist activity of dopamine on receptors
“DoButAmine” in decreasing order

Beta blockers selectivity
“B1 for A to M (1st half), B2 for N to Z (2nd half)

Beta blockers with intrinsic sympathomimetic activity
“INtrinsic ACtivity” pINdolol, ACebutolol

Tetrodotoxin depolarization or prevention of depolarization
“TEThers gates to each other” prevents depolarization

Drugs causing coronary angiospasm
“Evoke Coronary Artery Spasm” Ergots, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Sumatriptan

Drugs causing cutaneous flushing
“VANNCE” Vanco, Adenosine, Niacin, Nitrates, Ca blockers, Echinocandins

Drugs causing torsades
“antiABCDE” antiArrhythmics (Ia and III), antiBiotics (macrolides), antiCychotics (haloperidol), antiDepressants (tca), antiEmetics(ondansetron)

Drugs causing hyyperglycemia
“These Pills Necessitate Checking Hyperglycemia” Tacrolimus, Protease inhibitors, Niacin, Corticosteroids, Hydrochlorothiazide

Drugs causing SIADH
“Can’t Concentrate Sodium” Cyc, Carbamazepine, Ssri

Drugs causing pancreatitis
“Drugs Causing A Violent Abdominal Distress” Didenosine, Corticosteroid, Alcohol, Valproate, Aza, Diuretics (furosemide, thiazide)

Drugs causing agranulocytosis
“Can Cause Pretty Major Collapse of Granulocytes” Clozapine, Carbamazepine, Ptu, Methimazole, Colchicine, Ganciclovir

Drugs causing aplastic anemia
“Can’t Make New Blood Cells Properly” Carbazepine, Methimazole, Nsaids, Benzenes, Chloramphenicol, Ptu

Drugs causing hemolytics anemia in G6PD deficiency
“hemolysis IS D PAIN” Inh, Sulfonamides, Dapsone, Primaquine, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Nitrofurantoin

Drugs causing megaloblastic anemia
“HyperSegmented PolyMorphos” Hydroxyurea, Sulfa drugs, Phenytoin, Mtx

Drugs causing fat redistribution
“PIG” Protease Inhibitors, Glucocorticoids

Drugs causing hyperuricemia
“Painful Tophaceous Feet Need Care” Pyrazinamide, Thiazides, Furosemide, Niacin, Cyclosporine

Drugs causing photosensitivity
“SAT For photo” Sulfonamides, Amiodarone, Tetracyclines, 5-Fu

Drugs causing DRESS and SJS
“ABCS of hypersensitivity” Allopurinol, antiBiotics, antiConvulsants, Sulfa drugs

Drugs causing SLE-like syndrome
“SHIPPP ME” Sulfa drugs, Hydralazine, Inh, Procainamide, Phenytoin, Penicillamine, Minocycline, Etanercept

Drugs causing Parkinson-like syndrome
“rigidity of ARM” Antipsychotics, Reserpine, Metoclopramide

Drugs causing seizures
“with seizures I BITE my tongue” Inh, Bupropion, Imipenem, Tramadol, Enflurane

Drugs causing Fanconi syndrome
“Cause Proximal Tubule Toxicity” Cisplatin, iPhosphamide, Tetracyclines (expired), Tenofovir

Drugs causing interstitial nephritis
“Fancy Pills Starting Interstitial Nephritis” Furosemide, Penicillins, Sulfa drugs, Inhibitor (ppi), Nsaids

Drugs causing pulmonary fibrosis
“My Nose Cannot Breathe Bad Air” Mtx, Nitrofurantoin, Carmustin, Bleomycin, Busulfan Amiodarone

Drugs causing disulfiram-like reaction
“Sorry Pals Cannot Go Mingle” Sulfonylureas (1st gen), Procarbazine, Cephalos (some of them), Griseofulvin, Metro

Drugs causing nephro and ototoxicity
“Amplify Low Volume, Apply Catheters” Ampb, Loops, Vanco, Ags, Cisplatin

CYP450 inducers
“Chronic alcoholics STeal Phen-Phen and NEVer Refuse GReasy CARBs” Chronic alcohol, ST johns wort, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, NEVirapin, Rifampin, GRiseofulvin, CARBamazepine

Drugs metabolized by CYP450
“Always Think When Outdoors” Antiepileptics, Theophylline, Warfarin, Ocps

CYP450 inhibitors
“SICKFACES.COM” Sodium valproate, Inh, Cimetidine, Ketoconazole, Fluconazole, Acute alcohol, Chloramphenicol, Erythromycin, Sulfonamides, Ciprofloxacin, Omeprazole, Metro

Sulfa drugs
“Scary Sulfa Pharm FACTS” Sulfonamides, Sulfasalazine, Probenecid, Furosemide, Acetazolamide, Celecoxib, Thiazides, Sulfonylureas

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