The term Gilded Age refers specifically to a time when:
shallow worship of wealth and sharp social divisions existed.

After 1870:
…American inventiveness and technological progress flourished.

An effect of the rise of corporations in America was:
…a stimulation of capital investment and technological advance.

One disadvantage for American workers of the rise of corporations was:
…corporations now controlled the conditions and nature of work.

Upton Sinclair‟s The Jungle focused on the problems of what industry?
meat packaging on the field

The workplace of the late 1800s included all of the following conditions except:
…a safe and healthy environment.

The purpose of the settlement house movement was to:
…help the working poor by providing education and social services, and community reconstruction

The Great Uprising of 1877 was a general strike against the nation’s:
…railway companies

The American Federation of Labor emphasized the tactic of:
…collective bargaining

Which statement would most likely have been said by a nativist?
…”The nation‟s purity is being ruined by Catholics and undesirable foreigners.”

The American Protective Association focused specifically on:
…limiting the civil rights of Catholic Americans

The term “Great Migration” refers to the
…mass movement of American blacks from the rural South to the urban North.

Stereotypes of blacks were reinforced:
…by portrayals of blacks in vaudeville and film.

the Central Pacific Railroad company relied heavily on the low-paid, hard work done by:
…Chinese immigrants

Which statement best describes the cultures of the tribes that lived throughout the West?
…A wide spectrum of tribes had successfully adapted their lives to a variety of environments

What event in 1848 started a huge influx of whites into Indian territory?
…the discovery of gold in Indian territories

The leader of the Sand Creek Massacre, John Chivington, was:
…Methodist minister.

The second Treaty of Fort Laramie
…required the United States to abandon routes traveling through Sioux territory.

Which statement about the Sand Creek Massacre is not true?
…The fighting began when Indians attacked a mining town.

Whites destroyed the buffalo herds for all of the following reasons except:
…the government believed the Indians would survive better with fewer buffalo

An American force commanded by George A. Custer was overwhelmed during the
…Battle of the Little Bighorn

The Sioux were finally defeated:
…because it was difficult for them to sustain their traditional Indian economy.

It took 5,000 U.S. troops to capture 36 Apaches led by:

What happened at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, in 1890?
…At least 150 Sioux men, women, and children were slaughtered

All of the following statements about the Cattle Kingdom are true except:
…large-scale capital investment was not a major part of the Cattle Kingdom‟s growth.

The Homestead Act:
…guaranteed free acres of land to citizens who farmed the land for five years.

The third party with the greatest importance in the late nineteenth century was the ___________ Party

The word suffrage is synonymous with the right to:

The leader of the Women‟s Christian Temperance union argued that:
…alcohol abuse was a result of poverty and social disorder.

In 1888 Lord James Bryce said the most important reason for the mediocrity of American presidents was
…America‟s loyal political parties

The Sherman Antitrust Act:
…failed to stop the unfettered growth of large corporations

Throughout the 1890s, Supreme Court decisions tended to:
…support the powers of big business.

The “progressive movement” was driven by:
general belief that moderate reforms were needed to help end social disorder.

After the depression of the mid-1890s, a majority of Americans began to:
feel that new measures were needed to promote social progress.

All of the following are true about working conditions in the early 1900s except:
industrialists refused to resort to the subdivision of labor

Americans of “Old Stock” sometimes disliked new immigrants because:
they viewed predominantly Catholic and Jewish immigrants as threats to social stability.

Prohibition went into effect in

The Nineteenth Amendment
gave women the right to vote.

Major focuses of Theodore Roosevelt‟s presidency included all of the following except:
using subsidies to bolster the failing Standard Oil Company

Roosevelt‟s accomplishments as president included all of the following except:
promoting an amendment to establish an income tax.

Which statement best describes Woodrow Wilson‟s style as president?
He built upon Roosevelt‟s model of strong executive authority

Rationales for imperialism in the era 1890-1910 included all of the following ideas except:
…the United States needed a vast buffer zone to offset communist expansionism

The primary goal of the American government‟s imperialistic policies was:
…commercial expansion

The American government used all of the following methods to take control of Hawaii except:
…enlisting the help of Great Britain and France in establishing imperial control

Before the Spanish-American War, the yellow press:
…used sensationalism to stir up war fever.

Popular anger against Spain was ignited by:
…the destruction of the U.S. ship, the Maine

The Teller Amendment
…called for Cuban self-government.

The crucial role in capturing San Juan Hill was played by:
…the 10th Negro Cavalry.

As a result of the Spanish-American War:
…William McKinley expressed the desire to acquire the Philippines.

Which of the following was NOT acquired by the United States as a result of the Spanish-American War?
…Midway Islands

All of the following are true about America‟s presence in Puerto Rico except:
…the Supreme Court ruled that Puerto Rico deserved the right to statehood

The Roosevelt Corollary was seen by Theodore Roosevelt as:
…logical extension of the Monroe Doctrine.

Which statement about Woodrow Wilson‟s foreign policy is true?
…Despite campaign claims, Wilson ended up aggressively using interventionism

Woodrow Wilson took all of the following actions in Mexico except:
…signing an agreement of friendship with Porfirio Diaz.

Which statement about Pancho Villa is not true?
…He had little impact on U.S. foreign policy in Mexico

In August of 1914, as war erupted in Europe, most Americans:
…felt that America should maintain a neutral role in the conflict.

All of the following nations belonged to the Central Powers except:

All of the following statements about the sinking of the Lusitania are true except:
…it led to the immediate American involvement in the Great War.

President Wilson‟s response to the sinking of the Lusitania:
…included the president‟s assertive demand that Germany end its submarine warfare

A policy of war preparedness was advocated by:
…Theodore Roosevelt

In January 1917, President Wilson outlined a “new world order” in which:
…self-determination would be the foundation of world relations.

What happened only two weeks before America‟s declaration of war against Germany?
…German submarines sank four American freighters.
d. The War Industries Board was approved by

The National War Labor Board accomplished all of the following goals except:
…keeping wages ahead of inflation

The women‟s suffrage movement in America ________________ during World War I.
…made major gains

Which statement about the American military in World War I is not true?
…African Americans were not allowed to join either the army or navy.

The leader of the American Expeditionary Force was:
…John Pershing.

Which statement about the Battle of Argonne Forest is true?
…The massive Allied assault led to the most decisive victory in the war

Major aspects of President Wilson‟s Fourteen Points included all of the following except:
…promotion of regulated international trade

Postwar society in America was plagued by all of the following problems except:
…a recession caused by huge wage increases.

The Red Scare was caused by all of the following factors except:
…Lenin‟s open threats of toppling the U.S. empire

Which event happened last?
…Women were given the right to vote in a constitutional amendment

Which statement about industry in the 1920s is not true?
Businesses rejected any implementation of Taylor‟s scientific management.

The main force behind the 1920s economy was
…automobile production.

All of the following were aspects of the open shop campaign except:
…the extension of collective bargaining rights for unskilled laborers

Proponents of welfare capitalism believed that:
…corporations could undercut unions by providing certain benefits.

The Republican presidents of the 1920s:
…emphasized the importance of business interests.

Which statement about living patterns in the 1920s is not true?
…The majority of Americans still lived in rural areas.

Blacks migrated to the urban North for all of the following reasons except:
…racial discrimination was not a part of life in the North

Effects of the Great Migration included all of the following except:
…ending housing and job discrimination in the North

The Harlem Renaissance:
…featured some of the greatest literature, music, and visual art of the era.

Charles Lindbergh became a celebrity when he:
…became the first pilot to fly a plane across the Atlantic.

Which statement about the Ku Klux Klan is not true?
…The Ku Klux Klan‟s membership was restricted to whites of any ethnic background.

What would be the only group viewed favorably by the Ku Klux Klan?
…German Protestants

Nativists promoted:
…restricting immigration of people who were not Anglo-Saxon

The most ominous trend of the 1920s was:
…the uneven distribution of wealth that existed beneath apparent prosperity.

What is the correct order of presidential succession?
…Harding, Coolidge, Hoover

Which headline would have appeared in 1927?
…”Lindbergh Greeted in France by Roaring Crowd”

What occurred on “Black Tuesday”?
…A stock market crash wiped all the gains of the previous year

The Wall Street crash:
…marked the beginning of the depression, but did not cause it.

All of the following were causes of the Great Depression except
…a drop in agricultural production in the mid-1920s.

In the first years of the depression, personal income:
…dropped by more than half

Which statement about women during the depression is not true?
…Firing women usually opened up more job opportunities for men.

The Great Depression affected Germany in all of the following ways, except
…it slowed the rise of Adolph Hitler to power.

Franklin Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932 for all of the following reasons except:
…Roosevelt had announced the specifics of his New Deal package of legislation

“The 100 Days” refers to:
…the active first three months of FDR‟s first term of office.

Franklin Roosevelt‟s first goal as president was to:
…strengthen the faltering bank industry.

The plight of American farmers during the depression was magnified by:
…evastating droughts and dust storms throughout the 1930s.

The Social Security Act:
…established federal responsibility in providing social welfare.

All of the following statements about Eleanor Roosevelt are true except:
…despite her active role, she did not become involved in lobbying Congress.

A significant shift in voting demographics occurred in the 1930s when:
…blacks shifted their loyalties from the Republicans to the Democrats

In the early 1930s, Hitler established this type of government in Germany

The earliest Fascist aggression took place when
…Japan launched a brutal invasion of China

Which is the correct trio of Axis Powers in World War II?
…Germany, Japan, Italy

Germany‟s invasion of _________ on September 1, 1939 marked the start of World War II.

Nazi aggression finally was stalled in 1940 and early 1941 when:
…England steadfastly resisted the Nazis in the Battle of Britain.

FDR‟s “lend-lease” program allowed:
Britain to borrow military equipment from the United States

Which statement about Pearl Harbor is true?
More than 2,000 Americans were killed in the surprise Japanese attack

The first check to Japanese expansion came at the Battle of the Coral Sea when:
U.S. aircraft carriers halted a Japanese advance toward Australia

Which statement about American support for World War II is true?
The support for the war unified Americans across regional, national, and class divisions

The Manhattan Project was the code name for:
the project to develop the atomic bomb

What prompted J. Robert Oppenheimer to say, “Now I am become death”?
Seeing a nuclear fission bomb tested for the first time

All of the following statements about women workers on the home front are true except:
the percentage of women working in manufacturing jobs did not increase

After the fall of Mussolini:
bitter fighting for the control of Italy took place between the Allies and Germany

“Operation OVERLORD” was the code name for the:
D-Day invasion

The purpose of the D-Day invasion was to:
…liberate France from German control.

Which statement about the Holocaust is not true?
…Jews and Poles were the only people killed in Nazi death camps.

Japan surrendered to the United States:
…after the United States dropped a second atomic bomb.

The popular film The Best Years of Our Lives reflected Americans‟:
desire to stabilize and prosper during the years after the war.

Civil rights reforms enacted by the Truman administration included:
desegregation of the armed forces.

The courageous athlete who broke the “color line” in major league baseball was:
Jackie Robinson

Aspects of the Democratic Party‟s “vital center” from 1948 to 1968 did not include:
showing wide tolerance toward communist ideology

Harry Truman‟s successful campaign of 1948 featured all of the following except:
sophisticated use of television in televised debates

The period 1946-1950 began a 40-year era of:
rivalry with communism and the Soviet Union.

The main purpose of the Truman Doctrine was to:
contain communism by not letting it spread to other nations.

A major effect of the Marshall Plan was:
a strengthening of the economic relationship between the United States and western Europe.

The United States and other Western nations responded to the Berlin blockade by:
airlifting supplies into the isolated city.

Which statement about the role of possible atomic war in the 1950s is not true?
The United States-U.S.S.R. rivalry did not threaten the safety of western Europe

The world was brought to the brink of World War III surrounding a civil war in:

Effects of the Korean War included all of the following except
the Soviet Union became once again convinced of the United States‟ military invulnerability

All of the following statements about the Second Red Scare are true except:
Democrats used the scare to discredit Dwight Eisenhower‟s political coalition.

A key to Dwight Eisenhower‟s political success was his:
positive image with both liberals and conservatives.

The Eisenhower administration used “New Deal-style” government spending in modernizing:
national highway system.

During the Eisenhower administration, official American policy for a Soviet attack on western Europe called for
massive nuclear retaliation against the USSR

Effects of the Soviet Union‟s launching of Sputnik included all of the following except:
many Americans believed that Sputnik‟s inferior quality revealed American superiority

John Kennedy‟s New Frontier focused on
creating a new era of scientific and social progress.

In the incident at the Bay of Pigs, the United States:
failed to overthrow Fidel Castro with a C.I.A.-backed invasion.

The Cuban Missile Crisis began when:
the United States discovered that the U.S.S.R. was installing offensive nuclear weapons in Cuba.

President Kennedy‟s main strategy in dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis was:
imposing a naval blockade around Cuba until the crisis was resolved

In Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruled that:
segregation in public schools was unconstitutional.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1957
federal troops ensured the safety of black students from angry white mobs

The young, charismatic leader of the successful Montgomery bus strike was:
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Freedom Riders
challenged segregation of interstate bus terminals.

In 1963, many Americans were sickened by
violence committed by authorities against civil rights activists in Birmingham, Alabama

Which statement about the March on Washington of 1963 is not true?
It began a period of uninterrupted unity within the civil rights movement.

During the Freedom Summer:
black and white activists registered black voters in Mississippi.

Prior to the Voting Rights Act of 1965:
the vast majority of blacks in the South were denied the right to vote.

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution:
gave President Johnson the power to wage undeclared war in Vietnam

Effects of the Vietnam War included the:
erosion of the nation‟s confidence in its government

Millions of young people in the second half of the 1960s expressed their alienation from American society by sampling drugs or chasing the rainbow of a youth culture; this is referred to as:

The growth of the “Woodstock Generation” in the 1960s revealed that:
a feeling of alienation existed within American society.

The phrase “Black Power” was connected to all of the following except:
the emphasis of Christian love in civil-rights strategies.

Malcolm X was assassinated by rivals within the Black Muslims after he:
began to consider limited acceptance of white culture.

All of the following statements about the Black Panthers are true except:
they focused entirely on national rather than local goals

All of the following statements are true about the American Indian Movement except
the organization refused to ally itself with other Indian groups.

The impact of the Tet Offensive was magnified by all of the following facts except
the permanent loss of Saigon due to the Viet Cong‟s surprise offensive.

In the wake of the Tet crisis
advisers told Lyndon Johnson that the war was not winnable in traditional American terms.

Which two men were assassinated within months of each other in 1968?
Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The development of the Weather Underground was indicative of:
a split within the New Left‟s strategy of civil disobedience.

Four students were killed by the National Guard at Kent State University during a protest of:
American bombing of Cambodia.

Troubling aspects of the Watergate scandal included all of the following except:
John Dean‟s refusal to tell the truth at Senate hearings.

The Pentagon Papers detailed American military involvement in

Jimmy Carter‟s presidency was troubled by all of the following except:
a lack of idealism and vision.

Former president ______________ won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002
Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan won the election of 1980 because
Americans felt threatened by political and economic forces they couldn‟t control.

In its first term, the Reagan administration did all of the following, except
increase federal funds for school lunches.

The Economic Recovery and Tax Act of 1981 did all of the following things except:
provide more funds for social welfare programs.

One effect of deregulation was:
the destruction and bail-out of the savings and loan industry

Which statement about the American poor is true?
In the 1980s, there was an increase in the number of Americans living in poverty

Evidence of a renewed Cold War in the 1980s included all of the following except:
the American public‟s belief that the government had been infiltrated by Communists.

Which statement about the Iran-Contra affair is not true?
President Reagan and Vice President George Bush were unaware of any wrongdoings.

President Bush‟s call for U.S. military involvement in the Persian Gulf came when
Iraq invaded Kuwait and gained control of its oil production

Outcomes of the Persian Gulf War included all of the following except
the toppling of Saddam Hussein from power.

Title IX of the Education Amendments (1972) forbade discrimination by gender
in all educational programs receiving federal aid.

In what year did communism collapse in eastern Europe?

This event ended a decade of prosperity at home and complacency about the place of the United States
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001

Which of the following was not one of the promises Bill Clinton made in this campaign of 1992?
To make a return to “family values”

The outcome of the budget wars in 1995 and 1996:
revealed that centrist solutions were preferred by most Americans.

What happened to unemployment between the years 1992 and 2000?
It dropped from 7.2 percent to 4 percent.

Supporters of the North American Free Trade Agreement include:
professional businesses that want foreign customers.

The first woman named to the Supreme Court was:
Sandra Day O‟Connor

In supporting political ideals, women often show that they are especially concerned with:
practical problems of schools and neighborhoods.

Despite holding a lead in the popular vote, Al Gore needed this state to secure the electoral votes and the White House.

Who decided the election of 2000?
The Supreme Court

In the aftermath of the 2000 election, President George W. Bush pursued ______________ on domestic issues.
a strong shift to the right

George W. Bush‟s tax cuts
caused huge federal budget deficits.

Vice president Dick Cheney developed the George W. Bush administration‟s energy policy in consultation with
energy companies.

The September 11 terrorist attacks are often compared to:
the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the aftermath of the 9-11-01 attacks, the United States ousted the Taliban regime in

American policy toward Israel and the Palestinians includes all of the following, except
creating a Palestinian state in southern Lebanon.

Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, George W. Bush focused primarily on Iraq‟s
supposed possession of weapons of mass destruction.

In what year did the United States send troops to Bosnia?

What legacy did World War I leave behind? anger and resentment especially in Germany How did Stalin and Mussolini maintain their power? Stalin killed or terrorized his enemies, Mussolini used censorship and fear tactics to keep his people in line …

What occurred on “Black Tuesday”? A stock market crash wipe all the gains of the previous year The Wall Street crash Marked the beginning of the depression, but did not cause it WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON …

E. All of the following statements are false Which of the following statements is false? A. President Hoover hurt America during the Great Depression more than he helped it. B. President FDR was very close with the American public. C. …

Beginning in February 1928 and lasting through most of 1929, the American stock market saw the number of shares traded daily soar All the following factors contributed to the Great Depression EXCEPT conservative banking policies that restricted the availability of …

What was the focus and primary duty for the Office of War Mobilization during the war? peacetime industry To stop Japan from expanding it’s empire, president Roosevelt placed an on the important naval and aviation supplies in 1940 embargo WE …

Which statement best describes the U.S. role in World War I? The United States entered the war late but played an important role in the defeat of Germany. Which of the following was an effect of the Great Depression in …

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