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While urban workers’ incomes went up during the ’20s, what happened to farmers’ financial situation?
A. Their incomes grew faster than industrial workers
B. Farmers began to charge higher prices for their crops
C. They began to unionize for higher wages
D. Their incomes declined and their debts grew*

After the disaster of WWI, U.S. leaders in the 1920s tried to keep the rest of the world
A. At war to maintain high demand for U.S. products
B. From ratifying the Kellogg-Briand Pact
C. From collecting the U.S.’s unpaid war debts
D. At arm’s length to avoid another war*

Modernists stressed science and secular ideas as opposed to:
A. The value of education
B. Technological Progress
C. Religious Beliefs*
D. Scientific Theories

The changes of women’s manners, morals and mindset in the 1920s was symbolized by the:
A. Bootlegger
B. Flapper*
C. Teapot Dome Scandal
D. Model T

The Harlem Renaissance was an important cultural movement in which African American writers and arts
A. Downplayed race and focused on inventive language
B. Explored the pains and joys of being black in America*
C. Created the first truly American form of literature
D. Denounced jazz as “un-American”

One of the main reasons for the 1929 stock market crash was:
A. Stock prices had been too tightly controlled by the government
B. Too few people had been investing
C. Stock prices had risen too high because of speculation*
D. Investors had not been allowed to borrow money to buy stocks

The Great Depression forced many Americans to live in shanty towns known as:
A. Hoovervilles*
B. Tenant farms
C. Okies
D. Speakeasies

At first, what did President Hoover rely on to relive the Depression?
A. Federal money and government grants
B. Volunteerism and localism*
C. Laws forbidding businesses to fire workers
D. Mandatory unionization in all factories

The Bonus Army was a group of WWI veterans who were violently disbanded after they went to Washington D.C. to:
A. Seek early payment of the money promised to them by Congress*
B. Demand higher pay for veteran workers
C. Start a soup kitchen for jobless veterans during the Depression
D. March in support of Hoover’s reelection

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC):
A. Was established dot regulate the stock market
B. Was created despite strong objections form Roosevelt
C. Ensured Social Security payments would be made on time
D. Insured bank deposits up to $5000*

Which policy would John Maynard Keynes consider “pump grinding?”
A. Regulating the stock market to restrict speculation
B. Raising taxes on the poor to discourage immigration
C. Setting up tariffs to protect U.S. firms from foreign competition
D. Funding public works projects to put unemployed people back to work*

How did the new Deal affect the voting patterns of African Americans?
A. A majority began to support Huey Long
B. Most continued to vote Republican, Lincoln’s party
C. Many shifted their votes from Republican to Democrat*
D. The New Deal had not effect on blacks’ voting patterns

Which of theses factors helped hide economic problems in the 1920s?
A. Investors lost confidence in the marker
B. Farmers sold crop surpluses to pay off debts
C. American purchased many consumer goods on credit*
D. Wages increased at the same pace as worker productivity

Farmers contributed to the problems that led to the Dust Bowl by:
A. Putting down new layers of soil
B. Using intensive farming practices that removed protective grasses*
C. Moving off the plains find new farmlands
D. Damming western rivers

The Agricultural Adjustment Act helped farmers because it:
A. Attracted industry with the promise of cheap power
B. Created jobs for over 2 million Americans
C. Sought to end overproduction and raise crop*
D. Regulated the stock market

Why was formal education more important for urban Americans than rural Americans?
A. Most higher-paying jobs in the cities required a formal education*
B. Urban children needed a safe place to play
C. A better education provided more opportunities for inexpensive housing
D. Urban Americans needed an education to work in factories

Most Americans who opposed the KKK embraced what idea?
A. That the races should remain separate
B. That America was a “melting pot”*
C. That immigrants deported
D. That David Stephenson should be reelected

How did the consumer economy of the 1920s affect the lives of women?
A. It made life easier for rural women
B. It made life easier for working women
C. It made it harder for women to be housewives
D. It made life easier for urban women*

What does this map suggest about how the TVA helped American workers?
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What does the map suggest about how the TVA benefited people living in this area?
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Who or what do the figures in this cartoon represent? To What 1937 FDR plan does the cartoon probably refer? Did the FDR follow through with that plan? Why or why not?
Hint: This does NOT refer to the New Deal

Does the writer of this letter believe there is a need for New Deal Programs to help people why or why not?

According to that letter writer, who is being hurt by the New Deal and who is benefiting from it? Why do you think this person wrote this letter to Eleanor Roosevelt?

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