US Tariff Acts of the 1920s

What is the Emergency Tariff Act?
Increased the import taxes on wheat, sugar, meat, wool, and other agricultural products

When was the Emergency Tariff Act introduced?
May 1921

“Put controls on government spending”
Budgeting and accounting act

When was the budgeting and accounting act implemented?
June 1921

What is the Revenue Act?
Changed taxes cutting individual tax and wartime tax on high levels of profit.

How did the Revenue Act affect businesses?
Put in place a rise in the amount of tax paid by businesses.

When was the Revenue Act introduced?
November 1921

“Raised tariffs and extended them to industrial to industrial goods. It also gave the president power to raise the tariff yearly, in line with the selling price of these goods in the US”
Fordney and McCumber Tariff Act

When was the F&M tariff act introduced?
September 1922

What did these acts encourage Americans to do?
Encouraged them to buy American goods! But this did not help US exports

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