US history book 7

WWI erupted when ___ was assasinated by ___
Austrian heir, Serbian

Austri insisted on controlling ___ in Serbia
Anti-Autrian movement

Austria declared war with Serbia, ___ comes Serbia’s defense

Germany received international disgust by croosing neautral ___ to invade ___, causing ___ to join war
Belgium, France, Britain

supplies were cut off from ___ by ___
Germany, naval blockade

Allied Powers
England, France, Russia

Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary

prewar conflicts were NOT about
Italy joining Alliance

Tukey and England sided with

Italy joined Allies because
Italy’s only gains were under Austrian control

japan sided with England b/c of
Anglo-Japanese Aliiance previously agreed in 1902

for wartime needs US passed
War Industries Board, Selective Service Act, Committee on Industrial Preparedness

Event leading the German signing of an armistice is NOT
French Peace

US entered WWI b/c
loss of US lives due to German submarines sinking trading vessels

___ and ___ needed to receive reparations for land destroyed
France, Belgium

Allied country not represented at Paris peace talks

League of Nations
regulate international realtions

Treaty of Versailles
Peace ending WWI

disputed French-German territory

Fourteen Points
Wilson’s peace plan

Lloyd Geoge
British Prime Minister during WWI

French premier during peace talks

Italian premier during peace talks

Austrian who was assassinated

Originator of League of Nations

British ship sunk by German U-boat

commander of US forces in WWI

surrender of Turkey and Bulgaria influenced
German surrender

Committee on Industrial Preparedness
created to build the military services of the US

True or False: although US army was well prepared for war, her navy was ill-equipped

events leading to German surrender did NOT include the
surrender of Russia

previously supported by all US parties

communism took over Russia in

progressivism insisted that gov. control ___ and ___
large corporations, special interest groups

kellgg-briand pact
1928 agreement renouncing war

Washington Disarmament Conference
Warren Harding

Teapot Dome Scandal
Albert B. Fall

low-keyed leader
warren harding

immigration act
1924 legislature restricting immigrantion

Harding’s ideas of normalcy
tired of war and progressivism, wanted to return to their own interests

late 1920s __% on farms

Ku Klux Klan created by ___ people

Ku Klux Klan had peak population

Nathaniel B. Forrest
started Ku Klux Klan in 1865

Louis Armstrong
one of the most famous musician of all time

expansion of city living from rural communities

year that Ku Klux Klan

Ku Klux Klan
rural Americans against Catholic, Jews, Blacks, minorities, foreigners

18th amendment
prohibit buying + selling liquor

enforcement of 18th amendment broke down b/c
lack of gov agents to control illegal liquor-related crimes, people opposing prohibition did little to help authories

advantage of 18th amendments
decrease alcohol consumption, alcoholism, alcohol-related diseases

disadvantage of 18th amendment
orgnanized crime thrived on illegal liquor, gangs and their crimes increased

True or False: US rejected League of Nations b/c of policies on internationalism

Tue or False: Many scandals brought suspicions to the credibility of Harding

Emergency Quota Act
Legislation passed during Hrding’s administration

US entrance to war boosted
Allied morale, supplied the needed man power, food, supplies, war equipment

pressident favoring tax reduc

managed coolidge’s presidential campaign

McNary-Haugen Bills
legislation to raise farm prices

coolidge’s sec of treasury

Young Plan
legislation to help europe w/ its finantial troubles

originated philosophy that western capitalism was the enemy of mankind

Russian ruler who used dictactorial methods

inspired Russian Revolution of 1917

Hoover attended

Hoover served as
seceretary of commerce

2 large oil fields
Greater Seminole Field, Oklahoma City Field

By 1920s, most union members were affilliated w/
Americn Federation of Labor

3 major things that led to the stock market crash
overproduction, overextended credit, uncontrolled spending

hoover should have ___ to attack Depression sooner
instituted more federally funded projects, susbsidized state projects giving more employment

large automoble corporations during the depression
depression only curtailed large increase in profits

3 groups that were financially well-off during the depression
large electrical companies, newspapers, government employees

Patman Bill
legislation for bonus money for veterans

led federal trrops to stop veteran troops

led farmers to form the National Farmers’ Holiday association

Reconstruction Finance Corporation
direct relief for people in need

Home Loan Bank System
financial aid for home owners

When private sections didn’t rise to the occasion of depression, Hoover
approved a loan from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation for direct relief and created Home loan bank


dictator that took control after Lenin

national urban act
organization promoting rights of black people

True or False: coolidge declined to run for re-election because b/c of his loss off popularity among the people

postwar movement changes did not include
tax increases

measure NOT backed by Coolidge administration
raise in farm prices

measure NOT taken by Hoover to combat depression
national farmers holiday assoc

Franklin Roosevelt’s father
walthy railroad man

Roosevelt served as ___ under president Wilson
assisstant secretary of navy

Roosevelt served as ___ state senator
2 terms

Roosevelt served as governor of
New York

Roosevelt elected pres in

Roosevelt was deterined to become stronger after he contracted

similarities of the two roosevelts
presidents, attended harvard, Columbia Law School, ran for vice-Pres, assisstants of secretary of navy, physical handicaps

Roosevelt’s New Deal grew out of Pres___ and ____
Theodore Roosevelt , woodrow wilson

Roosevelt wanted ___ section to help the needy

Roosevelt’s famous phrase
“the only thing we have to fear is only fear itself”

Roosevelt’s informal radio talks were called
“fireside chats”

Emergency Banking system
prevented panix withdrawals

Federal Emergency Relief Act
work relief for states

Agriculture Adjustment Act
equality for farm prices

National Industrial Recovery Act
improved bussiness ethics

Tennessee Valley Authority
electrical power and soil conservation

true or false:Roosevelt’s foreign policy was similar to that of Wilson

true or false: Roosevelt’s Good Neighbor Policy did not fare well

true or false: Roosevelt did’t concern himself w/ most minorities

true or false: Harold Ickes and Mrs. Roosevelt led the fight to help minorities

Civilian conservation corps
provided jobs in conservation

a five-power treaty banning an increase in certain military equipment for ten years was a result of the
Washington Disarmament Conference

true or false: stalin’s philosophy that western capitalism is the enemy of mankind was put into action by Lenin

true or false: Collidge was concerned w/ immigration restrictions and tax hikes

Roosevelt’s recovery program (Tennessee Valley Authority, Nationla Industrial Recovery Act, National Urban League, Lusitania, just peace, return to normalcy, First Hundred Days, Washington Disarmament Conference, New Deal, Young Plan, progressivism, Patman Bill) New Deal fair treatment of all nations following …

World War I erupted when an Austrian assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand. T/F false What event hastened the entrance of England into World War I? 1: the agreement of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1902 2: the invasion of neutral Belgium by …

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Which program was enacted during the Second New Deal An insurance program for the elderly Which of the following could best be described as having had the most to do with the ending the Great Depression The massive government spending …

Which of the following increased in the 1920s? Farmers’ debt Which was not a cause of the Great Depression? a growing number of homeless people WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY …

How did Franklin Roosevelts background and actions help build confidence among the american people? he had self confidence because of his educated background. he believed that federal government should/could help people what actions did FDR take during the first hundred …

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