University of Michigan

Getting In
•SAT Critical Reading: 610 / 700
•SAT Math: 650 / 760
•SAT Writing: 620 / 720
•ACT Composite: 28 / 32
•ACT English: 28 / 34
•ACT Math: 28 / 34
•ACT Writing: – / –
•GPA: 3.79
•41% of 39,584 applicants were admitted
•Students Graduating
•Within 4 Years 72% students graduated

Master of Science in Athletic Training
•1. Promote professional conduct in compliance with the code of ethics set forth by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA).
•2. Meet the educational competencies set forth by CAATE in the specific areas of: risk management and injury prevention, pathology of injuries and illnesses, clinical examination, acute care of injury and illness, pharmacology, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise, general medical conditions and disabilities, nutritional aspects of injury and illness, psychosocial intervention and referral, health care administration, and professional development & responsibilities.

•3. Ensure that each student has the opportunity to work in a variety of clinical settings in order to gain a greater appreciation for some of the traditional and non-traditional venues in which athletic training services are administered.

•4. Offer the athletic training student challenging situations to put classroom theory to clinical practice in a supervised manner.
•5. Expose the athletic training student to a variety of allied health care professionals. Loading…
•Athletic Training, students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and a grade of “C-“or higher in all required courses like Math and English, and a “B-“or higher in all Athletic Training courses.

•Classes for athletic training aren’t available online
•BA, is a bachelor in arts degree
•BS, is a bachelor in science degree
•You can got to the library at school where they have extra help •I will use my degree to become a P.E./Health teacher
•Average salary for P.E./Health teacher is $58,000
•They do have a career planning center

Program Admission Requirements BC Secondary School Graduates should note the following for entry into the Faculty of Science: Academic A) Admission is competitive. Courses used to calculate the grade point average (GPA) are: * English 12 * Principles of Math …

Athletic training was founded in the early 1950’s. At first there were only a few members centered mostly in colleges and universities. Today, athletic training has grown to 22,700 certified and student members’ worldwide. For a student to become certified …

In examining underage drinking in a small, private university in the Southeast, this study has provided additional support for relationships found between drinking behaviors, alcohol knowledge, health-related problems and gender among underage college students.

This investigative report will go into detail about associate’s degree in nursing. Nursing is the largest health care profession in the U. S. Over 2. 5 million strong, nurses make up the largest workforce within the clinical healthcare industry. Nursing …

Admission to dental school is highly competitive. Generally speaking, a degree in dentistry requires four academic years of study. The first two years usually cover the basic sciences and the last two years, diagnosing oral disease, surgery, and clinical study. …

Considering your interests and expectations, identify two career paths that suit your interests and abilities. Complete the chart and reflection questions based on your research of your chosen career paths. Potential Career Paths Career Information Career Path Option 1Nurse Practitioner …

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