Unit 6 Vocab Sentences

In the American dream, those who work hard can escape lives of ____ poverty.

Although he was confirmed____, he supported the rights of others to practice their religion.

Her____ tendencies made it difficult for her to subscribe to any set of religious beliefs


If you know a crime is going to be committed but do nothing to prevent it, you many be accused of____.

The family complained about the unsightly collection of___ cars in their neighbor’s driveway.

The senator’s speech was more of a ___ than a reasoned address.

The night before the battle, the troops burned the despised enemy leader in ____.

Prompted by considerations of___, the father decided to divide his estate equally among his children.

The politician made an___ reply to the interviewer’s probing question.

The Grand Jury delivered the___for murder after deliberating in secret for two weeks.

You cannot argue with___truths.

The pulled muscle in her back gave her___paints for about a week.

The class agreed that the question of whether Jefferson should have retaliated sooner against the Barbary Pirates was a ____point.

The committee members decided to___the issue to the full Congress at the earliest opportunity.


The collector admired the unusual Asian___ that was woven into the fabric of the tapestry.

In comparison to an experiences wilderness hiker, he is a mere____ in their woods.

The birdwatcher scans the surrounding trees and fields with the same___ as a hawk looking for prey.

Because of its importance, the case was presented at a ___session of the Superior Court.

The police kept the suspect under strict___after she was released due to lack of evidence

Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel Walked down a ____path, leaving only bread-crumbs in their wake.

The lawyer’s____remarks during cross-examination probably affected her credibility with the jury.

Instead of modernizing Shakespeare’s “twelfth night”, they made a ____ of it.

The Restoration dramatists____ the snobbery of the upper classes in their satirical comedies.


Only an _________ coward would stand idly by while a defenseless old woman was mugged in the street.

Though the book was written by an avowed __________, it enjoyed a certain popularity with the faithful.

How can I be accused of __________ in that plot when I did not even know the conspirators?

Bag ladies and other homeless __________ roam our streets in increasing numbers.

All of a sudden, a strange young man rushed onto the speaker’s platform and launched into a _________ against “big government.”

According to voodoo belief, one can get rid of on enemy by making a tiny __________ of him and sticking it full of pins.

Since she is a fair-minded woman, I’m sure she will present both sides of the controversy with admirable __________.

The awkward pause in the conversation became even more painful when he interjected his __________ attempts at humor.

His disgraceful behavior since he left college is in itself a(n) __________ of the lax, overindulgent upbringing he received.

What qualities will he have to fall back on when his __________ charm and good looks begin to wear thin?

Today’s forecast calls for variable cloudiness with _________ periods of rain.

“I vetoed that idea when it was first __________ years ago,” the Governor said, “and I have never regretted my decision.”

My studies have convinced me that the one dominant _________ in American history has been the expansion of democracy.

After over 30 years in Congress, he retains the idealism of the ________ but has gained the practical wisdom of the veteran.

The historian had long been noted for the soundness of his scholarship and the __________ of his judgment.

As he sat before the fire absentmindedly puffing on his pipe, Grandfather seemed the very epitome of _________ contentment.

Observers on the ground keep close ___________ on air traffic at a busy airport by means of various electronic devices, such as radar.

The picture shows the three graces dancing in a forest clearing, while nymphs, satyrs, and other __________ creatures cavort among the trees.

Though I can sometimes be as ____________ as an irate wasp, I normally do not lose my temper very easily.

His extraordinary ability to __________ the works of popular writers is largely due to his keen eye for the ridiculous.

Though some writer have emphasized Jefferson’s human weaknesses, his greatness is also a(n) ______ part of the historic record.

Since he neither affirms nor denies the existence of God, I’d classify his as a (n.) ______ rather than an atheist.

During the emergency, the mayor assumed ______ authority and did whatever was needed to provide essential services.

It was such a(n) _____ remark that I couldn’t keep myself from laughing derisively when I heard it.

“Simple _____ demands that we distribute the tax burden as fairly as possible among the populace,” the Senator remarked.

How can you call that a(n) ___ question when it is quite clearly a simple matter of right and wrong?

I would be _____ in my duty to you if I did not warn you if I did not warn you against the bad effects of smoking cigarettes.

Since the accused was never really given a chance to defend himself, his so-called “trial” was nothing but a(n) ______ of justice.

The overthrown dictator was hanged in _____ before a vast throng in the town square.

Those who saw the young woman being assaulted and did nothing to help her were guilty of _____ in the crime.

At the slightest sound of thunder, my dog Rover dives under the bed in a state of ______ terror.

In her garland of laves and acorns, the child looked very much like some _____ spirit from and Arthurian myth.

Throughout the period that the spy thought he had gone undetected, he was actually under close _____ by the CIA.

For years, we carried on a(n) _____ correspondence, sometimes allowing months to pass before a letter was answered.

Every time we did something to anger him, he delivered an intemperate _____ lambasting our “hopeless irresponsibility.”

In Wagner’s operas, brief musical _____ associated with the characters of their actions recur again and again.

The fact that so many released prisoner return to a life of crime is in itself a terrifying _____ of our penal system.

How could a mere _____ in the teaching profession question the judgment of so experienced an educator?

I’d say that the phrase “having a short fuse” aptly describes my boss’s decidedly _____ disposition.

The _____ of her analysis not only clarified the nature of the problem but also suggested its most promising solution.

Plenary During the emergency the mayor assumed _____ Authority and did whatever was needed to provide essential services Complicity Those who saw the young woman being assaulted and did nothing to help her were Quilty _____ in the crime WE …

Though some writers have emphasized Jefferson’s human weaknesses, his greatness is also an _____________ part of the historic record. INDUBITABLE Since he neither affirms nor denies the existence of God, I’d classify him as an _____________ rather than an atheist. …

inkling George Gershwin’s early songs gave only a dim _____ of the genius that was to express itself in Porgy and Bess. copious During the depression of the 1930’s. the nation seemed to take strength from Roosevelt’s _____ energy and …

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