Uconn Nursing 1110 1st exam

Definition of Nursing
Promotion, Protection (keep room clean doing what needs to be done), Optimization (reassure that you know what you’re doing, explain the situation), Preservation (of illness and injury, be able to protect from further pain), Advocacy (In the care of individuals families, communities, populations, sticking up for health of others), Alleviation (of suffering, making the patient comfortable mentally and physically).

Nursing Process and Standards of Practice
Assessment (of patient), Diagnosis (what is wrong?), Outcome (Figure out what the goal is), Planning (What you are going to do about it?), Implementation (Doing what must?), Evaluation (did it work?).

Tenets of Nursing
Individualized (of nursing practice), Coordinated (care by partnership), Caring (central to the practice of the registered nurse), Process (to plan and provide individualized care), Outcomes (can be achieved with a professional work environment). I CANT COPPY PEOPLES OPINIONS.

Flo’s Philosophy
Even though nursing is a blue collar job (hard working, dirty) we are to be respected and viewed as a white collared job (professional, important).

Profession Vs. Discipline
Based on a body of science, Professional organization, Education, Body of knowledge (where are we getting this information)

Art of Nursing Vs. Science
Discussion (try to blend are art and science to create comfort for patient) make them comfortable and know you car and do whats good for them

Professional Performance
Ethics, Education ( believe and trust people who are educated, right now 51% are baccalaureate nurses), Evidence Based Practice and Research (we can test helps, nursing 49% associates), Quality of Practice (effects professionalism), Communication (learning to communicate is professionalism), Leadership, Collaboration, Professional Practice Evaluation (certification in different elements, can be taken away), Resource Utilization, Environment Health.

Social Policy
Elements of nursing social contract, what nurses owe to society

Cultural care theory: care is esential for human health and survival, no curing without caring, expressions of care vary around the world, therapeutic nursing incorporates cultural care values and nursing as a transcultural profession.

Human Caring model: relations caring for self and others, based on moral/philosophical foundation of love and value. Transpersonal caring relationship (going byond ego to higher caring), Encompasses the nurse and the patient

2 Factors of Health
Internal and external

Patient (population), Intervention, Comparison, Outcome. (similar to a hypothesis, how eating yogurt effects test grades Vs. not eating yogurt on one population)

Roys Adaptation model
Bio, Pycho, Social system. Strive to have balance in these system such as work life balance.

Carpers 4 Ways Of Knowing
Empirics: Science of nursing
Esthetics: Art of Nursing
Component of a Personal Knowledge in Nursing
Ethics: the component of moral knowledge in nursing

How did the 1948 Brown report on nursing education change the focus of nursing education? A. Nursing schools began to view accreditation and standardization as necessary steps for success. B. Nurses were then required to attend baccalaureate programs. C. There …

Florence Nightingale *noted that a need for training related to psychiatric “lunatic” patients versus medical patients. *recognized the need for specialized training *placed emphasis on data collection (evidence-based practice) Hildegarde Peplau *known as the founding mother of psychiatric nursing **Wrote …

Nurse To nourish Nursing focus Human experiences, responses to birth health illness & death Includes diagnosis interventions evaluation of outcomes in an established plan of care WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice -Essentials I-IX outline the outcomes expected of graduates of baccalaureate nursing programs -Provide educational framework for prep of professional nurse -Apply to all pre-licensure & RN completion programs -Achievement of outcomes …

The caring theory is grounded on a humanitarian perspective and is founded on a humanistic approach towards human caring programs and experiences. In addition, the new science of caring is grounded in the concept of being interconnected with each other, …

The theory content means the holding capacity of this particular theory i. e. the nursing theory. First and foremost the nursing theory and addresses one of the primary elements of professional nursing which is the practice content. No matter how …

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