U.S. History – Mid Term Ch. 14

what increased economically in the 1920’s?
farmers’ debts

what were the causes of the great depression
tariffs on foreign goods, the availability of easy credit, a crisis in the farm sector, uneven distribution of income

what were the causes of the dust bowl?
drought, high winds, over reproduction of crops

who were the members of the bonus army?
wwi vets and their families

who were the candidates for president in 1932?
herbert hoover and franklin roosevelt

what does buying stock on margin mean?
borrowing money to help pay for the stock

what were the effects of the great depression?
many children had poor diets, many families became homeless, and unemployed

what was the name of the men and boys who rode the rails as they searched for work?

what is a government system for giving payments or food to the poor?
direct relief

what is buying stocks on the chance of a quick profit without considering risks?

what did calling shantytowns “hoovervilles” convey?
disgust with hoover

what was the aim of the federal home loan bank?
prevent farmers and homeowners form losing their property

what did the psychological stress brought on by the great depression cause to rise?
people who committed suicide

what was herbert hoover’s approach to the depression economy?
voluntary cooperation

what was a long term effect of the great depression?
people developed bad habits of saving and thriftyness

what did the hawley-smoot act lead to?
a dramatic drop in world trade

what were causes of the farming crisis of the 1920’s?
demand for crops fells after wwi

what did economists think was the best way to fight the depression?
let the economy fix itself

what did the patman bill and what did it state?
called for an immediate bonus payment to wwi vets

why did consumers decrease their buying which caused problems in the economy?
rising prices, stagnant wages, high levels of debt

what did the worldwide depression make it difficult for americans to sell?
farm products and manufactured good abroad

when farmers lost ownership of their farms, what jobs did they turn to?
tenant farming, becoming farm laborers

why were conditions during the depression difficult for african americans and latinos?
unemployment was higher than whites, pay was lower than whites, prejudice and violence

how did the great depression affect children?
malnutrition, diet related diseases, leaving school to work

what word can be used to describe hoover’s approach to the depression?

what was october 29, 1929 called?
black tuesday

what did hoover do to create jobs and jump start the economy?
direct federal funds into public works projects

where did the dust bowl occur?
great plains

what dam later became hoover dam?
boulder dam

how did what happened to farmers during the 1920’s foreshadow events of the great depression?
farmers faced decreased demand for products and lower crop prices, couldn’t repay loans, rural banks failed, this pattern repeated itself in other sectors of the company

what were some of the effects of the stock market crash in october 1929?
triggered bank, and business failures, high unemployment, and worldwide depression

how were shantytowns, soup kitchens, and bread lines a response to the depression?
places where charitable organizations handed our food to the hungry

why did minorities often experience an increase in discrimination during the great depression?
unemployed whites were angered by job competition from minorities

what pressure did the american family experience during the depression?
unemployment, reduced household income, families lost homes, adults lost the ability to provide for their families

how did hoover’s treatment of the bonus army affect his standing with the public?
harshness of the attack damaged hoovers reputation

in what ways did hoover try to use the government to relieve the depression?
started public works programs, backed the federal farm board, federal home load bank act and the reconstruct finance company

Price Support The government would buy surplus crops like corn, wheat, cotton and tobacco at guaranteed prices and sell them on the world market. Credit an arrangement in which consumers agreed to buy now and pay later for purchases in …

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Which group experienced an early depression in the 1920s? Farmers During the 1920s the United States economy moved through which phase of the business cycle? Expansion WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

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