The Great Depression: Hardship and Suffering During the Depression

A neighborhood in which people live in makeshift shacks.

Soup kitchens
A place where free of low cost food is served to the needy.

Bread lines
A line of people waiting for free food.

For who were conditions especially difficult?
Latinos and African Americans; their unemployment rates were higher, and they were the lowest paid. They also dealt w/ increasing racial violence from unemployed white competing for the same jobs. Whites demanded that Latinos be deported.

What advantage did living in rural areas and being a farmer have over city life during the Great Depression?
Most farmers could grow food for their families.

What was the Dust Bowl? What caused it? What were the effects?
A drought that began in the early 1930s wreaked havoc on the Great Plains+farmers overplowing=little grass and trees to hold the soil down. Wind scattered the topsoil, exposing sand and grit underneath. The hardest hit regions (parts of KS, OK, TX, NM, and CO) became known as the dust bowl. 1000s of farmers and sharecroppers left land behind b/c of dust storms and evictions.

What survived despite the Great Depression?
Family unity, traditional/moral values.

Transients, mostly men, that would turn up at homeless shelters in big cities, wandered the country, hitching rids on RR boxcars and sleeping under bridges.

direct relief
Cash payments or food provided by the gov’t to the poor. Was not provided during the early years of the Great Depression.

What was the role of women during the Great Depression?
Worked hard to help their families survive adversity during the GD. Canned food and sewed clothes. Worked outside the home although the usually received less $ than men. Working women became targets of enormous resentment.

How did children suffer during the 1920s?
Poor diets and a lack of $ for health care led to serious health problems. Malnutrition. Milk consumption declined. Worked instead of school.

“wild boys”
Teenagers hopped on America’s freight trains in search of work, adventure, or escape from poverty. Came from every corner of American society: farmers, miners, wealthy parents who’d lost everything. They led very dangerous lives. 24647 killed in 10 yrs.

True/false: The GD also had social and psychological effects on people.
True (obviously)

Dust Bowl Region of the Great Plains which had severe dust storms. Included N.Dakota, S.Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. shantytown little towns consisting largely of shacks which sprang up on the outskirts of cities during the depression. WE WILL …

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