The Financial Policy of Childrens Clinic

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At a children’s clinic there are pediatrics that are dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of all infants, children and adolescents. Co-pays are a fee that is due usually before the time and date of service being provided. Most practices require co-pay prior to service but some allow it to be billed or payed by the next visit. The co-pay amount varies depending on the type of insurance a patient has. Deductibles are the amount of expenses that must be paid out of pocket by the patient before an insurer will pay any expenses.

Past due balances occur when payment in full has not been received for charges assessed in accordance with the payment due date. The clinic asks that all co-pays, deductibles and past due balances be paid at the time of service as per your insurance contract. All other balances are due within 30 days of the time of service. As a courtesy, the clinic bills most insurance’s, but charges and fees are the responsibility of the custodial parent. For balances with no payment in 30 days, a late fee of $5. 00 will be added to your account.

If there is still an outstanding balance due, at 60 days you will receive a past due letter in addition to a second late fee of $5. 00 added to your account. The clinic routinely begins collection proceedings on those accounts that have not been paid after 90 days and when this occurs an additional $10. 00 pre-collection fee is charged to your account. If you are unable to meet your obligations to the clinic in the expected time frame, please see the billing office as soon as possible to make arrangements for a monthly payment account.

This program will allow you to pay larger account balances off over an additional three month period. Unpaid balances allow you to set up a payment plan with the facility to fit your budget. There are income based and also monthly payment plans available for patients who cannot afford to pay in full up front. For any unpaid balance(s) after so long, you will no longer be a patient of the children’s clinic or be approved to re-enroll at this clinic in the future. Payment in full is expected at the time of service unless you are on an insurance plan that this facility participates in and your child’s visit is a covered benefit.

When a patient sets up a prepayment plan with the facility it Is usually because they are expected to have a big procedure done and would like to make monthly payments on it ahead of time rather than paying for the whole cost up front. Sometimes the patient makes a down payment or the patient starts on a set amount that they can afford to pay ahead of time. Most facilities will allow for payment in the methods of cash, check, money orders, credit and debit. Checks and money orders must be made out to the facilities name in which is being paid. And checks that are returned will charge the patient a 25$ return fee.

If you are uninsured and have a low income, you may qualify for a sliding fee for your medical services. This program is made to provide medical care for people who otherwise may be unable to see a doctor. You are expected to pay the discounted rate or minimum fee for services. If you cannot pay at the time of service, please make arrangements for payments. The discount applies only to services provided by our clinic doctors; we may be able to help arrange a reduced fee for laboratory tests. You must make separate arrangements to pay for x-rays, ultrasounds, visits to specialist, or hospital care with those providers.

In order to qualify for this the household’s gross income must fall under the criteria and based upon the total family members, the patient’s employment status and capacity for future earnings. Other living expenses and financial obligations, and the families monthly out of pocket expenses for medical supplies and services. You will need one month verification in the form of pay stubs, bank deposits, etc. prior year tax returns, and a statement of sustainability which indicates how a person with no income are meeting their day to day basic living needs.

If your family has a total household income less than 200% of the federal poverty level you may qualify for a discount from our original fees I believe that the medical setting of the children’s clinic best fits the needs of the patients because it strives to achieve every goal and expectation that every parent requires for their children. I believe that since the area that this facility is in is 50% military and the rest middle to lower class of American’s that having such expectations is reasonable. We strive to meet the families’ financial needs mainly.

We have so many different options such as providing for low income families, sliding fees, and making payment arrangements is very convenient. We understand that in today’s society it is definitely a bit of a struggle to maintain proper health care because of its costly expenses. Having a family can be very costly and that is why our facility is on your side trying to help you in any way that they can. We have one of the best physicians around that are there 24/7 on call to help with any concerns and care needed.

We understand that kids are very prone to many germs which cause illness and other serious health issues and it is important to have them treated by the best physicians out there. Our board staff is there to meet the 100% satisfaction of all families. Also, At The Children’s Clinic, our goal is to accurately and consistently immunize each child against preventable diseases. Our clinic constantly monitors how accessible we are to our patients. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining a strong patient/physician relationship. Access to your child’s Primary Care Physician is important, as well as advice and immediate care when needed.

We do our best to provide this access to every patient. Our goal is to minimize wait times, and we continually work to improve this. Antibiotics made a dramatic impact on the grim toll taken by bacterial disease, but too much use has become a problem. Over-use of antibiotics has produced its own set of adverse consequences, including unnecessary side effects and emergence of resistant, difficult-to-treat bacteria. Our pediatricians feel that it is important to both the current and future health of our patients to eliminate the over-use of antibiotics.

Our goal is to limit antibiotic treatment to only those conditions for which they are necessary and effective. We monitor charts continuously to improve care. Our goal is to assess development of our patients at all ages. Special efforts have been implemented during well child visits at ages 9, 18 and 24 months. We believe that screening patients for developmental issues at these ages allows for referrals to Early Intervention, Developmental Specialists and Therapies at the earliest time possible. We are also able to reassure parents whose children do not need referrals that their child’s development is progressing appropriately.

The Children’s Clinic offers many services to ensure the highest quality of care is available to patients when visiting a pediatrician. Our pediatricians are eager to earn your trust. From extended hours and urgent care, to on-site lab and x-ray facilities, our goal is to ensure every patient’s needs are met at each visit. Several appointment types are offered, including well child exams, illness or injury, consultation and pre-parent visits with a pediatrician. These are the reasons as to why I believe that the medical setting of the Children’s Clinic best fits the needs of the patients and is top notch!

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