The affect of training

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The affect of training has to be very specific. We cannot train the wrong group of muscles. For example if we want to develop strength to our legs muscles, then it will not help if we train our arm muscles. In other words, the training we do have to be specific to our chosen sport, the muscles that we are concerned stress. For netball, I am concerned with speed and agility, so I should be stretching big muscles groups such as hamstring, quadriceps, groin, calves, back, arms, and shoulders

Progression It is important to increase the amount of exercise we do. We’ll find it boring if we do the same exercise and the same amount of time every time, so we need to progress our exercise level, at the same make sure that we don’t over exercise, because that can lead to muscle fatigue. In my training programme, I will ensure that I do not over exercise, but also work in a progression level. This means I will need to increase the time I spent in at circuit training. For example, the first circuit training I am doing will have eight different stations, but the time will all be the same, with 45 seconds spent on each station. However, the next circuit training that will have the same amount of stations, but the time will increase gradually.

Overload I need to work harder then usually, to overload my body system, in that way I will improve my fitness level, and this will help the body because it will gradually adapt so it cope with the extra work. For my training, I will need to overload my body, by doing lot more challenging activities Reversibility If you stop, exercising then you will loose your strength. The reason is our bodies adapt more stress by becoming fitter, and in the same way, our bodies adapt to less stress. It does not take long time for our bodies to get out of condition. To ignore this I will make sure that all of my training sessions are at regular intervals and to too far apart, also carry on with my training even after the PEP.


This means that I should vary the activities I am going to do, in order to prevent me from getting bored. I am going to do this by carrying out a circuit for my training as it has various exercise stations where particular activities are performed, therefore I will not have time to get bored, as I will be working hard to complete the circuit as quickly as possible. The basic principles of fitness training are summed up in the acronym F.I.T.T F- Frequency, how often we train this is the amount of time I spend on each session. I should train for a minimum of three times a week and make sure that I spread my training sessions out, however I am only going train once a week because of the limited amount of time, I have. I will also make sure that I spend equal amounts of time on each station therefore; I have decided to carry out my circuit every Thursday for the next six weeks.

I- Intensity, how hard we train this is how hard I train in each session. If I am to improve my fitness levels then I must make sure that each session I train a little harder. In the first session, I hope to get used to and complete the circuit; however, I will try to work harder and decrease the amount of rest time I have before each activity, every session. T- Time, how long we train. This is the amount of time I train for, based on aerobic fitness. A normal training session should last for a minimum of twenty minutes; however, for netball, I am training mainly for strength and agility so the training time is less.

T- Type, the type of training we do. This is the type of training I carry out, as it should be specific to my sport. Circuit training is specific to netball because in one of the stations I will be doing sit-ups and press-ups, which will make my arms stronger; therefore, it will help me throw the ball further. Appropriate Application Before carrying out my circuit, I have slight idea of how my training should improve throughout the sessions. I will try to work harder after each session in order to improve my levels of fitness slowly and gradually. To do that I will increase the time this will increase the number of repetition. Below, I have explained how my training should improve and how I will try to work harder throughout the six weeks of training once a week.

To improve my fitness level, I will have increased my intensity, and frequency. In other word, I will increase my how hard I train, and how often I train, because in that way I will increase my fitness level for netball will increase. I will also look the type of training I will do and how long I do each sessions. Circuit training I have decided to have eight workstations. They will all have exercises that involve all parts of the body, and important to netball, so varies different muscles workout. This will prevent muscles from becoming fatigue. This is how I planned my circuit to look like.

My fist station will be press-ups. In which I will do as many press-ups as possible in the time given. I will be doing it in the following way. My knees and feet are resting on the mat, make a box shape with my arms, and then I will bend my elbows, lowering my chest down but not too low, aiming to make a right angle with arms. I will then keep straight line through my spine. This will however stay within my own limits. This test measures my arms and my whole body strength.

My second station will be sit-ups. This is to measure my abdominal and lower back strength. I will lie down on the mat, bending my knees, so that my feet are flat to the floor. My shoulders will be touching the mat, with my arm across to my sides. Then I will be raising my head, and then return to my relax position. My partner will be holding my ankles, so that my feet stays the floor My aim is to repeat this move as many times as I can within the time given. This measures my strength and endurance of my abdominal muscles.

My third station will be shuttle run. Placing some markers out to the front of me does this. I will lay zigzag. The aim is to sprint as fasts as possible to the markers going in and out of the markers. This will be done in 45 seconds My fourth station will be skill that is related to netball Drills, this will be done- first I will throw the ball from one hand to the other across the body. Then I will try it above the head. Then try to throw and catch the ball to myself. Using two hands and then one, I will throw the ball above my head, behind my back, so I have to turn to catch it, to my right and then left side. I will clap before I catch the ball.

Two handed catch. Is one of my skills related for netball that I want to improve. Catching is very important for netball because netball is very fast game, and the rules of netball says that you can only handle the ball for three seconds, in that short time you have to catch the ball, control it, and send it safely. To catch the ball, I will have to do the following. First my body has to be well balanced, and should be watching the ball carefully. Then drive out my arms to meet the ball, and extend the arms to take the catch, at the same time, I will be bending my elbows slightly, and spreading my fingers wide to put my thumbs behind the ball, and will firmly grip the ball with my fingers. To follow through, I will pull the ball towards my chest, and will be preparing to pass or shoot the ball

The third skill related session that I will carry out in netball is shoulder pass. Passing is important skill in netball no matter where you playing whether in the centre or on the goal line or even in the mid-court. For the reason in the game you need to pass the ball and to play successfully, you have to pass the ball accurately. Each time you have the ball, you will have to pass (except if you are a shooter; then you will have to shoot as well).

To prepare shoulder pass. I will be doing the following. First, I will be handing the ball behind, ball on fingertips, and the ball will be protected by non-throwing hand. My weight will down, and my knees slightly bent, and the opposite foot will be forward. My shoulder will have to be open and providing speed with my arms and my body. I will then release non-throwing hand, and will extend my arm to help guide thro. These will include propel with wrist, direct with fingers and eyes on target. To follow through, I will follow the ball with throwing hand, move back foot through, and transfer weight forward

One of the other stations I will be doing is star-jumps. From squatted down position, I will jump up taking my hands and legs out to the side. On the landing, I will make sure both feet together, lowering down back into the squat position, remembering not to allow your knees to pass over your toes. Jumping side to side This is when you jump side to side on a line, as many times as I can in 45 seconds. This improves my agility, and improving my agility will mean that my netball performance will improve. Jumping side to side has a side affect on my whole body, mostly on my lower body muscle groups, such as hamstring.

My first circuit training will start with 45 seconds, then I will increase 5 seconds for the next circuit training, and 5 more seconds for the after that, and so on, for up to six circuits training. In each circuit, training will have eight stations. All these exercises will take place on Thursdays and Saturdays. I will do two circuits training each week. One circuit training will be completed by Thursdays, and the other on Saturdays, in addition, each time I will increase the time so my fitness level can increase.

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