Health and Fast Food

In the advent of the 20th century, the food habits of consumers have radically changed. The cooking process is set aside and the fast food industry is continuously flourishing. 1950’s saw the rise of the said industry, and from they …

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Health and Psychology

Linda Luecken performed a study that considers existing evidence that have a bearing on a model that theorizes that early family adversity has an impact on the cognitive performance of adults (Luecken, 2006).

Healthcare Issues

Research in the field of healthcare is important not only because it is able to provide insight into the progress of the healthcare industry but also because it explores possible changes that can be made to better enhance the way …

Health Care Reform and Incentive for Physician Practice

In recent years the integration of insurance companies and health service delivery organizations has led to radical change in the health care market. The attempt by these organizations to lower costs of health care by redistributing risk throughout the demand …

Centura Health Overview

Centura Health is considered Colorado’s largest healthcare organization, inclusive of a 12-hospital system. The company’s mission includes celebrating the value inherent in each individuals life and working collaboratively to “lift the burdens of others” by offering comprehensive and loving care …

Breast Milk And Formula On Obesity

Childhood obesity is a health issue that is of significant concern throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Homer and Simpson (2007) cite childhood obesity as probably the most urgent aspect of healthcare that needs to be …

Short-term treatment of childhood aggression

Children and adolescents group treatments have progressed well since their beginning. Therapeutic groups often apply expressive media for emotional communication (Schamess, 2008). These activities encourage the participants to expressive themselves without being pressured. Therapists have to learn to understand these …

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