Sugar Glider BML Diet

The sugar glider is a pet that is relatively new to the pet industry. With the craze of people wanting to adopt these cute little creatures experts are warning owners to know how to feed a sugar glider.

The correct diet for a sugar glider is not exactly known but one that has worked well up to now is the sugar glider BML diet. BML stands for Bourbon’s Modified Leadbetter’s.

When feeding a sugar glider their are a few major keys:

1 – No chocolate! It is toxic!

2 – Keep a 1 -2:1 range of ratio of calcium to phosphorous.

3 – If you keep multiple gliders in the same cage, pay special attention as to which glider is consuming more or less. And to make adjustments if needed.

What is BML?

The BML diet looks like this:

150 ml Warm water
150 ml Honey
1 Shelled, boiled egg
25 grams high protein baby cereal
1 tsp vitamin/mineral supplement

First mix warm water and honey. Next add the egg. Then blend in remaining ingredients until it is smooth. Refrigerate then serve it.

This recipe is for one day to be fed in the evening. Be sure to adjust this based on size, activity and .

What Treats Do Sugar Gliders Like?

Imagine that you are a sugar glider. Now imagine that you live in a small enclosed space and eat the same BML diet daily. Think about how happy you would be when you received a treat.

Treats are a significant part of a sugar gliders diet and can also enhance their behavioral habits.

Some good treats for sugar gliders are meal worms, fruits (coconut, mango, papaya) another great one is sugar cane.

Be sure to help out your little buddy and give him/her a treat every once in a while.

Be sure to learn more about a good sugar glider bml diet by clicking here!

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