Strikes and Unrest

Which of the following statements accurately describes President Hayes’s reaction to the Great Railroad Strike of 1877?
President Hayes sent militias and federal troops from town to end the strike

Which action is an example of bribery, a tactic used by companies to stop unions from forming?
Company management secretly pays a worker to tell them which coworkers have discussed forming or joining a union

Which lists the events surrounding the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 in the correct order?
Banks collapsed; railroads rejected workers’ demands; trade and business came to a halt; the strike became increasingly violent for 45 days

In the late 1800s, why might a potential new factory employee refuse to sign a yellow-dog contract?
because promising not to join a union would strip the employee of his ability to protest workplace injustices with the support of an organized workers’ group

After the Pullman Strike ended, the majority of the workers
resigned from the union and were rehired by the company

What company management strategy was used to suppress the Homestead Strike?
Company management hired strikebreakers to break up the union

What defines “wildcat strike”?
a strike not approved by a union

Which was a direct result of the Pullman Strike?
American Railway Union leader Eugene Debs was arrested

What is the main reason that the US government wanted to avoid large-scale railroad strikes after the Great Railroad Strike of 1877?
Railroad strikes were a threat to economic prosperity and national security

Read the quote attributed to Theodore Rhodie, a former Pullman employee.

“I do not like to walk up there and hand up my membership in the American Railway Union because when a man asks me to give up my principles, my rights as an American citizen, he might just as well ask for my life.”

What result of the Pullman Strike is the worker describing?

The rehiring of workers after they resigned from the union

As economic conditions declined during the 1870s, the most common way for railroad companies to cut costs was to
lower workers’ wages

What was Henry Frick’s main strategy for stopping the Homestead Strike?
Frick hired the Pinkerton National Detective Agency to come to Homestead and try to break up the strike

The Pullman Strike resulted in
the company rehiring workers that withdrew from the union

During the 1870s, a major economic depression spread to the United States from which continent?

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