Stock Market Crash and Great Depression

Stock Market Crash
October, 1929. Signaled the start of the Great Depression.

Black Tuesday
Another name for the Stock Market crash in October, 1929.

Causes of the Great Depression
Banks made careless loans, people borrowed money to invest in the Stock Market, over-investment in the Stock Market, over-production of goods.

“Run” on a bank
When everyone who has money in a bank tries to withdraw it all at the same time.

Bank Failure
When a bank doesn’t have enough money to stay open.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Also known as FDR, US president during the Great Depression.

The New Deal
FDR’s plan for pulling America out of the Great Depression.

Civilian Conservation Corps; a program that gave 25 million young men work in environmental improvement projects.

Tennessee Valley Authority; provided funds to develop the Tennessee River Valley.

Social Security Act
Gave benefits to the elderly and orphaned and to people injured in industrial accidents. Still in place today.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Wife of FDR, got involved in issues and was interested in improving conditions for the poor, the elderly, and for African Americans.

Dust Bowl
Huge area of over-farmed area, combined with a drought, caused massive dust storms. Affected areas of the US midwest, and the dust spread to the east coast.

O. Max Gardner
NC Governor during the Great Depression; started the “Live at Home” program, which encouraged people to grow their own food.

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