Sole: Intro to Critical Care Nursing: Chapter 1, Overview

Critical Care nursing
Human responses to life-threatening problems

Human response
Psychological or Physiological

Focus of critical care
Patient and Family

Organizations support Critical Care Practice

AACN mission
Focus on assisting acute and critical care nurses to attain knowledge and influence to deliver excellent care.

AACN vision
Needs of patients and families in which critical care nurses make their optimal contributions.

ACCN promotes
Advancing art and science of critical care ill patients & supporting work environments

ACCN values
Accountability, advocacy, integrity, collaboration, leadership, life-long learning, stewardship, quality innovation, and commitment

ACCN benefits
Educational advancement, educational offerings, grants, awards, and official publications: sponsors Beacon Award for Excellence

Multi professional scientific and educational organization: targets all professions

SCCM mission
Secure the highest quality care for all critically ill and injured patients

SCCM vision
Have healthcare system in which all critically ill and injured persons receive care from a multi professional team

SCCM values
Knowledge, technology, and compassion to provide safe, effective, and efficient patient care

Synergy Model
Assign a nurse to the patient based on the nurse’s competency and the patients needs

Critical Care Characteristics
Monitoring, assessing, reassessment, interpreting info, and problem solving, evolution of outcomes, development of sustainable EBP

Problems faced by Critical Care nurses
Stress, burn-out, and moral distress

ANA definition of nursing
Caring for the sick, while assisting the pt in developing a individualized plan to maintain pt health

EBP guidelines
Recommendations based on research, clinical expertise, and patient preference

ICU nursing process (application)
Used as problem solving tool to identify and treat patient’s health needs

Family member
Family, friends, church members, biker gang, or etc.

Components of Nursing Diagnosis Statement
Problem, etiology, and S&S of problem

Determine activity increase or decrease, monitor for changes, teach, blood transfusion, deliver meds

LVN can…
Obtain glucose measurement

Case manager
Coordinates the services that the patient receives in the hospital and at home

Organization that supports critical care in Nursing Process

certification for nurses in bedside practice who care for critically ill patients

certification for acute care nurse practitioners

certification critical care clinical nurse specialists

certification for staff nurses working in progressive care, intermediate care, or step-down unit settings

Purpose for certification
Validate knowledge for critical care nursing

Synergy model of practice
Focuses on needs of patients and their families, which drives nursing competency

Framework of ACCN
Nursing Process

Assigning nurse to pt based on pt needs
Synergy model of practice

Effective Communication
Reduce patient errors

Bundle of care
Evidence-based best practices that are done as a whole to improve outcomes

Respond to diversity
Patient care based on the patient’s gender, ethnicity, spirituality, and lifestyle

National Patient Safety Goals
1) Accuracy of Patient Identification
2) Communication among Healthcare Providers
3) Medication Safety
4) Reduce Risk of HAI
5) Reconcile Medications across Continuum of Care
6) Identify Safety Risks
7) Prevent Complications Associated with Surgery/Procedures
8) Prevent CAUTI

Official Journals of ACCN
1) American Journal of Critical Care
2) Critical Care Nurse

First Critical Care Units
1) Coronary Care Unit
2) Recovery Room

purpose of critical care certification -validate knowledge -promote professional excellence -help nurses to maintain up-to-date knowledge critical care patients are more complex because… multisystem organ dysfunction and complicated by aging population WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY …

What is the nursing process? Systematic, problem solving approach to providing nursing care in an organized, scientific matter Why is the nursing process used? To explore patient’s health status, identify actual or potential health care problems, determine desired outcomes, deliver …

The ICU nurse caring for a patient at the end of life understands that “limitation” of care refers to a decision: 1. To stop all measures, including pain medication 2. To exclude all but immediate family members from the patient’s …

Actual nursing diagnosis Statement describing human responses that have been validated by the nurse. Assessment First step of the nursing process; the orderly collection of objective and subjective data on the patient’s health status. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY …

nursing process Assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation nursing process tool for identifying patients problems or potential problems and an organized method for meeting patients needs. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR …

Critical thinking characteristics include a. Considering what is important in a given situation. b. Accepting one, established way to provide patient care. c. Making decisions based on intuition. d. Being able to read and follow physician’s orders. ANS: A Critical …

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