Sensation and Perception

Convergence results in ____ sensitivity and ____ acuity.
increased; decreased

Duncan and Boynton found that the cortical magnification factor
is different between humans, with a greater foveal magnification factor for people with better acuity.

LASIK surgery is used to treat ____ by cutting a small flap in the ____.
myopia; cornea

Unlike simple cells, complex cells respond best to
moving stimuli

In Hermann’s grid, gray areas appear at the intersections because
the amount of inhibition right at the intersections is twice as great as the inhibition between each square

The dorsal extrastriate pathway goes to the ____ lobe.

You can create a version of the ____ by illuminating a light-colored surface with a desk lamp and casting a shadow with a piece of paper.
Mach bands

Light can be described in terms of wavelength, or as consisting of small packets of energy called

To isolate the rod portion of the dark adaptation curve, researchers
use rod monochromats as the participants.

The structure of the eye that provides about 80% of the eye’s focusing power is the

The blind spot is located
where the optic nerve leaves the eye

Lateral inhibition has been used to explain
the Hermann Grid, Mach bands, and simultaneous contrast.

The arrangement of ocular dominance columns in the cortex is the
alternating between left eye and right eye.

The flow of information in the LGN is best described as
bi-directional, with signals coming from the retina and the cortex to the LGN.

A structure that is specialized to process information about a particular type of stimulus is called a

According to Goldstein, the evolutionary explanation of neural specialization is
supported by evidence of motion- and depth- specific neurons in the newborn monkey

The Nobel Prize winners who conducted the pioneering research on the physiology of striate cortex neurons were
Hubel and Wiesel

The different types of cortical cells are also called
feature detectors.

There are ____ different cone receptors, each with different absorption spectra.

When you stare at a grating of wide bars for 55 seconds, then look at a grating with narrow bars, the narrow bars will
seem to be thinner than they actually are

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