section four

woodie guthrie
folksinger who captured daily hardships

gone with the wind
famous depression era film

richard wright
author of native son

grapes of wrath
depicted difficulties of dust bowl farmers

orson welles
created the war of the worlds radio show

grant wood
creator of famous painting american gothic

paid artist a living wage to produce public art
how did the federal art project help depression era artists?

it was a way for them to forget what was going on and it was a way to escape the harsh reality
why did so many people regularly attend movies during the 1930?

the art and literature was of what was going on at the time and the movie/radio was of a different time not reality
how did the art and literature of the depression differ from the movie/radio productions of the time?

richard wright
his classic novel native son depicts the difficulties faced by young man trying to survive in a recist world

grant wood
his famous painting american gothic depicts two stern faced farmers standing stiffly in front of their farmhouse

the grapes of wrath
this classic novel written by john steinbeck focuses on the difficulties faced by people who forced off the great plains during the dust bowl move to california

gone with the wind
1 of the most popular movies of all time this sweeping drama about life among southern plantation owners during the civil war starred vivien leigh and clark gable

orson welles
this actor,director,producer, and writer created one of the most famous radio broadcasts of all time the war of the worlds and directed the movie classic citizen kane

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