Running water Ch. 6

A hole bored into the zone of saturation is called

This is a result of sewage from septic tanks, farms wastes & broken sewers
Groundwater saturation

Naturally formed underground chamber

The start of a stream

Amount of all water that is in our oceans

Stream that empties into another stream

The point at which a stream empties into another

Bend in a stream

Intermittent hot spring or fountain; water shoots up with great force at regular intervals

May include an artificial levee, dam or limiting development on a floodplain
Flood control measures

We are sitting in this drainage basin
Rock River

Maximum load a stream can carry

What river has the greatest discharge

The depression often produced in the water table, when water is pumped from a well is called
Cone of depression

Any formation in which groundwater rises on its own under pressure is ab
Artesian well

Sediment in a stream too large to be carried in suspension
Bed land

Whenever the water table intersects the ground surface
Springs form

Preamble rock layers or sediments that transmit groundwater freely are called

Groundwater is found underground in the zone of

What are the boundaries called that superset streams in adjacent drainage basins

Land area that contributes water is a stream
Drainage basin

One traditional flood control method has been at attempt to keep the streams flow within its channel by creating
Artificial levees

One major cause of floods is
Rapid snow melt

The flat portion of a valley floor adjacent to a stream channel is called a
Flood plain

Occasionally, deposition cause the main channel of a stream to divide into several smaller channels called

In a stream channel what is the first thing deposited
Gravel sized particles

A natural levee is a depositional feature parallel to the

A depositional feature that forms where a stream enters a lake or ocean

What is a measurement of the largest particle a stream can carry

The capacity of a stream is directly related to its
Stream discharge

The suspended load of a stream usually consists of what 3 things
Sand, slit, and clay

Most streams carry the largest part of their load in

What is the ultimate base level of a stream

A base level is the lowest point in which a stream can __________ it’s __________
Erode and channel

In a typical stream, where the gradient is steep, the discharge is

A streams discharge increases between its _________ & _________
Source and mouth

The vertical drop of a stream channel over a certain distance is called

If you were to examine the profile of a typical stream you would probably find that the gradient is steepest near the

The single most important erosional agent on earth is running

The ability of a stream to erode and transport material depends largely on its

The water cycle is the unending circulation of earths ________ supply

The volume of water flowing past a certain point in a given amount of time in a river is: discharge. The geographical area that is drained by a river and that contributes water to a river system is called its …

How much of Earth’s liquid freshwater is found in groundwater? 33 percent 60 percent 78 percent 94 percent Which best describes the difference between a “gaining” stream and a “losing” stream? Gaining streams give water to the groundwater supply, whereas …

More and more in this day and age we are informed about conditions where the quality of our water is not satisfactory enough for typical utilizations. Bacteria and microorganisms have gotten into drinking-water sources, occasionally causing acute illness in a …

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It is obvious that water is a basic requirement for all life on earth, vital for many aspects of economic and social development and is a component of the global environment. It is also obvious that water is becoming a …

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