Roosevelt and the New Deal

By issuing licenses to banks that were wxamined by federal officials
How did the Emergency Banking Relief Act help solve the banking crisis?

Break up big companies
What did Roosevelts advisers who were in favor of “New Freedom” want to do?

Intervene in the economy
Despite disagreeing on how, what one thing did Roosevelts advisers agree the government should do?

It interfered with the Constitutions separation of powers
Why was it a mistake for Roosevelt to carry out his “court packing” plan?

An insurance bill
How did the creators of the Social Security Act see the law?

What did the Supreme Court case Schechter v. US strike down?

Free up jobs for the unemployed
What was the maim purpose of the Townshend plan?

Codes of fair competition
What did the National Industrial Recovery Act set up?

Securities and Exchange Commission
What did Roosevelt creat to regulate the stock market?

Restore confidence in the banks
What was the first thing Roosevelt believed needed to happen to fight the Depression?

Work with business
What did Roosevelts advisers who supported “New Nationalism” want the government to do?

Prevent bank runs
Why did state governors declare “bank holidays” during the Depression?

By paying them not to grow crops
How did the Agricultural Adjustment Administration try to help farmers?

Lengthened the mortgage repayment term and lowered rates for the unemployed
What did the Home Owners Loan Corporation do?

Share the wealth of the rich
What did Senator Huey Long want to government to do?

People in the Arts
What group of people did the Federal Number One (part of the WPA) program employ?

All skilled and unskilled workers in the automobile industry
What did the Committee for Industrial Organizations organize?

Decreasing government spending
How did Roosevelt trigger a new economic downturn in 1937?

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
Who was influential in bringing change to voting rights for African Americans and women?

Cut back programs
According to Keynesian economics, what did Roosevelt do wrong?

Abolished child labor and created the 40 hour workweek
How did the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1935 provide protection to workers?

Through his court-packing plan
How did it appear that Roosevelt was interfering with the Constitutions separation of powers and the Supreme Courts independence?

American Liberty League
What organization was created to oppose the New Deal?

Huey Long
Who was Roosevelts greatest threat?

The construction industry
What industry did the Public Works Administration try to put back to work?

The New Deal
What were Roosevelts policies for ending the Depression known as?

The Hundred Days
What was the period of time in 1933 when Roosevelt sent bill after bill to congress called?

By radio in his fireside chats
How did Roosevelt inform and reassure the American citizens?

Deficit spending
How did Roosevelt pay for his New Deal programs when he abandoned the balanced budget approach?

The elderly
What group of people mobilized for the first time in history with the ideas of Francis Townsend?

Sit down strike
What did union workers do for the first time when they stopped working but refused to leave the factory?

Fair Labor Standards Act
What act abolished child labor?

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Franklin D Roosevelt He beat Herbert Hoover in the general election and became the 32nd President of the United States. He was a democrat and cousin to previous president Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt She was the niece of Theodore Roosevelt. …

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