100 square feet of roofing ro siding
surface to which roofing must be applied
amount of roofing exposed to the weather
top lap
height of shingle minus the exposure
head lap
amount of shingle cdrip edgeovered by two courses of shingle on top of it
drip edge
metal used on the eave of the roof. supports the overhang of the shingle
rake edge
metal used on the rake of the roof to support the overhang of the shingle
roofing material applied under the exposed shingle layer. sold in rolls by the square. provide an extra layer of protection
ice and water shield
roofing membrane of rubberized asphalt with an adhesive backer. Protects against ice damming on eaves, valleys, and low slope areas
3 tabs
fiberglass shingle with two cuts replicating wood shingles
architectural shingle
laminated fiberglass shingle with two layers of exposed shingle providing a layered look
starter course
also called “soldier course”. The first course of shingles to provide protection under the first exposed course tp rotect from wind also used on the rake
Starter pieces
shingles crosscut in sets so that the ends of the course below does not line up with successive courses. Creates a pyramid set
Hurricane nailing
nailing schedule with 6 nails per shingle to prevent lifting in wind storms
nailing strip
the area of the shingle where the nail is placed to avoid lifting of the shingle in the future or delamination
ridge cap
shingles that are nailed over the ridge vent
skip or spaced sheathing
sheathing designed to provide an air space behind wood shingles to prevent cupping and splitting
wood shingles that are split instead of cut giving a textured look
roll materials, metals, underlayments, and sheet goods (vinyl) used to seal between roofing and penetrations- chimneys, pipes, dormers, etc.
Open Valley
valley style with exposed flashing- the roofing is stopped a short distance from the center of the valley
style of valley with each course of roofing alternating past the valley center. Provides a double layer of roofing in the valley
closed cut valley
valley roofing method with only one side going past the valley center and the other side cut a short distance from the valley center

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