Roaring Economy to Great Depression

In the 1920s, how did manufacturers make products faster and more cheaply?
They adopted Henry Ford’s manufacturing techniques.

What is consumerism?
a pattern of wanting and buying new products

During the 1920s, people would buy stock on margin, which meant that they
bought it on credit.

Which of the following best explains what happens when consumers think the economy is struggling?
People spend less, businesses produce less, and unemployment rises.

In the 1920s, many rural banks failed because
farmers could not repay their loans.

A strong economy depends on
most people’s confidence in the economy.

Which industry boosted consumerism in the 1920s, feeding economic growth?

Businesses and industries in the 1920s most closely followed the buying demands of

Which statement best explains how farming affected the economic slowdown that led to the Great Depression?
Even though prices and demand were falling, production increased.

A part of the consumerism cycle is that manufacturers
advertise goods.

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