Radiology Observation

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Observation essay

I have always been interested in the health field, but I was somewhat undecided about which health career I liked the most. After a visit to a radiology facility to have an x-ray performed in my left shoulder, my interest in Radiologic Science started; I had discovered a career within the health field that I never thought about, a career where I could help others and do something different every day the more I learn about radiography, the more I want to become a radiographer. In August 28, 2013, I had the opportunity to visit Baylor Medical Hospital at Carrollton as part of an assignment for my Introduction to Radiography class. At first, I was somewhat nervous because I did not know how this observation was going to affect my career choice.

When I arrived at the hospital, I proceeded to the Imaging Department and introduced myself to the front desk person, her name is Leslie. The first thing I noticed was the friendliness of the hospital staff, and the cleanliness of the facilities. Leslie talked to me about some of the procedures that they do in the radiology department, and show me some images. I was able to see some contrast images like the stomach, the esophagus, a barium edema, and some x-rays, right shoulder, left clavicle, and chest. She also showed me the cassettes that they use and how each cassette was developed in a Computed Radiography (CR) system. Then, Leslie introduced me to two students Sarah from Midwestern State University, and Vie a student from Brookhaven College, both of them were doing their clinical at Baylor. I shadowed Sarah and Vie for the rest of my observation.

At this hospital department, the radiologist technologist receive in patients, out patients, and emergency room (ER) patients; the radiographers receive the orders through a computer and then, they go to get the patient to bring them to the radiology department, or they go to the ER room. I had the opportunity to go with Sarah and another radiographer to observe how a portable chest x-ray was done in an emergency room. Sarah was the one manipulating the equipment while the other radiographer was there to supervise; students always work under direct supervision of qualified practitioner. This experience allowed me to observe how a portable unit was and how it functioned; I learned how the interaction between radiographer and patient should be.

I also had the opportunity to talk and follow Vie, she talked to me about the Radiologic Sciences program and answered some questions that I had regarding the program, I really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Vie and she gave me a little insight to what I should do once I am in the program.  Another procedure that I had the opportunity to observe, was a lumbar puncture procedure, the radiographer and Vie brought the patient to the fluoroscopy room, and prepared all the instruments that the Radiologist was going to need for the procedure, once everything was ready the radiologist came and started the procedure. I think this procedure was very impressive, and it caught my attention the extra precautions that the radiographers and radiologist needed to take before and during the procedure.

After this observation I have no doubt that I want to be a radiologic technologist, it is a fascinating career within the medical field that offers different paths and advancement opportunities. I would like to strengthen my interpersonal and customer service skills, and get the knowledge to become a registered radiologic technologist, and be a vital member of the patient care team. I am sure and confident that this program will give me the tools to communicate with patients, to solve problems and to work with other members of the medical field with the same goal in common patient care.

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