Psychology Test 4 Social Psychology and Psychological Disorders

Diathesis can be defined as
a predisposition for a disease

Kaylie has been diagnosed with both social phobia and depression. Kaylie’s case exemplifies:

Which of these is NOT an anxiety disorder?
bipolar disorder

Pat finds herself worrying about most things in her life, from whether her children are safe drivers to making the right decision on refinancing her home, what to fix for dinner, and whether her husband is faithful. Pat’s worrying has begun to interfere with her sleep. Pat MOST likely has:
generalized anxiety disorder

Stacy’s mother has schizophrenia, but Stacy herself showed no symptoms of schizophrenia until she experienced the stress of medical school final exams. The final exams prompted a psychotic break. Stacey’s case is a good example of:
the diathesis-stress model

In obsessive-complusive disorder, the obsessive thoughts _____, and the compulsive behaviors_____.
produce anxiety; reduce it.

Which of these it NOT a mood disorder?
b)bipolar disorder
a) OCD

Major depressive disorder is also known as:
unipolar depression

Over the past 9 months, Trisha has become lethargic and has stopped working out at the gym (and as a consequence has gained considerable weight). Previously full of energy and curiosity, she now shows a lack of interest in virtually everything, even sex. It is likely that Trisha is suffering from a ____ disorder.

Juan has been moderately sad for over 2 years, and every few months he hits a period of major depression. He feels worthless, has trouble sleeping, and claims that nothing seems to taste good anymore. He is likely suffering from:
dysthymic disorder

Gisela had a history of depression. But one day, she wakes up feeling every energetic. She tells her family she can solve the problems of world hunger and the AIDS epidemic. Artistic by nature, she believes her painting is in the same league as Picasso’s. She sleeps very little; she says that she doesn’t need sleep because she’s superhuman. It is likely that Gisela is suffering from:
bipolar disorder

A false perceptual experience that has a compelling sense of being real despite the absence of external stimulation is termed a:

Schizophrenic hallucinations can include all of these EXCEPT:
believing that you are Napoleon.

Which of these is a delusion?
A person believing that the CIA has implanted a microchip in his brain

Shirin sits for hours with her head in her hands and doesn’t move a muscle. When a nurse tries to pull her head up, she resists. Her disorder has been diagnosed as schizophrenia; her behavior suggests that the type is:

What is the condition in which a child or adolescent engages in persistent pattern of deviant behavior involving aggression to people or animals, destruction of property, deceitfulness or theft, or serious rule violations?
conduct disorder

_____ disorders are defined as deeply ingrained, inflexible patterns of thinking, feeling, or relating to others that cause distress or impaired functioning

which of these is NOT a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

Eddie often masturbates and defecates in public. Eddie is exhibiting:
grossly disorganized behavior.

Comorbidity refers to:
when a person has more than one disorder

Victor has become increasingly withdrawn during social gatherings. He is so afraid he will do or say something embarrassing that he has started to avoid social events altogether. Victor may be developing
social phobia

Jeremiah believes that the lead psychologist at the institution is actually an alien from Neptune. He further believes that this alien has implanted a chip into his brain to record his thoughts. Each day, Jeremiah wonders how many of the other patients are actually aliens in disguise and whether any of them are trying to poison his food. Jeremiah is experiencing:

People with panic disorder often also have:

Altruistic behavior benefits:
others but not oneself

Which statement about Milgram’s studies on obedience is true?
a) Over 60 percent of the teachers delivered what they thought to be potentially deadly shock to a learner
b) Teachers continued to obey Milgram because he threatened to shock them if they refused
c) Obedience to the experimenter was due largely to the norm of reciprocity
d) Teachers delivered painful electric shocks to learners
c) Over 60 percent of the teachers delivered what they thought to be potentially deadly shock to a learner

When a vacuum cleaner salesman persuades people to let him vacuum their living room for free, he is likely to increase his chances that he will make a sale. The salesman is using the:
foot-in-the-door technique

The idea that people behave aggressively when their goals are thwarted is:
the frustration-aggression principle

Rachel is waiting at a red light as a car pulls up from a small side street a few cars in front of her. As the light turns green, no one is letting the car merge onto the main road. As Rachel approaches, she waves to the car’s driver to signal that he can merge. Although her behavior seems genuinely unselfish, Rachel likely expects other drivers to return the favor for her someday, which is an example of:
reciprocal altruism

In the prisoner’s dilemma, what strategy results in the largest penalty?
not confessing when the other player confesses

The trait that most people want those around them to have is:

In the ultimatum game, a person who feels that she is being cheated by another player usually will:
forego his monetary prize to punish the other player

Evaluating other people positively or negatively based on their group membership illustrates:

Acting negatively or positively toward others based on their group membership shows:

Although Alexander is careful to treat all of his employees fairly, he secretly feels that those who graduated from his business school are more competent employees than those who graduated from rival schools. This illustrates:

When groups get together for discussion, their decisions tend to be more extreme than any one member would have made alone. This phenomenon is known as:
group polarization

People in a mob situation are more likely to stray from their own moral values, illustrating the phenomenon of:

Which statement about passionate love is true
passionate love reaches its peak quickly

Which statement about companionate love is true?
a) Companionate love grows slowly throughout a relationship
b) Companionate love being to decrease when passionate love disappears
c) Companionate love has a rapid onset
d) Companionate love reaches its peak about a decade into a relationship
a) Companionate love grows slowly throughout a realtionship

Customary standards for behavior that are widely shared by members of a culture are called:

The tendency to do what others are doing simply because they are doing it is:

The classic study on conformity was done by
Solomon Asch

When actors in Asch’s line-judging study all gave the wrong answer on Trial 3 after providing correct answers on Trials 1 and 2, the real participant provided the:
incorrect answer

The tendency to do what authorities tell us to do simply because they tell us to do it is known as:

The classic study on obedience was done by:
Stanley Milgram

What did the experimenter in the Milgram obedience studies do to get the participants to continue shocking the learner?
Calmly instructed the participant to continue

The process by which people draw inferences about others based on their knowledge of the categories to which others belong is known as:

Anthony asked his roommate if he could borrow $50; his roommate refused. Then Anthony asked if he could borrow just $10, and his roommate lent him the money. This is an example of:
the door-in-the-face technique

The mere exposure effect suggests that you are likely to find someone _____ the _____ time you spend with them
more attractive; more

Over time, typically passionate love ____ and companionate love _____.
decreases; increases

A false belief system, often bizarre and grandiose, that is maintained despite its irrationality is termed a:

Schizophrenic hallucinations can include all of these EXCEPT:
believing that you are Napoleon.

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