three successive phases of the general adaptation syndrome
alarm reaction(physical reaction, imobilize: heart rate increas), resistance(coping: women use the tend-and-befriend response), and exhaustion

In response to stress, the adrenal glands release

psychology’s contribution to the prevention and treatment of illness is known as
health psychology

appraise and respond to threatening or challenging events

he has been fired from his job. Which phase of the general adaptation syndrome is Cameron most likely experiencing?
alarm reaction

Resistance to stress is greatest during ________ of the GAS
Phase 2 (resistance phase)

Aging women who had experienced prolonged stress as caregivers for children with serious
disorders experienced a premature decrease in the size of their

The emotional bonding and mutual support that survivors of natural disasters provide to one
another best illustrates
the tend-and-befriend response

A stress-moderating hormone released by cuddling and associated with pair-bonding is known as

A psychophysiological illness is
a stress-related physical illness such as hypertension

An understanding of how stress affects our resistance to disease is the central focus of the field of

B lymphocytes inhibit ________, whereas T lymphocytes inhibit ________
bacterial infections; viral infections

T lymphocytes are formed in the

increased incidence of cold and
flu infections. Her increased illness is best attributed to reduced levels of

Immune system cells that pursue and destroy diseased body cells are called
Natural killer cells (also known as NK cells

Compared with men, women have ________ immune systems, and they are ________
susceptible to lupus and multiple sclerosis
stronger; more

why stress heightens vulnerability to bacterial and viral
Stress hormones suppress the production of lymphocytes

AIDS is caused by a ________ infection spread primarily through ________.
viral; the exchange of bodily fluids

4 month after Hurricane
rate of suicides tripled

stressor. stress reaction

Stress is most likely to speed the progression from HIV to AIDS by
inhibiting the production of lymphocytes.

Tornado has destroys her house, her brain directed the outer part of her adrenal glands to react by
secreting cortisol (stress hormone)

The risk of coronary heart disease is increased by
high blood pressure

Type A personality
competitive, hard-driving, impatient

Type B personality
a relaxed, easygoing

For Type A individuals, exposure to stress is especially likely to inhibit organs such as the
________ from removing cholesterol and fat from the blood.

highly competitive corporate lawyer who recently had a heart attack. He
tends to be impatient and a perfectionist, and he gets angry over little things. Research suggests
that Bernard’s susceptibility to heart attacks may be most closely linked to his

A Harvard School of Public Health research team studied 1306 initially healthy men over a 10-year
period. They found that ________ were more than twice as likely as ________ to develop heart
pessimists; optimists

Heart disease and depression may both result when chronic stress triggers
persistent inflammation

Despite very stressful events in his life, Mark has been able to maintain good health. This is
because of his persistent optimism and the emotional support of his family
a biopsychosocial approach

Attempting to alleviate stress directly by changing the stressor is known as
problem-focused coping

To alleviate the stress he feels after failing a college course, Jeremy seeks social support from his
friends and family. Jeremy’s behavior best illustrates
emotion-focused coping.

5. Addressing stressors with problem-focused coping would be most characteristic of those with
personal control

Rats that received electric shocks were unlikely to develop ulcers if the
rats could control the termination of the shocks.

perceived control
the belief that one can determine one’s own internal states and behavior, influence one’s environment, and/or bring about desired outcomes.

British civil service workers in executive positions live longer than those in clerical positions. This
best illustrates the value of
perceived control.

A loss of perceived control tends to result in
reduced immune responses.

perceived control.
perceived loss of control

Alex experiences little stress because he expects things to work out the way he wants them to.
optimism(have stronger immune)

women who had been sexually abused , children were especially likely to report
health problems if they had
kept the abuse a secret

The genes in muscle cells that are not activated by exercise produce lower quantities of proteins,
which leaves us susceptible to
type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

Mildly depressed female college students assigned to a program of ________ reported a greater
decrease in depression than those assigned to a program of ________.
aerobic exercise; relaxation exercises

Aerobic exercise is associated with
increased levels of serotonin and increased levels of the endorphins

Evidence suggests that ________ may foster neurogenesis.
aerobic exercise (the growth and development of nervous tissue)

Which of the following is an example of biofeedback?
Milos learns to relax his forehead muscles after being provided with information regarding
moment-to-moment changes in the tension levels of these muscles.muscle tension

The relaxation response associated with meditation is most likely to
decrease oxygen consumption and decrease blood pressure

During meditative relaxation, a part of the ________ lobe that tracks where we are in space is
________ active than usual
parietal; less

Volunteers who participated in an eight-week course of meditation training exhibited increased
levels of the ______ activity associated with positive emotions.
left hemisphere

The natural disappearance of a disease is called
spontaneous remission.

One study of migraine headache patients found that the majority of those who received “sham
acupuncture” enjoyed relief. The patients’ pain relief is most likely attributable to
the placebo effect.

correlation between religious involvement and life expectancy
faith factor.

Israelis living in nonreligious collective settlements were observed to have ________ than those
living in religiously orthodox collective settlements.
higher rates of death

In their classic nine-year study, Friedman and Rosenman reported that, compared with Type A men, Type B men were A) more susceptible to stomach ulcers. B) less susceptible to stomach ulcers. C) more susceptible to heart attacks. D) less susceptible …

Heart disease and depression may both result when chronic stress triggers A.the release of NK cells. B.persistent inflammation. C.the production of lymphocytes. D.the release of oxytocin. B. persistent inflammation Stress is most likely to speed the progression from HIV to …

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For Type A individuals, exposure to stress is especially likely to inhibit organs such as the ________ from removing cholesterol and fat from the blood. liver Despite very stressful events in his life, Mark has been able to maintain good …

Stress The process by which we perceive and respond to certain events called stressors, that we appraise as threatening or challenging. Stress is used to describe what? The physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral response to events that are considered threatening …

Who is the best example of a Type A personality? Philip, a competitive, hot-tempered corporation president Those with an internal locus of control act ________ independently and feel ________ depressed than those with an external locus of control. more; less …

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