Psych ch 1

A placebo effect would be most likely to account for changes in
pain intensity

A psychoananlyst would look for the causes of a person’s disorcer in the person;s
unconscious mind

“The whole of conscious experience is not hte same as the sum of its parts” is a belief proposed by which view of psychology

In a drug study, group 1 receives an inactive pill and group 2 receives a pill that is believed to be effective in treating depression. Group2 is the
experimental group

Every participant in an experiment has an equal chance of receiving one of the treatments. This is called
random assignment

Dr. S conducts research on the effects of a new drug on obsessive compulsive disorder. In his study neither Schultze nor the participants knows who is receiving the active drug and who is receiving the placebo. This is an example of
a double blind study

definitions of “independent variable”
A factor manipulated in an experiment

In an experiments, the factor that is expected to change is referred to as the
dependent variable

An experiment investigates whether watching television while eating causes a person to eat more potato chips than one eats when not watching television. In this case the number of potato chips eaten represents the
dependent variable

You see a journal article entitled “injection of Happystuff causes a reduction in symptoms of depression in adult males” The independent variable in the study
is Happystuff

definition of psychology
the science of behavior and mental processes

psych made the transition from philosophy to science with which event
Wundt founded the 1st psych lab

Which school of thought focused on breaking conscious experience into its component parts

which early school of psych is associated with the method of introspection

who is generally recognized as the founder of American psych

Wundt is to ____ as James is to ____
structuralism; functionalism

The founder of behaviorism was

The major proponent of behaviorism for much of the 20th century was

According to Freud, abnormal behaviors, like phobias are
shaped by early experiences

Which theorists are associated with humanistic psych
Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers

A humanistic psychologist is most likely to agree with which of the following statements
“each individual is unique”

Which of the following psychologist is most likely to study how humans process info?
Dr. Carlson, a cognitive psychologist

An eclectic psychologist is one who
employs the theories and principles of different psychological perspectives

A researcher adhering to the behavioral perspective would likely believe that aggression
is learned when it is rewarded by the environment.

You eavesdrop as several psychologists eat lunch together. After reading the first chapter is your psych book you can correctly identify which psychologist as a behaviorist?
Dr. Ligthmen, who says “I believe that early learning experiences have shaped my actions as an adult”

What is the graduate degree most commonly earned by psychologist
Ph. D

Which subspecialty represents the larges group of psychologists?

An industrial/organizational psychologist would typically
make suggestions to a manager regarding employee morale

Which type of psychologist would evaluate whether overcrowding in urban areas is associated with increased violent crimes

Psychologist frame their research questions in the form of

Dr. Mingus keeps a very detailed record of a series of interviews with an individual who is suffering from a rare brain disorder. This is an example of which research method?
Case study

Social desirability bias and volunteer bias are problems typically associated with which research method

in order to make sure that a sample drawn from a population is truly representative, it is necessary to use
random sampling

which of the following correlations represents two variables with the strongest relationship
answer cant be determined with the info giver
-0.95 (+ and – are irrelevant)The farther the value is from 0, the stronger the relationship

in a study of the effects of sleep deprivation on aggressiveness, the number of hours that a participant stays awake represents the
independent variable

Consider the following set of numbers: 1,1, 3, 5, 6 ,6,6. The____ are both equal to the same value
median and the range

psychologist who study human growth and changes over the life span
developmental psychologists

research aimed simply at furthering our knowledge and understanding
basic research

psychologist who study the relationship between psychological patterns and physical health
clinical psychologists

individuals with a medical degree who specialize in treating mental health disorders

psychologist who research criminal behavior and are involved with other aspects of the legal system
forensic psychologist

psychologist who apply psychology to understanding and improving athletic performance
sport psychologist

psychologist who conduct controlled research to establish cause and effect; usually carried out in a lab setting
experimental psychologist

psychologist who investigate genetic and other biological influences on the behavior
physiological psychologist

psychologists who evaluate and assist children with learning probelms or other special needs
educational psychologist

psychologist who study brian structures, neurotransmitters, and the like with regard to their impact on human functioning

short answer
explain the fundamentals of experimental research
Can truly establish cause and effect
2. Involves independent (variable you can control) and dependent variables
3. Control group helps establish causality
4. Random assignment helps assure no pre-existing differences
5. Advantages and disadvantages
a) Advantage: learn why an effect actually happens
b) Disadvantage: expectations (e.g., placebo effect) may influence results

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Cognitive Dr. von Waldner conducts research on depression. His hypothesis is that depression results from maladaptive thought patterns. From which perspective is von Waldner working? Psychodynami Which perspective in psychology would suggest that obesity is related to unresolved childhood needs …

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