psych 2

Foucused attention, Sleeping, Hypnosis

Dual Processing
When orchestra you focus on the flute

At the beginning of psych focused on

Fail to see an object when our attention is directed elsewhere
inattentional blindness

Consciousness in text
our awareness of ourselves and our environment

Dr B believes Natural selection explains, infants fear strangers when they become moble he is a

Adopted and Identical twins in same home will likely have
same religious beliefs

Fraternal twin schizophrenia, likelihood of other twin developing serious mental illness is much lower than identical twins, suggesting.
schizophrenia is influenced by genes

Best way to separate the effects of genes and environment in research is to study
identical twins raised in different environments

natural selection, traits most likely to be passed on succeeding generations are those that contribute to

Not true regarding gender and sexuality
Gender differences in sexuality are noticeably absent among gay and lesbian

Evoulutionary psychologists attribute gender differences
Lower reproductive potential than men

men are drawn sexually to women who seem____ women are attracted to men who seem____
youthful and fertile< Mature and affluent

unlike___ twins who develop from a single egg, while ____ develop from separate eggs
Identical fraternal

temperament refers to a persons characteristic
emotional reactivity and intensity

When psych use the word fitness they are referring to…
Our ability to survive and reproduce

psych test reveal that anxious inhibited infants
have high and variable heart rates

gender refers to
the biological and social def of male and female

molecular geneticist would be most interested in studying
which genes influence extraversion

human body has
46 chromosomes

Genes direct our physical development by synthesizing

The genome is best defined
complete instructions for making an organism

most human traits are
influenced by many genes acting together

mutations are random errors ____ replication

casual impulsive sex is most frequent among
male with traditional masculine attitudes

evoulutionary explanations of gender differences in sexuality have been criticized because
The offer after the fact ex, attractiveness vary with time and place, they underestimate cultural influences

studies show long separated identical twins have found that they
have many similarities in everything from medical histories to personalities

adopted studies show that the personalities of adopted children
bear more similarities of their biological parents than their adoptive parents

Chromosomes are composed of a coiled chain of
DNA Molecules that contain genes

effect of one factor (environment) depends on another (heredity) we say there is a ______ between the two

an evolutionary psych would be most interested in studying ______
why most parents are so passionately devoted to kids

collectivist cultures
are characterized by goals, social harmony, foster social interdependence

traditions are passé from one generation to the next by the means of

which of the following most accurately expresses the extent of parental influence on personality
it is more limited than popular psychology supposes

it will be a boy if
the sperm contributes to y chromosome

the hormone
stimulates growth of the male sex organs

infant rats and premature babies are regularly touched or massaged they…

parents are most likely to influence children’s

compared to westerners, communal societies such as japan or china
strong sense of family, greater shyness toward strangers, greater confer for loyalty

the selection effect in peer influence refers to the tendency of children and youth to
seek out friends with similar interest

which of the following is not true regarding cultural diversity
culture does not have a strong influence on social roles defined

women and men are most likely to be attracted to strongly gender typed mates in cultures characterized by
gender inequality

children who are raised by parents who discourage traditional gender typing
organize themselves into girl world boy world

providing children with a stimulating educational environment during early childhood is likely to
prevent neural connections from degenerating

male chip who underwent sex reassignment surgery and were raised as girls later
described themselves either as female or male or hand unclear sexual identity

piage state of concrete operational intelligence the child acquires an understanding of principle of

piaget help that egocentrism is characteristic of the
preoperational stage

during which stage of cognitive development do children acquire object permanence

harlow studies of attachment in monkeys showed that
cloth mother received more attention

psych discuss maturation they are referring to stages of growth that are NOT influenced by

developmental theorist who suggested that securely attached children develop an attitude of basic trust is
Erik Erikson

findings on infant motor development are conisten with the idea that
maturation of physical skills is relatively unaffected by experience

stranger anxiety develops soon after
object permanence

before piaget people were more likely to believe
children mini modle of adults

which is the correct sequence of piagets theory of cognitive development
sensorimotor preoperational concrete operational formal operational

term critical period refers to
a restricted time for learning

which of the following was not found by the harrows in socially deprived monkeys
abnormal physical development

most people earliest memories do not predate
3 years

insecurely attached infants who are left by their mothers in an unfamiliar setting often will
be indifferent on their return

Dr. Ross believes that principles of natural selection help explain why infants come to fear strangers about the times they become mobile. Dr. Ross is most likely a(n) A. behavior geneticist B. molecular geneticist C. evolutionary psychologist D. molecular biologist …

recognize that the quantity of a substance remains the same despite changes in its shape If children cannot grasp the principle of conservation, they are unable to a selection effect teen who smoke typically have friends who smoke. To avoid …

Mark Rosenzweig and David Krech created experiment where rats were raised in solidarity and others in playgrounds found rats in playgrounds had thicker and heavier cortexes Handled Babies babies who were touched more and held more as infants and develop …

There are several ways in which to answer this question, but I will begin the essay by defining the question. Gender differences that are fact are defined as being proven by science; these could be research and experiments that have …

Early Childhood Development and Social Inequalities By All families should have the same opportunities to live a descent life. But due to the backgrounds of some families, and children, they may not have a chance for this. There are certain risk factors that …

In order to understand the development of sexual identities, we must first be able to understand what is meant by ‘sexuality’. If one is asked ‘who has a sexuality?’ the first answer is typically ‘gay people’. In our society, sexuality …

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