PSYC 2000 Chapter 14 Quiz Questions

What was the most likely reason that someone would perform an exorcism?
To release evil spirits

In 1972, a jet carrying a rugby team from Peru crashed high in the snow-covered Andes Mountains. Many of the players survived for over 2 months by eating the remains of those who died. Psychologists justified their cannibalism because that was the only way they could have survived so long without food. By what definition might their behavior best be classified?
Situational Context

While Dr. Akido knows that his patient, Aki, believes her anxiety has a biological explanation, in learning more about her family of origin, he suspects it has a psychological cause. What is this an example of?
Cultural Relativity

How many axes does the DSM-5 use to aid mental health professionals in making a diagnosis?

Trypanophobia, also known as a fear of receiving an injection, is an example of _____?
Specific phobia

Aaron hates to go to restaurants for fear that he will be seated in the far back of the restaurants and be unable to get out in case of emergency. This may be a symptom of _____?

Ria experienced a sudden attack of intense fear when she was boarding a plane with her fiends to fly to Mexico for spring break. Ria’s heart raced, she became dizzy, and she was certain she would die in a plane crash if she bored the plane. Subsequently she did not go on her trip, and the plane arrived safely in Mexico 3 hours later. Ria experienced a _____?
Panic Attack

Dr. Kirby has been meeting with 9-year old Loren, whose family lost everything in a tornado. In her initial visit, Loren was diagnosed with acute stress disorder. During a 2-month follow-up with Dr. Kirby, Loren is still exhibiting many of the same symptoms. What should Dr. Kirby do?
Dr. Kirby will revise Loren’s diagnosis from ASD to post traumatic stress disorder

Survivors of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy in 2012 may experience higher incidences of ____?
Posttraumatic stress disorder

Calvin is terribly worried that his college education was wasted when he didn’t get his dream job. Furthermore, Calvin believes he ruined his future when he did poorly in his job interview. Calvin explains, “I had to ace the interview. It had to be perfect, and it wasn’t!” How might a cognitive-behavorial psychologist classify this distorted though process?
All-or-nothing thinking

Which type of depression is the most common type of mood disorder?
Major depressive disorder

Behavioral theorists link depression to _____ whereas social cognitive theorists point to _______.
Learned helplessness;

Distortions in thinking

Individuals with bulimia often rationalize that since they have had a single threat, their diet is ruined and therefore they might as well go ahead and eat excessively. Such irrational thinking is an example of the cognitive distortion known as ______.
All or nothing thinking

Binge eating disorder is different from bulimia in that individuals with binge eating disorder do not do what?
Do not typically purge the food they eat

Dissociative amnesia is different from retrograde amnesia because?
Dissociative amnesia is typically psychological in origin

Depersonalization/derealization disorder is a type of dissociative disorder that has been found to have possible ____ foundations for the experience of detachment.

On your first call as paramedic, you enter the house of a man who has covered his walls and ceiling in aluminum to protect his brain from the thought controlling rays of the government. This is an example of a ____ delusion.

Rodney has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He rarely smiles and often shows little emotion to any situation. Psychologists refer to this characteristic as ____.
Flat Affect

What neurotransmitter was first believed to be the cause of schizophrenia?

Colleen found herself attracted to her psychology instructor. She would frequently go by his office just to be near him. When he didn’t respond to her advances, Colleen eventually told him that she had thoughts of killing herself so that he would spend time trying to counsel her. What personality disorder best describes Colleen’s thinking and behavior?
Borderline personality disorder

Of the following mental disorders, which is diagnosed with the greatest frequency in a given year in the United States?
Phobic Disorders

Disorders in which there is a break in conscious awareness, memory, the sense of identity, or some combination are:
Dissociative Disorders

Elaine has suffered from major depression since childhood. During several of their therapy sessions, Elaine informed her therapist that she does not view herself to be as smart or as pretty as the other girls with whom she grew up, and that she would never be capable of accomplishing anything worth appreciating. Elaine’s therapist proposed that her faulty way of thinking appeared to be the cause of her depression, thus supporting the _________ perspective.

According to research, which of the following individuals is MOST likely to become anorexic?
Tammy, an 18-year-old white female from a middle-class family

Annie controls what she eats very carefully, and has reduced her intake so that she can lose weight. Her body weight has decreased significantly below her expected body weight. She cooks elaborate meals for friends but doesn’t eat any of it herself, and she believes she is fat. She exercises for at least 2 hours every day. Annie is likely suffering from:
Anorexia Nervosa

The most dominant symptom of a(n) _______ disorder is excessive or unrealistic worrying and fearfulness.

In psychological terms, “affect” means:

The disorder in which a person adopts a persistent, rigid, and maladaptive pattern of behavior that interferes with normal social interactions is ______ disorder.

Dr. Sutton performed some tests and believes the abnormal behaviors Richard are displaying are caused by a chemical imbalance. She is writing a prescription for a pill she believes will restore the balance that he needs. Dr. Sutton is in favor of a _____ treatment.

The study of abnormal behavior is:

How would the Greek physician Hippocrates have typically dealt with someone suffering from mental illness?
He would focus on correcting the imbalance of bodily fluids, or humors.

Lisa has just been fired from her new job for consistently arriving 2 hours late for work. Lisa tries to explain that she must often drive back home to ensure that all the doors are locked and that no appliances have been left on. Lisa’s condition is abnormal from the __________ definition.

In the United States, insanity is a term typically used by
The legal system

Elliot became widowed after nearly 40 years of marriage. He has convinced himself that no one will ever love him again. His irrational thinking has caused him to suffer from depression, and he rarely leaves his house. What perspective might best explain his behavior?

Which of the following concepts is not specifically associated with the DSM-5 examination of culture-related disorders?
Cultural Binding

Who is most likely to be diagnosed with a phobic disorder?
Jennifer, who is morbidly afraid of snakes and refuses to even look a picture of a snake

Amelia has recently given birth to her first child. She mentions that she often goes into her baby’s bedroom to check if he is still breathing. Would this qualify as an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)?
As long as Amelia is not compelled to check on her baby and does not suffer from severe anxiety if she is unable to do so, then this is not an OCD.

Sandy took part in the April 2013 Boston Marathon, where two bombs were detonated near the finish line killing three spectators. For approximately two weeks after the marathon, Sandy was unable to sleep or concentrate and often found herself reliving the moment she heard the bombs explode. What disorder might Sandy be diagnosed with?
Acute Stress Disorder

Jorge finds himself feeling depressed most of the day. He is constantly tired yet he sleeps very little. He has feelings of worthlessness that have come on suddenly and seemingly have no basis in reality. What might Jorge be diagnosed with?
Major Depressive Disorder

Studies have suggested the increased rates of major depressive disorder in women may have a basis in __________
gender roles, social factors, and emotional processing.

What disorder seems to hold an association with bipolar disorder?

Olivia is a teenager who has been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa. What percentage of individuals with anorexia that receive treatment make a recovery?
40 to 60 percent

Which of the following characteristics best describes differences between bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa?
Individuals with bulimia may have a normal body weight whereas those with anorexia tend to be severely under their expected body weight.

Researchers believe that 40 to 60 percent of the risk for anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder are due to
Genetic Factors

What is the major difference between dissociative amnesia and retrograde amnesia?
Retrograde amnesia patients often suffer from some form of physical brain trauma.

Franklin wakes up on a cot in a homeless shelter in another town. He doesn’t know where he is or how he got there, and he’s confused when people say he has been calling himself Anthony. This is most likely an episode of dissociative
amnesia with fugue

Dr. Cowden believes that Jamison’s dissociation disorder may be due to his apparent enhanced ability to think about things other than those associated with his traumatic childhood. What psychological perspective is Dr. Cowden applying?
cognitive/behavioral perspective

David believes that characters in a popular science fiction show are secretly sending him messages. This would be an example of a delusion of

Dr. Haldol has several patients with schizophrenia who appear to exhibit excessive or distorted characteristics in relation to what one might consider normal functioning. Specific symptoms include varied hallucinations and multiple delusions. According to the DSM-5,these are referred to as
Positive Symptoms

Which of the following is not an accurate portrayal of antisocial personality disorder?
Most people with this disorder are female.

Studies show that _________ personality disorders occur more frequently in women while ___________ personality disorders happen more often in men.


What was the most likely reason that someone would perform an exorcism? a. to relieve fluid pressure on the brain b. to look into the brain to see what was wrong c. to release evil spirits d. to restore balance …

According to Hofstede’s research, ________ scores high on uncertainty avoidance. 1. India 2. Greece 3. Jamaica 4. the United States Greece Which of the Big Five factors of personality seems to be associated with increased volume in the medial orbitoprefrontal …

Although both personality disorders are characterized by avoiding social situations, _____ individuals desperately want social contact while _____ individuals prefer to be alone. avoidant; histrionic schizoid; avoidant histrionic; narcissistic avoidant; schizoid avoidant; schizoid For someone with _____, an action must …

Situational context the social or environmental setting of a person’s behavior Subjective discomfort emotional distress or discomfort WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my sample Maladaptive thinking or behavior …

Behavioral theorists link depression to learned helplessness. Scott experiences vast mood swings ranging from depression on one end of the spectrum to episodes when he feels euphoric and has so much energy that he can’t sleep. Scott is suffering from …

___ is credited with developing the learned helplessness theory od depression. A. Aaron Beck B. Albert Ellis C. Martin Seligman D. Rene Spitz C. A less disabling form of unipolar depression is known as: A. manic disorder B. bipolar disorder …

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