Pros and Cons of Alternative Medicine

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Medicine has improved in the course of the years. Cultures in the world have developed different ways to treat the same illnesses. Nowadays we can find two main types of medicine: alternative medicine and conventional medicine. As far as I know alternative medicine includes practices that incorporate spiritual or religious basis. In contrast, conventional medicine includes scientific practises. Before making up our mind if we are for or against alternative medicine we are going to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, some people think that alternative medicine is healthier because it relies on natural substances. We can find different methods such as: Aromatherapy, based on breathing in aromatic oils or massaging them into the skin for physical or emotional health; or homeopathy, based on using herbs and other natural substances to heal. These people believe that our bodies were being poisoned by the drugs that most doctors prescribe.

On the other hand those who are against alternative medicine claim that it isn’t as effective as conventional one. They believe that alternative medicine can’t offer the same solutions as the conventional one. Others think that people who can’t find a solution for a specific problem or illness they are prone to try alternative therapy instead of a conventional one. Furthermore there are people who don’t like conventional practises either because they are afraid of them or they don’t rely on conventional doctors, and as a result, they prefer alternative medicine. To sump up, there are some arguments both for and against alternative medicine. For that reason, people should try to be aware of both methods before they make up their minds.

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