Practice Quiz

Dr. Estevez is most likely a research psychologist.
Dr. Estevez is a cognitive psychologist. Dr. Francis is a school psychologist. Dr. Gigliotti is a counseling psychologist. Which of these individuals is most likely a research psychologist?

Dr. Ellis performs an experiment to test the hypothesis that alcohol consumption increases verbal aggression. However, the alcohol group contained mostly men, whereas the no-alcohol group contained mostly women. In this experiment, gender is a(n ) _________ variable.

Which of the following correlation coefficients represents the strongest relationship between two variables?

Income data is highly influenced by a small number of families making extremely high incomes.
Why do we more often hear references to the median family income in the U.S. than to the mean family income in the U.S?

Impulsivity and answer-changing.
Helena proposes that the more impulsive a student is, the more likely he or she will be to change answers on a multiple-choice test. The variable(s) in this statement is/are:

A behavior, event, or other characteristic that can take on different values is termed a(n) ____________.

Chrissy’s an operational definition; Brianna’s is not.
When asked to define ‘popularity,’ Brianna says, “It’s when everyone likes you.” When asked the same question, Chrissy says, “It’s the number of friends you have.” How do the two girls’ definitions differ?

The independent variable
Anderson and Dill (2000) studied the effects of playing violent video games on white noise blasts in a laboratory study. In this study the type of video game was which of the following?

About 33%
In the “Ganzfeld” studies, where a ‘receiver’ is trying to discern the psychic signal from a ‘sender’ who is looking at one of 4 cards, what is the overall concordance across studies?

Only psychics thought they had done well.
In the study on crime-solving by students and psychics, how did the participants feel about their performance on the day of the study?

Memory, cognition
Psychologists use the term _________ to refer to the ability to store and retrieve information over time. The process of acquiring and using knowledge is called ________.

About seven, plus or minus two items.
Which of the following expressions best reflects the capacity of short-term memory?

Working; Long term
As you work on a complex multiplication problem in your head, the numbers you are manipulating are in your __________ memory, and the multiplication tables you are drawing on are in _________ memory.

Short term memory
When we look up a number in the phone book, close the book, and then begin to dial the number, we are relying on:

Parkinson’s; dopamine
Which disorder is correctly paired with an associated neurotransmitter?

Macrae et al. (2002) found that women better process male faces on days of their menstrual cycle associated with a high risk of conception than on days associated with a low risk of conception. This result is most consistent with the _______ perspective in psychology.

Case study method
Which research method in psychology is exemplified by the study of Phineas Gage’s thought and behavior following his brain injury?

Within the reflex circuit, it is the ______ that allows the spinal cord to control certain reflexes without the brain’s help.

The pituitary gland
Which of the following is considered the ‘master gland’ of the endocrine system?

The long axon
Neurons are able to communicate over relatively great distances within the body because they have:

Young Children-at risk for sleep apnea.
At-risk groups for sleep apnea include each of the following EXCEPT:

Biological rhythm; biological cicradriam
The menstrual cycle is an example of a _________ rhythm. The sleep-wake cycle is an example of a ___________ rhythm.

Activation synthesis theory: activation is to synthesis as the brainstem to cortex.
With regard to the activation-synthesis theory, activation is to synthesis as _______ is to _________.

Stage N3
The deepest level of sleep is:

The difference was not statistically significant and may have been due to chance.
In the journal article, Bb. 1, students were more accurate than psychics. But why do we conclude that there was no difference between groups?

B. F. Skinner was an important figure in psychology, who made a strong (and unpopular) argument that free will is an illusion. This is a tenet of:

“History is the most fundamental of all the humanities,” lectures a professor early in the semester. In your textbook’s terms, the professor’s statement is a _____.

Which school of psychological theory and thought was the historic precursor to evolutionary psychology?

Both groups had similarly low levels of accuracy.
In the journal article on psychic power (Bb. 1), the participants were asked to identify 6 statements on a list of 18 that fit each of three crimes. What did the researchers find?

Assigned to groups based upon characteristics they already possess.
In a quasi-experiment, participants are:

Both the experimenters and participants didn’t know about the crimes in advance.
In the journal article on psychic power (Bb. 1), mention was made of a prior study of psychics conducted by the Los Angeles police department. This study was said to be double-blind. This means that:

Women report experiencing more depression than men do.
Which of these statements is at the social/cultural level of explanation?

Cory knows that the capital of Vermont is Montpelier. This is an example of a(n) _______ memory.

Material is forgotten relatively rapidly at first, then the rate of forgetting slows down.
Which of the following statements BEST describes the forgetting function that Ebbinghaus discovered (his Forgetting Curve)?

Amanda selects a sample of college students. She obtains the students’ scores on several personality scales, as well as on a test of creativity. Amanda wishes to summarize her sample’s performance on the creativity test. She therefore computes ________ statistics.

A reviewer believes that a researcher’s theory is unnecessarily complicated. She believes that the theory is not __________.

The information was not encoded, because Drew never really paid attention to Lincoln’s head on the penny.
Drew is unable to recall whether Lincoln’s head faces left or right on the penny. Which of the following is probably the best explanation for Drew’s memory failure?

Andrea is reading a general, comprehensive explanation of the causes of human aggression in the introduction to a research report in psychology. Andrea is reading a(n):

Which of the following is NOT a measure of central tendency?

Encoding – Memory process
Which alternative correctly identifies a type of memory, a memory stage, or a memory process?

Ron moved from Alabama to Georgia ten years ago. “My fifth-grade teacher made us memorize the names of all the counties in Alabama,” Ron tells his friend Rory. Rory tests Ron by giving him a list of thirty counties – 15 Alabama counties, mixed in with 15 counties from other states. “Ok, pick out the Alabama counties,” Rory challenges Ron. Which method does Rory’s test use?

Over time, you have learned to salivate at the mere sight of a chili pepper. This type of learning reflects _________ memory.

Iconic and echoic memory are types of ______ memory.

Correlational; experimental
Dr. Allen’s research examines the relationships among variables. Dr. Berg’s research measures the influence of the manipulation of several variables. Dr. Allen is conducting _________ research, whereas Dr. Berg is conducting _________.

Electrical wires are generally protected by a coating of plastic. A similar insulating function is performed in the nervous system by ________.

Darnell underwent surgery to control his severe epilepsy. Now, however, Darnell cannot form new memories of his experiences, although he does remember events in the past. Most likely, the surgery destroyed a portion of the ______ in Darnell’s brain.

Difficulty breathing during sleep.
Which of the following defines sleep apnea?

Frontal –> temporal and parietal –> occipital
If Gina is standing facing toward you, which of the following sequences correctly orders the lobes of her cortex, from the region that is closest to you to the region that is farthest away from you?

Adults spend about ______% of their sleep in REM sleep.

GABA; an excitatory neurotransmitter inhibited by alcohol.
Which neurotransmitter is incorrectly described?

Dopamine; facilitates learning
Which neurotransmitter is CORRECTLY matched with a psychological function?

Balancing her checkbook.
Kate has suffered right-hemisphere damage. Which of the following processes is LEAST likely to be affected?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)
Marisol is trying a new treatment for severe depression. Brief pulses are sent through her brain. Marisol is undergoing _______.

Yves has been drinking. He has difficulty walking a straight line when asked to do so by a police officer. Apparently, Yves’ _________ is functioning poorly.

Pizza! Beer! Sex! Our motivation or drive for such things is based in part on the activity of the brain region known as the ________.

Your text suggests that the correlation between intelligence and the ratio of brain weight to body weight is probably ____.

Adrenal; noradrenalin
Erin is under stress: She has only a few minutes to make a connection at a large, busy airport – and the gate is in another terminal! Erin’s ______ gland is releasing high levels of the hormone ______.

About 1.5 hours
How long is a typical sleep cycle, in which a sleeper progresses through some or all of the sleep stages?

Changes from negative to positive.
As an action potential occurs, the neuron’s electrical charge:

The brain and the spinal cord constitute the _________ nervous system.

Many Predictions are difficult to test.
Which statement accurately identifies a shortcoming of evolutionary psychology?

How nerves conduct impulses from the receptors in the skin to the brain.
Which of the following is the best example of basic research?

The “new brain” is the:

Reasons for active sleep- Fast/random brain waves, 90 minutes after falling asleep, increased heart rate, facial twitches, repeated eye movement.
REM sleep is sometimes called “active sleep” for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

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