Postpartum Depression Quizlet Fodder

What cultural characteristics are found where postpartum depression is rare?
-Structure of a distinct postpartum period
-Protective measures for the presumed vulnerability of the new mother
-Social seclusion
-Mandated rest
-Assistance in tasks from relatives/midwives

What do new moms get in Holland?
Nurse 8 hours a day for 8 days
Quit work 4-6 weeks before their due date
16 weeks paid maternity leave
Company pays half of day care cost

What do new moms in Britain get?
Every mother and baby is visited daily by a community midwife for 10 days

What do new moms in Canada get?
50 weeks of combined maternal and paternal benefits

What is the biggest source of conflict amongst new parents?
Housework and childcare

What are the symptoms of maternity blues?
-Feeling down in the dumps
-Crying and anxiety

What is the severity of maternity blues?

What is the onset of maternity of blues?
Peak 4th-5th day after delivery
Subside by the 10th day

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?
Depressed mood with clear evidence that the symptoms are substantially interfering with functioning
Plus 4 of SIGECAPS

What are the characteristics of a minor depression?
Less suicidal ideation
More guilt

What is the biggest risk factor for postpartum depression?
A mother who doesn’t feel supported

What are other risk factors for postpartum depression?
-Marital tension
-Low levels of social support
-Negative life stress during pregnancy
-Difficult infants

What are the symptoms of postpartum obsessive compulsive disorder?
Disabling intrusive thoughts to harm the baby
-Not psychotic

What are symptoms which require evaluation?
-Marked anxiety, sadness, irritability
-Inability to sleep
-Emotional difficulties
-Suicidal feelings
-Fears of hurting baby

What should you give patients with Postpartum OCD?

When do the majority of instances of postpartum psychosis occur?
Within first 2 weeks

Emotional lability, irritability, and insomnia that typically resolves within 2 weeks (by postpartum day 10); usually self-limiting. Postpartum or Baby Blues Major depressive episode associated with childbirth; symptoms lasting beyond 6 weeks and worsening Postpartum Depression WE WILL WRITE A …

postpartum depression postpartum blues postpartum depression postpartum psychosis *Postpartum Blues* Clinical Manifestations Crying Feelings of sadness Lack of appetite Sleep Pattern Disturbances Feelings of Inadequacies Intense mood swings WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR …

Postpartum blues 50-85% of women during first few days after birth and generally continues for up to 10 dayss. -tearfullness, insomnia, lack of appetite, letdown Postpartum depression -depression occurs w/in 6 months of delivery. -sadness, intense mood swings -10=15% new …

When does postpartum blues occur and for how long? Symptoms? First few days of birth, up to 10 days Tearfulness, insomnia, lack of appetite, feeling letdown Fear/anxiety, anger, inability to cope w/ small problems When does postpartum depression occur? Characteristics? …

Postpartum Blues (Baby Blues) transient and brief; mild mood swings, irritability*, anxiety, decreased concentration, insomnia, tearfulness, crying spells; occur within 2-3 days pp (peak on 4th or 5th) and resolve within 2 wks; more common and less serious than PPD; …

Postpartum period increases the risk of developing mood disorders. Postpartum blues, postpartum depression (PPD) and postpartum psychosis are the different types of mood disorders which are common in postpartum period. PPD has devastating effects on the lives of the mothers …

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