political science 2302

The founders of the American republic believed that most of the power that would be exercised by a national government should be in the hands of
the legislature, the legislature

A representative who is performing the role of a trustee is
representing the broad interests of the entire society.

A representative who is performing the role of an instructed delegate is
primarily representing the wishes of his or her constituents.

One major problem with the role of the instructed delegate is that
the constituents may not actually have well-formed views on many issues

A legislator from Florida who votes, against her better judgment, to support subsides and prices supports for orange growers would be acting

What are some functions of congress
Passing legislation, representation, consensus building , overseeing bureaucracy, policy clarification, & confirmation.

Enumerated or expressed powers are
powers that are specifically given to Congress in the constitution

The necessary and proper clause
is also called the elastic clause, it is called that because it has been stretched so far and made to cover so much over the years to meet the needs of the people.

What is true about the senate
Term must be 2years long , must be a natural born citizen.

One major difference between the House and Senate is the total number of members—a difference that has meant that
a greater number of formal rules are needed to govern activity in the House.

The concept of cloture refers to
a process that attempts to limit debate on a bill in the Senate

All of the following are true of the filibuster

Reapportionment is
the allocation of seats in the house to each state after each census

Redistricting is
the redrawing of district boundaries within each state to ensure equal district populations.

Gerrymandering is
The drawing of legislative district boundary lines to give the dominant party an advantage

Most of the actual work on a bill is
performed by the committees and subcommittees within Congress

The most important committees in Congress are ____ committees, permanent bodies that possess an expertise resulting from their jurisdiction over certain policy areas.

All of the following are true of standing committee

The seniority system provides that
the committee member of the majority party with the longest continuous service normally becomes the committee chairperson.

The most powerful person in the House of Representatives is the
Speaker of the House

An important function of the House majority leader is to
act as spokesperson for the majority party in the House.

The whips assist the party leaders by
passing information to members of Congress from the leadership of the party.

The president of the Senate is
the Vice President

The real leadership power in the Senate rests in the hands of the
Majority Leader of the Senate.

The Speaker of the House and the Senate majority leader

Most people who study the decision-making process in Congress agree that the single best predictor for how a member will vote is his or her
party affiliation

“Money bills” must originate
in the house

After being reported by a committee but before being sent to the House floor, bills are given to the ____, which defines the conditions under which the bills are to be considered by the House
rules committee

The job of a conference committee is
to reconcile House and Senate versions of a bill.

The Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 requires
the president to spend the funds that congress has appropriated

One of the most powerful agencies in Washington, the ____ assists in the preparation of the federal budget and monitors federal agencies throughout the year.

The actual passage of a bill setting the funds that an agency can spend is called a(n)

A temporary law that Congress passes when an appropriations bill has not been decided by the beginning of the fiscal year is
a continuing resolution

The Constitution states that the required minimum age for the presidency is
thirty-five years.

What describes the people who have been elected president?

To be elected president, one must receive
a majority of the electoral vote

When no presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote, the
election is decided in the House of Representatives

The president, in the capacity as head of state, is responsible for
engaging in activities that are largely symbolic or ceremonial in nature.

examples of the president acting as Head of State

As chief executive, the president is constitutionally bound to
enforce laws, treaties, and court orders.

The number of political appointments available to the president

what is true of the president as chief executive

The granting of release from the punishment for a crime is called
a pardon

With regard to presidential pardons, all of the following are true except that

As commander-in-chief, the president is
the ultimate decision maker in military matters

Which action(s) is (are) part of the president’s role as commander in chief?

The requirement that the president report to Congress within forty-eight hours of sending troops into hostilities and then obtain the approval of Congress within sixty days is established by
the War Powers Resolution.

As chief diplomat, the president
negotiates treaties, recognizes foreign governments, and makes executive agreements.

Before a treaty can become legally binding, the treaty must be
approved by a two-thirds vote in the Senate.

Executive agreements are
Agreements made between the president and another country that do not have the be approved by the Senate

If the president uses a veto, he or she
must return the bill to Congress with a veto message

A pocket veto
Happens when Congress adjourns its session within ten days of submitting the bill to the President and the President does not act, the measure dies.

When the president receives a bill,

The line-item veto
The power to cancel out some provisions in a measure while approving others.

A veto is
when the president holds on to the bill and lets it die when the congress adjourns

Rewarding faithful party workers with government employment is called

Presidential popularity
evaluation of a president by voters, usually as measured by a survey question asking the adult population how well they think the president is doing the job

“Going public” means that presidents

All of the following are true of emergency powers except that

Executive orders
Formal orders issued by the president to direct action by the federal bureaucracy.

An executive privilege

Executive privilege

In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled that
executive privilege would not protect Richard Nixon’s attempt to withhold tapes of White House conversations.

According to the Constitution, impeachment
is voted on by the House of Representatives.

what is true of the President’s cabinet

The members of the cabinet
include the heads of the fifteen executive departments plus other top officials chosen by the president.

The White House Office, the National Security Council, and the Office of Management and Budget are all part of
the Executive Office of the President.

The office that works most closely with the president is the

The Office of Management and Budget
is responsible for deciding how much money each government agency receives in the budget

Presidential candidates have asked individuals to join the ticket as vice presidential candidates

According to the Twenty-fifth Amendment, if a president’s ability to discharge his normal functions is in question and he is unable to communicate,
a majority of the cabinet, including the vice president, can declare the president incapable.

If the office of vice president becomes vacant
President appoints new vice Vice President with congressional approval

The Twenty-fifth Amendment
Deals with succession to the Presidency and establishes procedures for filling a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, and responds to the possibilities of presidential disabilities.

The Constitution gives the vice president

Which of the following statements about the president’s veto power is most accurate?

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