Poli Sci // Chapter 11

If the office of vice president becomes vacant,
the president nominates a replacement who must be approved by both chambers of Congress

When no presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral vote, the
election is decided in the House of Representatives

Which of the following is true?
A person who is born on U.S. soil or is born to American parents may become president

If the president uses a veto, he or she
must return the bill to Congress with a veto message

Which of the following about presidential fundraising is true?
President Obama has had spectacular success in raising funds

According to the Twenty-fifth Amendment, if a president’s ability to discharge his normal functions is in question and he is unable to communicate,
a majority of the cabinet, including the vice president, can declare the president incapable

Inherent presidential powers
depend on the statement in the Constitution that “the executive power shall be vested in the President” and that the president should “take care that laws be faithfully executed.”

The National Security Council is a link between
key foreign and military advisors and the president

Which of the following is NOT TRUE about “Going public”
it is usually a sign that a President’s popularity is down

Which of the following statements about the president’s veto power is most accurate?
because vetoes are rarely overridden, the power has become unimportant

The Twenty-fifth Amendment
was a result of the long illness of President Carter

In most democratic governments, the head of the state is
someone other than the chief executive

Rewarding faithful party workers with government employment is called

The granting of release from punishment for a crime is called a(n)

As chief executive, the president is constitutionally bound to
enforce laws, treaties, and court orders

As commander-in-chief, the president is
the ultimate decision maker in military matters

An executive order
must be published in the Federal Register

In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled that
Richard Nixon could not use executive privilege to withhold secret Oval Office tapes

Presidential popularity
is an important resource for presidents to use to persuade Congress to pass legislation

Presidential candidates have asked individuals to join the ticket as vice presidential candidates for all of the following except
to serve as a co-president

Executive privilege
involves the ability of the president and executive branch officials to withhold certain information from Congress and the courts

Informal advisors to the president are called
the kitchen cabinet

Which of the following is an example of the president acting as head of state?
hosting the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at a special dinner in her honor

The office that includes most of the key personal and political advisors to the president is the
executive presidential office

Which of the following best describes the people who have been elected president?
white, male protestants

The president, in the capacity as head of state, is responsible for
engaging in activities that are largely symbolic or ceremonial in nature

Which action(s) is (are) part of the president’s role as commander in chief?
president Bush ordering the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan

Which of the following about The State of the Union message is NOT TRUE
is not required by the Constitution, and each president can choose whether to report to Congress or not

All of the following are true of the president as chief executive except
the president may remove members of congressional committee that are against his/her policies

All of the following are true of emergency powers except
the Supreme Court upheld Truman’s seizing of the steel plants in the Korean war

The requirement that the president must report to Congress within forty-eight hours of sending troops into hostilities and then obtain the approval of Congress within sixty days is established by
the war powers resolution

A veto is
a clear-cut indication of the president’s dissatisfaction with legislation

The number of political appointments available to the president
is constrained by the civil service system

All of the following are true of the president’s cabinet except
it is thoroughly detailed in the constitution as to what the cabinet should do

The Office of Management and Budget
helps the president prepare the annual budget

Before a treaty can become legally binding, the treaty must be
approved by a two-thirds vote in the Senate

The following two presidents are the only ones in American history to have actually been impeached.
Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton

In the history of the United States, no president has ever
been impeached and convicted

A constitutional amendment to clarify the way votes are cast in the electoral college was necessary because
there was no way to tell which votes were for president and which were for vice president

When the president receives a bill,
he/she can do nothing and in ten days the bills becomes a law without his/her signature

Which of the following statements about presidential elections is NOT TRUE?
the fifteenth amendment requires that the president and the vice president be chosen separately

The members of the cabinet
may include the vice president and other advisors if the president chooses to include them

The White House Office, the National Security Council, and the Office of Management and Budget are all part of
the executive office of the president

According to the constitution, impeachment
charges are voted on by the House of Representatives and, if approved, go to the Senate for a trial

A pocket veto
can only be used when Congress adjourns for the session within ten days of the bill being submitted to the President

Which of the following statements is true?

With regard to presidential pardons, all of the following statements are true except
the Supreme Court has ruled that presidents can grant pardons or reprieves for all offenses

Which of the following is not true of Executive orders
represent the president’s party leader powers

As chief diplomat, the president
negotiates treaties, recognizes foreign governments, and makes executive agreements

Executive agreements are
agreements between the president and a head of government in another country that do not have to be approved by the Senate

The founders of the American republic believed that most of the power that would be exercised by a national government should be in the hands of the legislature, A representative who is performing the role of a trustee is a …

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