Physical Status of a Person

Abstract Physical status of a person is very critical because a healthy body would be the most fundamental requirement of human. Especially when getting into University, most of the students would like to put most of their focus on academic work but not physical status. It was a pretty serious issue. The aim of the study is to find out how actually physical active HKU students are. Daily steps would be a good indicator to show the physical status of a person. We can classify which physical status they belong by gathering their daily steps. Pedometer will be distributed to a class of students and the report of each week is required.

We could find out the students in HKU are not actually physically active enough. The reason of it had explained in other studies. The result suggests both school or the student own should pay more attention on the physical status of the students or themselves. 2 Introduction University is a wonderful place to learn undoubtedly. It can provide the most comprehensive knowledge to the students. However, beside academic aspect, students should stay more focus on their physical health. It is because their physical health is much more important than the knowledge.

According to survey done by Haase, leisure-time physical activity is below recommended levels in a substantial portion of University students. That means there is a portion of University student that is being physically inactivity. (1) good Unfortunately, this situation appeared in Canada and United States also. Irwin suggested that students living on campus had the greater chance for inactive. (2) does he suggest why? Refer to the University of Hong Kong, as there is no compulsory physical activity lesson for undergraduate students. Students are not required to do any exercise regularly.

If they did not have any exercises regularly, they are more easily to be regarded as physically inactive. In fact, the current situation is that many and many students in HKU would like to stay their focus on academic work rather than take a balance between academic and physical activity. They will choose to stay at the library for self-studying but not to date some friends for an indoor ballgame. These kinds of students seldom do exercise regularly or even never engaged in a sports game after becoming a University student. In other words, the students in HKU had a pretty great chance for being physically inactive.

It was a quite serious issue because it is all about the health of students. As suggested by Tremblay, physical activity can act as a tool to lose body weight and avoid obesity. (3) good So, if students in HKU are physically inactive, how can they lose body weight or avoid obesity or any health problems? Moreover, physical inactivity will increase vascular NADPH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate)- oxidase expression and activity and enhance vascular ROS (reactive oxygen species) production, which contributes to endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis during sedentary as opposed to physically active lifestyle.

(4) Therefore, we need to figure out how active HKU students are. We are going to use pedometer to calculate the daily steps that HKU students normally take everyday and redefine the physical status of HKU students. For the hypothesis, my prediction is HKU students are not actually physical active enough. What is enough? It is because the lack of exercise assigned by the teacher and they choose to stay more focus on academic work or their career in their leisure time. Don’t give a reason here – save this to the discussion Some good evidence provided but be careful to make the writing clear and focused….

And try not to be too ‘familiar’ 7 Methods Participants Students are recruited from the students of course Physical activity & Health in The University of Hong Kong. (63 students, 37 boys, 26 girls; aged from 17-22) Students were given a pedometer and required to wear everyday in order to estimate the steps taken everyday. They are also required to submit the data at the end of the week twice a week by sending an email attached a data table to the lecturer. Remember you are only reporting 7 days of measurement here Instruments.

Oregon Scientific Pedometers (Model: PE912) and Oregon Scientific USB Receiver are distributed to the students. The pedometer is linked with a clip that makes the pedometer become more portable. It is because students can stick with the pedometer by using the clip. For the USB receiver, it can receive the data from the pedometer if students put the pedometer near the receiver. ? Procedures Students were given a pedometer (Model: PE912) that can calculate their daily steps. They were asked to create an account in website ‘Smart Health’ first. Then they should connect the USB receiver with the website.

They should wear or stick with the pedometer everyday for about 4 weeks (except during water sports and bathing). After two weeks, students are required to uploading their data to the website by connecting the USB receiver. Finally, they should send their data to the researcher via email. After collecting the data, steps data that fell between 1,000 and 30,000 (inclusive) will only be considered for analysis. It is because there is a previous finding suggested that the steps derived from pedometer could provide a more valid measurement of overall physical activity.

Objective measurement of physical activity is strongly recommended in an analysis. (5)This sentence suggesting objective measurement is optimal should go with the instrument choice A minimum of two weekdays was seen as representative of a week and was a necessity for inclusion in the final analyses. Then, mean steps for the first week of pedometer wear is calculated and used for analyzing. 8 Result After analyzing the data, the usual steps of male and female was shown as the following chat. Chart Provide the unit of measurement on your axis ie steps/day Give the figure a label and title.

The baseline average steps of male students are about 9548 per day while that of female students is about 8465 per day. For male students, the baseline average minimum steps are 4733 while maximum is 20143. For female students, the baseline average minimum steps are 4539 while maximum is 13314. I like this chart, but only use it here if it contains your data ie you could have shown using the pie chart the numbers in the low, somewhat active etc. categories. The above pie chart is a step-defined physical activity hierarchy suggested by Tudor-Locke.

Obviously, both baseline data of male or female students were below 10,000 steps. Both of them probably belong to the green one in the chart that is about 7500-9999 steps. Both of them are defined as ‘somewhat’ active. In other words, male or female students in HKU were not actually very active. 3 Discussion The main aim of this study was to figure out the physical status of HKU students nowadays. After analyzing the result, we noticed that both the male and female students in HKU could only be defined as somewhat active. give Tudor-Locke reference here That means they are not really active enough.

Refer back to the result, we discovered the baseline average steps of male students are about 9548 per day and that of female students are about 8465 per day. Obviously, the result is somehow match with my hypothesis. The students in HKU are not actually physical active enough. First of all, the daily walking steps are a good indicator for testing the physical status of students. According to Levine, Non-exercise activity thermogenesis varies substantially between people by up to 2000 kcal per day. It includes all the activities that render us vibrant, unique, and independent beings such as working, playing and walking.

(6) In other words, people got more daily steps can be regarded as physically active. The result of this study is somewhat familiar with the previous studies. It shows the University students were not sufficiently active to achieve health benefits. Also, since the standard deviation for man is about 3835 steps and the maximum steps are about 20143 steps that belong to highly active. Give some examples of values from the other studies. It is possible that there are actually some students are physically active. The reason of this fluctuation maybe is about the places of students living.

Based on the studies suggested by IRWIN. Why CAPS ? Students who are living near the campus would have greater chance for being physically inactive. On the other hand, students who are living off campus would have lesser chance for being physically inactive. It is because they generally need to travel from a greater distance to school. Give reference number Therefore, according to the hierarchy promoted by Tudor-Locke give reference number, these kinds of students will be regarded as physically active. That means HKU students should put more focus on their physical status rather than just focus on academic work.

For those students who are living near the school campus, such as residence hall, should have a regular exercise autonomously. For example, having an indoor ball game once a week would be a pretty good choice. This result would probably help us understanding the physical status of HKU students. It suggests that the school can do more on promoting physical activities to avoid any health problem on students. Some good discussion here and you do utilized the literature to support your discussion, but be sure to reference your citations properly.

10. References 4 1 Haase, A. , Steptoe, A. & Sallis, J. F. (2004). Leisure-time physical activity in university students from 23 countries: associations with health beliefs, risk awareness, and national economic development.. Europe PubMed Central, 39 (1), 182-190. 2 Irwin, D. (2004). PREVALENCE OF UNIVERSITY STUDENTS’ SUFFICIENT PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEWWHY CAPS?. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 98 , 927-943. 3 Trembla, A. (1999). Physical activity and obesity. Bailliere’s Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 13 (1), 121-129 4 Laufs, U.

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