Pharmacy Practice for Technicians fifth edition

Modern-day formularies had their origins in

What country was the forerunner in developing a logical, scientific-based approach to medical practice?

Another name for a community pharmacy is a
retail pharmacy

Which of the following is NOT considered an institutional pharmacy?
mail-order pharmacy

A laminar airflow hood would most likely be found in a
hospital pharmacy

Knowledge of the medicinal functions of natural products from animal, plant, or mineral origins is known as

The emergence of the pharmaceutical industry threatened to reduce the role of the pharmacist to that of a
drugstore operator

The work that heralded the emergence of modern clinical pharmacy was the
Millis Commission report

The primary role of a clinical pharmacist is to
share knowledge about drug use

Medication therapy management, or MTM, is best defined as
ensuring positive outcomes for drug therapy

Which of the following items is NOT a recommendation for admission to a doctor of pharmacy educational program?
a prior bachelor of science (BS) degree

Licensing and professional oversight of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are tasks carried out by
state boards of pharmacy

What professional pharmacy organization established a model curriculum for pharmacy technicians?
American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

A pharmacy technician can do all the following except
counsel a patient

The final responsibility for the accuracy of the pharmacy technician’s work is
the supervising pharmacist

The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act of 1938 designated which agency to develop standards for all drugs marked in the United States?

The Kefauver-Harris Amendment of 1962 stated that all new drugs must be proven ____ before being marketed

The Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) program is administered by the

The first four numbers of the National Drug Code (NDC) found on a prescription or on an over-the-counter (OTC) medication represent the

What organization is responsible for overseeing the policies and procedures of a pharmacy that prepares and dispenses hazardous drugs?

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1990 (OBRA-90) requires the pharmacist or pharmacy technician to
offer patient counseling regarding medications

What agency is responsible for classifying controlled substances?

Which of the following controlled substances is classified as a Schedule III drug?
anabolic steroid

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 limited the FDA’s authority to regulate
herbal, vitamin, and nutritional products

Which organization was responsible for the development of the Model State Pharmacy Practice Act (MSPPA)

Which authority has the right to remove a pharmacist’s or pharmacy technician’s license or registration?
state board of pharmacy

If a patient sues a pharmacy, then which party is responsible for the burden of proof in the case?

A pharmacist may be sued for ___ when he or she fails to meet a minimum standard of care

The Orange Book is published online by the

To be approved as a generic drug, the pharmaceutical manufacturer must prove

Which type of FDA drug recall requires a pharmacy technician to immediately remove the product from the shelf?
Class I

Jonas Salk is best known for his discovery of
polio vaccine

Which of the following classifications of drugs is NOT directly under FDA control
dietary supplements

What term can be defined as a condition in which a patient takes a drug on a regular basis because it produces a sense of well-being?
psychological dependence

When a generic manufacturer files an aNDA with the FDA, it must prove

A radiopharmaceutical used for imaging is an example of a
diagnostic agent

By which of the following means does the FDA communicate black box warnings to consumers on high-risk drugs?

What should you do if you receive a prescription with the words “brand medically necessary”?
Fill the prescription as is with the brand name product

The middle three-or-four-digit code in a National Drug Code (NDC) number represents the
drug and dose

To determine generic equivalency of a brand name product, which reference source would you use?
FDA Online Orange Book

Which of the following drugs is NOT an FDA-required REMS

The FDA monitors the incidence and risk of adverse drug reactions on the market with

Which drug classification is comprised of antineoplastic drugs?
destructive agents

A written document that explains the risks and benefits of new drug research to a patient is called
informed consent

The text that describes USP standards for drug ingredients is called
National Formulary

The most common drug dosage form is a(n)
compression tablet

Which of the following medications is available in a chewable tablet formulation?
montelukast (singulair)

The primary function of a film-coated tablet is to
protect the stomach

Once reconstituted with water, antibiotic granules become a(n)

How much time will it take for most reconstituted antibiotics to expire, if stored in the refrigerator?
14 days

An opened bottle of nitroglycerin should be replaced
every 3-6 months

An example of a water-in-oil emulsion is
mupirocin ointment

Which of the following topical medications must be applied with gloves?
OTC capsaicin (for arthritis)

Which of the following drugs is available as a nonaerosolized micronized powder?

The recommended route of administration of the shingles vaccine is

If particulate matter gets into an IV solution during preparation, it may cause a painful inflammation of the veins, known as

The word “parenteral” means, literally, “beside the ___”

Which of the following is the major disadvantage of insulin pens?

Opened vials of insulin kept at room temp. should be replaced every
30 days

Which of the following dosage formulations will have the longest duration of action?
controlled-release formulations

The modern metric system makes use of the standardized units of the
Systeme International (SI)

____ is the metric prefix that indicates thousandth

A kilogram is equal to
1000 grams

In the metric system, the liter is a standard measurement of

The varicella (chicken pox/shingles) vaccine requires a storage temp of -15 C or colder. What is the equivalent temp. in degrees Fahrenheit?
5 F

A decimal fraction has as its denominator a power of

Another way to look at 58% is 58 out of one

Liposyn III has a specific gravity of 0.985. How much will 1 L of the IV solution weigh?
985 g

The only unit of measure that is the same in the apothecary system and avoirdupois system is the

Which measurement is commonly used to convert an adult dose to an appropriate child’s dose?
age (commonly used)

A prescription is written for Cephalexin 125 mg/5mL with the directions for the patient to take 8 mL po bid. You are out-of-stock on the 125 mg/5mL bottle but you have a 250 mg/5mL bottle on the shelf. What is the amount of suspension (in mL) for each dose of the higher concentration bottle in stock?
4 mL

You are asked to prepare 1 g of Ancef for an IV. The label states that you are to use 2.5 mL of dilutent to make a final concentration of 330 mg/mL. Calculate the powder volume.
0.5 mL

In common pharmacy practice, how many grams of weight are in 1 oz
30 g

An IV medication order is received in the hospital with the first dose to be started at 2200 hours. What time is that?
10:00 pm

A prescription is received at your compounding pharmacy to make 100 g of 2% hydrocortisone cream. You have 2.5% hydrocortisone available in stock to mix with Aquaphor. Using the allegation method, how many grams of Aquaphor will be needed to mix with the 2.5% hydrocortisone to make a final concentration of 2%
20 grams

The pharmacy technician’s duties with regard to Schedule II drugs include all of the following EXCEPT
retrieving the drug from the secured storage area

In a prescription, the signa is the
directions for the patient to follow

The symbol Rx stands for the Latin word recipere and means
“to take”

A signature on a prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance
must be handwritten in black ink

A generic drug may be substituted for a brand name or proprietary drug provided the generic drug
is bioequivalent to the brand name or proprietary

Pharmacy personnel can check to see whether a DEA number has been falsified by
performing a mathematical calculation

Refills are commonly dispensed for a one-month supply of a Schedule III drug
no sooner than 28 days after the last refill

In all states, a pharmacy technician may
receive a new prescription from a patient

A Schedule III prescription may be refilled a maximum of
five times, or within six months

For select high-risk drugs, the FDA requires
a MedGuide

For processing noncontrolled drugs to insurance, the technician will need the prescriber’s
NPI number

The term DAW2 means
a patient requests a brand name to be dispensed

Which of the following drugs requires special handling and processing

A pharmacy technician may not
override a drug utilization review

The transfer warning “Caution: Federal Law prohibits the transfer of this drug to any person other than the patient for whom it was prescribed” must, by law, appear on all
controlled drugs

Dietary supplements are regulated by

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) capsules are regulated by
the FDA

A computer software application that can enter, reteive, and query patient records is a(n)
database management system (DBMS)

Processing of prescriptions to insurance is done by
using wireless communications

A PBM is best described as a(n)
company that contracts with several insurance companies

If an insurance company has three different copays for each class of medications, then its payment structure is best described as
tiered co-pay

Who is eligible for Medicare Part D?
any patient eligible for Medicare

How do most independent community pharmacies maintain their daily inventory of drugs?
purchasing from a local wholesaler

A DEA 222 form must be used to order and receive which controlled substance
Schedule II

The average price that wholesalers charge a pharmacy for a medication is also called

If a patient is prescribed gabapentin 300 mg po tid #270, what would you record as the “days” supply
90 days

A prior authorization or pA is best described to the patient as a situation in which
insurance requires the prescriber to justify the need for a particular drug

To successfully process a prescription claim, insurance requires the patient ID number or user number, processor control number (or PCN), group number, and the ___

Which of the following patients is eligible to use a coupon or drug discount card

Safe disposal of syringes and needles using a sharp container is necessary to prevent transmission of HIV and

Beyond-use dating is the expiration date of
a compound preparation

The most accurate balance used in a compounding pharmacy is a
digital electronic analytical balance

An alternative to the ointment slab is
parchment paper

A Class III prescription balance is unlocked temporarily, when the technician
checks a measurement

When measuring the amount of liquid in a graduated cylinder, read the level of the liquid at eye level and read the level of the meniscus from the

When using the geometric dilution method, the most potent ingredient (typically, the one that occurs in the smallest amount) is placed into the mortar ___ of the compounding process
at the beginning

The process of using a mortar and pestle to pulverize an ingredient into a very fine particles is called

When preparing a nonsterile compound, pharmacy personnel should wash their hands with an antimicrobial soap
before and after the preparation of each compound

The punch method is used for filling

An appropriate auxiliary label for all liquid suspensions is
Shake well before using

Which of the following compounds is an example of a water-in-oil emulsion?

The accrediting body for compounding pharmacies is the

Which of the following types of bulk ingredients CANNOT be used in a nonsterile compound for humans
chemical-grade ingredients

The calculated, beyond-use date for various nonsterile compounds is based on storage conditions and

The accepted range for percentage of error for the final weight of a nonsterile compounded preparation is
+/- 5%

A formulary is a
list of approved drugs available through a hospital pharmacy

Patient confidentiality for participation in investigational studies is a function of the
Institutional Review Board (IRB)

A medication special is
a single dose oral preparation that is prepackaged by the technician

A function unique to hospital pharmacy practice is
preparing sterile parenteral hazardous drugs

The Joint Commission is primarily interested in patient safety and
quality of care

Which of the following is not a key responsibility of the director of pharmacy?
establishing the hospital’s drug formulary

In the hospital, a prescription is commonly referred to as a
medication order

When the pharmacy technician receives a continuation order, the medication should be sent to the nurse
the next morning

Physical inventory of Schedule II drugs in the hospital pharmacy is usually conducted every
Year (annually)

The provision of the entire nutritional needs of a patient by means of IV infusion is known as a

Medication errors can be virtually eliminated by use of all of the following technologies EXCEPT:
computer-generated daily cart fill list

AcuDose Rx is an example of a commercially available
automated floor stock dispensing system

Accreditation of hospitals by the Joint Commission is generally for
3 years

A medication order is received by the pharmacy as “NPO” What does that medical term mean?
Nothing by mouth

Returns of Schedule II drugs to the wholesaler must be made on what DEA form?

A pathogenic microorganism can cause
an infectious disease

The principle of immunizations against disease was discovered by
Edward Jenner

Who was the first individual to demonstrate that microorganisms are present in the air
Louis Pasteur

A small, single-celled microorganism is known as a

A virus causes a variety of diseases including

The absence of disease-causing microorganisms is known as

What type of sterilization uses an autoclave?

Which type of sterilization do IV bags and administration sets undergo during the manufacturing process?

The most common source of contamination is

The best way to minimize touch contamination with CSP is by
hand washing and hand hygiene

The laminar airflow hood should be cleaned with 70% IPA
before each shift

Identify the incorrect statement about wearing sterile gloves in the hospital pharmacy.
sterile gloves can be reused if not dirty

USP Chapter <797> primarily addresses
prevention of contamination of CSPs

The primary role of the Infection Control Committee is to
prevent HAIs

Universal Precautions deal with infections by disease-causing microorganisms found in
blood and other bodily fluids

An example of an isotonic solution is
0.9% normal saline (NS)

The pH of blood is considered to be slightly

A vial-and-bag system is activated
by the nurse at the patient’s bedside

A microdrip IV drop set is typically used for pediatric patients and provides
60 gtts/mL

What filter size is commonly used to prevent large particles from being inadvertently injected into a CSP?
0.5 micron filter

The tonicity of a special IV solution, such as a TPN solution, is considered to be

An IV order is received for D5W to be infused at a rate of 125 mL/hour. How many 1 L bottles must be prepared for use over the next 48 hours?
six (3 per day)

Once activated, a vial-and-bag system’s expiration date is
determined by the manufacturer’s product package insert

To prevent excessive negative pressure, how many milliters of air should be injected into a vial before drawing up 2 mL of a hazardous drug?
1.5 mL

Cytotoxic drugs for IV administration must be prepared
in a vertical laminar airflow hood

Which additional protective clothing is required when working with hazardous drugs?
two pair of gloves (double gloving) and eye protection

Which of the following components is NOT part of an IV administration set/
closed-system transfer device

Priming for administration of a chemotherapy CSP should take place
in the vertical laminar airflow hood

Procedures to follow in the case of an accidental exposure to a specific hazardous drug can be found in
the MSDS for that drug

Physical incompatibility data on two or more medications added to an IV solution is best found in
Trissel’s Stability of Compounded Formulations

For every 250 prescriptions dispensed in a community pharmacy, how many contain a medication error of some type/

Which of the following scenarios is NOT a patient-caused medication error?
The patient did not receive a sufficient quantity of antibiotic suspension from the pharmacy

A wrong dose error occurs when a dose is either above or below the correct amount by more than

A hospital pharmacy preparing hazardous drugs in a horizontal laminar airflow hood is an example of a
product defect error

Filling a prescription with generic bupropion SR when the drug requested bupropion XL is an example of which type of error/
selection error

When receiving a new prescription, which of the following should a pharmacist or technician avoid doing?
Use a trailing zero when the dose written is for a whole number (e.g., 10.0 mg)

Which of the following sources of information is useful to verify that the correct medication has been selected from the shelf to fill the prescription order?
All the above (generic and/or brand names on unit stock drug container, NDC #, Drug name on original prescription)

The most important factor in medication error reporting is to
notify the patient

At a minimum, patients and caregivers should understand 10 key pieces of information about their prescriptions. Which of the following pieces of information is NOT included in those 10 items?
best time to pick up the prescription from the pharmacy

A sentinel event is defined by the Joint Commission as
an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the potential for the occurrence to happen

Which of the following is an unapproved abbreviation for mL?

Identify the incorrect statement. All prescription or medication orders
written as a decimal should have a trailing zero

The recommended abbreviation for the dose of the medication Lantus is

To verify that the correct patient is receiving the prescription at pickup, the technician should ask the patient for his or her
date of birth or address

To minimize errors during the medication filling process, the technician will scan the bar code of the
medication stock bottle

The emphasis in retail pharmacy today is on
customer care

The emotional stance that a worker adopts toward his or her job duties is called

Which of the following is the primary rule of retail merchandising ?
Be a model representative for your company

Decorum is
proper or polite behavior, or behavior that is in good taste

The major upward trend in drug abuse is primarily with

When asking a customer for information for the patient profile, the pharmacy technician should explain
why the pharmacy needs this information

Preferential treatment or mistreatment based on age, gender, ethnicity, or other criteria is known as

When answering the telephone in a retail pharmacy, a person should identify himself or herself and the name of the

An underage teenager is on birth control pill. All of the following can review this medical information at the pharmacy except the

Protected health information under HIPAA and applicable state laws includes all the following patient information EXCEPT
insurance provider

Discussing the competency of a local physician with a patient is an example of a breach of

Intimate personal relationships within the pharmacy are
discouraged in nearly all cases

Dispensing a prescription and postdating and billing prescription insurance two days later is a violation of
corporate ethics

The most important nonverbal communication tool in dealing with the elderly or those who are hearing impaired is
maintaining eye contact

If the circumstances require, a patient’s prescription information can be shared with all of the following except
the patient’s employer

An organization that certifies pharmacy technicians is the
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB)

The format for the PTCE and ExCPT examination is
multiple choice

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the need for pharmacy technicians within the next few years will

Which of the following items is not a requirement for a candidate taking the pharmacy technician certification exam
50 hours of work experience in a community or hospital pharmacy

Once a technician becomes certified, he or she must become recertified every
two years

Which category of the PTCE carries the highest weighted percentage?
Medication Order Entry and Fill Process

A standard resume typically does not provide
the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of references

A candidate without a great deal of work experience can compensate for this deficiency by emphasizing the
skills section of the resume

The cover letter sent with a resume should highlight your

How will the increasing geriatric patient population affect the job responsibilities of pharmacy technicians?
Technicians will need to become familiar with Medicare Part D to assist these patients in gaining needed information about this drug coverage program

Which of the following statements about pharmacy technician certification is correct?
Certification is transferrable to all states

Since its inception, the passing rate for the PTCB certification exam is approximately

Studies have demonstrated that the most important part of preparing for a job interview is to
learn as much as you can about the job and responsibilities

Within the next decade, prescription costs alone are projected to consume what percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in the United States?

What is the estimated number of excessive deaths due to noncompliance to prescribed medication?

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