Pharmacology mnemonics

ACE Inhibitor Side Effects – CRAP PILOT
C ough
R enal impairment
A naphylaxis
P alpitations

P otassium elevated
I mpotence
L eukocytosis
O rthostatic hypotension
T aste

Anti-Convulsant Side Effect – ABC 2D EF 2G 2H
A taxia
B lood dyscrasia
C left lip
D upuytrens
Vit D deficiency
E xfoliation of skin & Stevens Johnson’s
F its
G I upset
G um hypertrophy
H epatitis
H airy

Barbiturate Side Effects – AB 2C 3D
A taxia
B ehavioral disturbance
C oncentration decreased
C oma
D epression
D rowsy
D iplopia

Cholinergic Over Dose Side Effects – BLESS DUMB MW
B radycardia
L acrimation
E mesis
S alivation
S weating

D iarrhea
U rination
M iosis
B ronchorrea

Muscle Weakness

Cyclosporin Side Effects – G4HRT
G um Hypertrophy
H yperkalemia
H ypertension
R enal toxicity
T remor

Gynacomastia Causing Drugs – DISCO 2MTV
D igoxin
I soniazid
S pironolactone
C imetidine
O estrogens

M ethyldopa
M etronidazole
V erapamil

MAOI Side Effects – The 3Hs
H epatocellular jaundice
H yperthermia
H ypertension

Propranolol, contra-indications – ABCDE
A sthma
B lock (heart)
C ardiac failure
D iabetes Mellitus (hypoglycemic shock)
E xtremities (occlusive arterial disease)

Pulmonary Edema, Non-Cardiac – POOP PNS
P hosgene
O pioids
O rganophosphates
P araquat

P henothiazines
N itrous dioxide
S alicylate

TCAD Side Effects – NO A COW
N euro
O thers

A nticholinergic

O verdose
W ithdrawal

Steroid Side Effects – A HIBISCUS MOOCHED WIG
A cne

H ypertension
I mmunosuppression
B ruising
I nsomnia
S triae
C ushingoid
U lcers
S kin thinning

M yopathy
O besity
O steoporosis
C ataract
H airy
E dema
D epression

W eakness (proximal muscle)
I nfection
G lycosuria

Warfarin – WEPT
W arfarin
E xtrinsic pathway
Measure PT

Class IC Antiarrhythmics – FEP
F lecainide
E ncainide
P ropafenone

Class III Antiarrhythmics – BIAS
B retylium
I butilide
A miodarone
S otalol

Beta 1 Selective Blockers – A BEAM
A cebutalol

B etaxolol
E smolol
A tenolol
M etoprolol

Gynacomastia, Drugs That Cause – “Some Drugs Create Awesome Knockers”
S pironolactone
D igistalis
C isplatin
A lcohol
K etoconozole

Drugs Causing Pulmonary Fibrosis – BABE
B leomycin
A miodarone
B usulfan
E (empty)

Drugs that Cause Hepatic Necrosis – HAVE
H alothane
A cetaminophen (liquefactive necrosis)
V alproic acid
E (empty)

Drugs Causing Agranulocytosis – The 3Cs
C lozapine
C olchicine
C arbamazepine

Drugs for All Types of Seizures (except petit mal) – CAPHE
CA rbamazepine
PHE nytoin/phenobarbital

Drugs for Petit Mal Seizures – VALET
VAL proic acid
ET hosuximide

ABCD (Only for cardiovascular)

Tuberculosis Drugs – SPIRE
S treptomycin
P yrazinamide
I soniazid
R ifampin
E thambutol

Short Acting Benzodiazepines – TOM
T riazolam
O xazepam
M idazolam

Beta 2 Agonists – SMART
S almeterol
M etaproterenol
A lbuterol
R itodrine
T erbutaline

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome – LESS
L amotrigine
E thosuximide
S ulfonamides
S tevens-Johnson

Fluconazole – The 3Cs
C andidiasis
C occidiomycosis
C ryptocococcal meningitis

Class IB Antiarrhythmics – “Medical Lab Technician”
M exilietine
L idocaine
T ocainide

Lithium – LITHIUM
L eukocytosis
I nhibits PIP2, cAMP and 5′ deiodinase
T eratogenic/Thiazide contraindicated
H ypothyroidism/Hyponatremia increases toxicity
I nsipidus (nephrogenic diabetes)
visUal dysfunction
M ovement disorders: CATS (Choreoathetosis, Ataxia, Tremors, Seizures)

Drugs Contraindicated During Pregnancy – FACETS
F louroquinolones
A minoglycoside
C larithromycin
E rythromycin
T etracycline
S ulfonamide

Benzodiazepines Metabolized Outside the Liver – “Outside The Liver”
O xazepam
T emazepam
L orazepam

Beta 1 and Beta 2 Beta 1: you have 1 heart Beta 2: you have 2 lungs Bradycardia Drugs IDEA Isoproterenol Dopamine Epinephrine Atropine Sulfate WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY …

Absence seizure A type of generalized seizure characterized by a sudden, momentary break in consciousness; formerly often called petit mal seizure. Anticonvulsant A drug to control seizures. WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU …

Drug classes to treat CHF? (4) 1. Diuretics 2. ACE-Inhibitors/ARBs 3. Beta Blockers 4. K-sparing Diuretics What type of CHF are beta blockers C/I in 1. Decompensated CHF WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR …

Specific signs, symptoms, or circumstances under which it is appropriate to administer a drug to a patient Indications Spray device with a mouthpiece that contains an aerosol form of a medication that a patient can spray directly into his airway …

Steps in the Nursing Process ADPIE (A Delicious PIE) A-ssessment D- iagnosis P-lanning I-mplementation E-valuaton Inflammation (HIPER) H-eat I-nduration P-ain E-dema R-edness WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON ANY TOPIC SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU FOR ONLY $13.90/PAGE Write my …

Digoxin (Lanoxin) – Antidysrhythmic – Inotropic (Increases contractility) D- dig level 2ng/ml or greater is toxic I- inhibits sodium potassium ATPase G-GI or CNS signs indicate adverse effects (N/A for adult toxicity, stomach upset in older child O-output, intake, and …

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