Pharmacology – Haldol

Anti-psychotic and Neuroleptic

Major tranquilizer

Mechanism of Action
Blocks dopamine receptors in the brain, altering mood and behavior.

Major tranquilizer of the butyrophenone class that has proved effective in the management of acute psychotic episodes.

has pharmacological properties similar to those of the phenothiazine class of drugs (Thorazine)

Has weak anticholinergic properties

Onset: 30-45 mins
Peak: 10-20 mins
Duration: variable
Half Life: 3-35 hours

Acute psychotic episodes.

Central nervous system depression / coma

May impair mental and physical abilities
Use with caution in patients taking anticoagulants
Diphenhydramine / benadryl should be available

Few incidents of reported prolonged QT intervals that did produce some cases of torsades de pointes, much higher doses than used in prehospital care.

Side Effects
Extraphyramidal reaction or symptoms (EPR or EPS) especially in children.
Nausea / Vomiting
Blurred vision

Anti-hypertensive medications may increase the likelihood of a patient developing hypotension.

use with caution in patients taking lithium, because irreversible brain damage has been reported.

2 to 5 mg IM

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