Pharmacology for Technicians – CH 8

Absence seizure
A type of generalized seizure characterized by a sudden, momentary break in consciousness; formerly often called petit mal seizure.

A drug to control seizures.

Involuntary contraction or series of contractions of the voluntary muscles.

Difficulty in swallowing.

A neurologic disorder involving sudden and recurring seizures.

Generalized seizure
A seizure that involves both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously and has no local origin; can be a tonic-clonic (grand mal), absence (petit mal), myoclonic, or atonic seizure.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
An autoimmune disease in which the myelin sheaths around nerves degenerate.

Partial seizure
An abnormal electrical discharge centered in a specific area of the brain; usually caused by a trauma.

Abnormal electrical discharges in the cerebral cortex caused by sudden, excessive firing of neurons; result in a change in behavior of which the patient is not aware.

Tonic-clonic seizure
A type of generalized seizure characterized by body rigidity followed by muscle jerks; formerly called a grand mal seizure.

Seizures can be caused by:
Epilepsy; alcohol withdrawl; infection
Answer: all of the above

The two major classifications of seizures are:
Generalized and partial

Goals of epilepsy therapy are:
To control seizures or reduce their frequency to the extent that
the patient can live essentially a normal life; to prevent emotional and behavioral changes
Answer: a and b

Which is the only indication for Klonopin?
Seizure prophylaxis

Which drug has boxed warning about fatal rashes?

Which oral liquid drug should be well shaken before administering?

Which anticonvulsant is a scheduled drug?

Which drug is metabolized to phenobarbital?

Which anticonvulsants are used to treat bipolar disorders?
carbamazepine and valproic acid

The two noncontrolled substances to treat ADHD are?
Stattera and Sparlon

Epilepsy The child feels a strange sensation overcoming their entire body. Senses become fuzzy, loses consciousness, every muscle becomes tense, mild to severe muscle twitches that last from a few seconds to a couple minutes – they regain consciousness with …

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Seizures are an uncontrolled condition that electrical activity in the brain produces convulsion. These convulsions may be minor physical signs, disturbances, and or a combination of symptoms together. Seizures can be caused by head injuries, tumors in the brain, poisoning …

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Epilepsy, a neurological condition that affects the nervous system is also know as a seizure disorder. When someone has had two unexpected seizures that were not caused by any known medical condition, then it is usually diagnosed as epilepsy. The …

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