Pharmacology for Technicians – CH 1 & 2 MC

Responses other than the intended therapeutic one are:
Side effects

Which term refers to the treatment of disease?

Increasing resistance to the usual effects of an established dosage of a drug as a result of continued use is:

A response that is unusual, unexpected, or opposite from the expected response to a drug is:
An idiosyncratic reaction

A severe, life-threatening allergic response with breathing difficulty, vascular collapse, and shock, accompanied by urticaria, pruritus, and angioedema is:
An anaphylactic reaction

Complete removal of a drug from a specific volume of blood per unit of time is:

What describes the relationship between the dosage of drug given and the blood concentration attained?
Volume of distribution

The degree to which a drug becomes available to the target tissue is:

A study to understand drug behavior in the human body is:

A method of describing the process of absorption, distribution, and elimination of a drug within the body is:
Pharmacokinetic modeling

The word pharmakon means:

Pharmacognosy is:
The study and identification of natural sources of drugs.

Claude Bernard
Was a French physiologist who demonstrated that certain drugs have specific sites of action within the body.

Pharmacology is:
A broad term that includes the study of drugs and their actions on the body.

A pharmacy technician should never:
Advise patients about the use of their medicine.

The FDA is required to:
Ensure that a drug is safe and effective; monitor drug safety after a drug has been approved for sale; approve drugs in a timely manner.
Answer: all of the above

What schedule includes drugs that have no accepted medical use in the United States?
Schedule I, C-1

Which federal law was designed to prevent drug abuse?
Controlled Substances Act

MedWatch is:
A system through which healthcare professionals can report adverse drug events.

The FDA’s approval of a new drug is based on:
The completion of the first three phases of clinical trials; evidence that a drug is effective in treating the condition for which it was intended; a judgement that the benefits of a new drug to users will outweigh its risks.
Answer: all of the above.

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