Pharmacology flash cards.pdf

a drug that reduces or eliminates pain

a drug that reduces/neutralizes stomach acid

a chemical substance derived from a mold or bacteria that inhibits the growth of other microorganisms (very small organisms)

a drug that inhibits the formation of blood clots

a drug that reduces or prevents convulsions, such as in epilepsy

a drug that alters chemicals in the brain to reduce anxitey and depression

a drug that reduces or prevents diarrhea

a drug that prevents nausea and vomiting

a drug that treats fungal infections

a drug that suppresses the action of histamine, produced during the inflammatory response

a drug that reduces high blood pressure(hypertension)

a drug that reduces inflammation

a drug that lowers the level of blood lipids (fats)

a drug that inhibits muscle contractions to relieve spasms

a drug used to suppress the cough relfex

a drug that treats viral infections

a drug that expands (dilates) the bronchi of the lungs

a thype of anit-inflammatory steroid hormone that is produced in the adernal cortex

a drug or substance the increases urine output

a drug used to increase bronchial secretions

generic name
a drug name that is not specific to any manufacturer; assigned by the goverment

hormone replacement therapy
use of a synthetic or naturally derived hormone to replace one that is deficient by disease, surgical removal, or due to menopause

drug that causes sleep

any substance that lowers the body’s defenses provided by the immune system

a drug or substance that promotes defection

muscle relaxant
a drug that reduces muscle contraction

a natural or synthetic drug related to or derived from opium that reduces or eliminates pain

nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)
a drug that reduces inflammation but is not a steroid

oral contraceptive
a drug that combines the hormones estrogen and/or progestins to inhibit normal female fertility and unintended pregnancy; also referred to as “the Pill”

oral hypoglycemic
a drug that reduces blood sugar; used in the treatment of Type II diabetes

the study of how the body responds to drugs

the study of how drugs are handled by the body

the study of drugs/medications

a written order for drug treatment (pharmacotherapy) that is provided by an authorized health professional

routes of administration
the various ways in whic a drug may be delivered to the patient; includes oral (by mouth), subcutaneous (under the skin), intravenous (within a vein), intramuscular (within a muscle), vaginal (into the vagina),rectal (into the rectum), and topical (on the surface of the skin)

drug the depreses the central nervous system (CNS) to caue calmness

trade name
a drug name assigned by the manufacturer that is specific to that manufacturer; also called brand or product name

a preparation of microorganisms praticles that, wrn administered by injection or orally, confers protection to the recipient

a substance that causes blood vessels to contrict, reducing blood flow and raising blood pressure

a substance that caues blood vessels to relax and dilate, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure

the questions who, what, why, when, where, how, and how much were introduced as a way to: help us evaluate whether a particular type of drug use is a problem One of the four principles of psychoactive drug use is …

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What is a drug? A drug is any substance that produces a physical or chemical change in the body. What are 8 ways drugs can be administered? Mouth (oral), Injected into a blood vessel (intravenous), Fat (Subcutaneous), Muscle (Intramuscular), Skin …

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