Pharmacology Final Review

The oral anticoagulant of choice is:

The dark pigment that provides skin color is:

Oxytocin’s trade name is:

Pediatric drug dosages may be based on:
age, weight, and body surface area

Hormones are secreted by the:
endocrine system

Uricosuric agents are used when:
plasma levels of uric acid will most likely cause tissue damage

Agents that widen the diameter of the bronchial tubes are known as:

Severely elevated blood pressure may be fatal and is known as:
hypertensive crisis

The esophagus is the tube from the:
pharynx to the stomach

A heart attack is clinically termed:
myocardial infarction

Is important for maintaining the resting potential of nerve and cardiac cells:

The generic name for valium is:

An enlarged thyroid gland:

Is indicated by the creatine clearance test:
glomerular filtration rate

The most common cause of death in the U.S.:
cardiovascular disease

Are fungi that infect the skin, hair, and nails:

The most effective antitussives are:
opiod analgesics

Depresses the CNS:
general anesthesia

A major problem concerning drug metabolism in children is:
the lack of FDA requirements for pediatric studies

Fluid accumulation in tissues is:

Agents that reduce circulating blood volume by blocking reabsorption of Na sodium and Ca calcium are:

The skeletal muscle relaxant of first choice is:

Agents that dilate the pupil are:

Are the most effective for lowering cholesterol:

If chemical agents are applied to the skin of a premature infant:
poisoning may occur

The most commonly prescribed digitalis preparation for CHF is:

May cause allergic reactions due to one of their metabolites PABA:

Washing out the stomach:
gastric lavage

Are male sex homones:

Causes dwarfism:

Mast cells release:

If used to treat status asthmaticus causes saliva and mucus to appear pink:

Skin softening agents:

Is loss of sensation or consciousness:

Is a disorder of urate deposition that peaks during the fifth decade of life:

Rheumatoid arthritis of the wrists, feet, and hands is seen more in:
women than men

The most popular ematic is:
ipecac syrup

Is a non-opiod cough supressant:

Are becoming the drug of choice in the first-line treatment of primary hypertension:
ACE inhibitors

Are popular for pediatric administration:
elixers and suspensions

The antithyroid drug that is 10 times as potent as propylthiouracil is:

Pediatric doses are usually stated as:
milligrams per kilogram

Occurs more often in elderly women:

The phase when one becomes reproductively functional is known as:

Make up the lower respiratory tract:
the larynx, trachea, bronchila tree, and lungs

Is a common adverse effect of antiemetics:

The leading cause of death among 65 and older is:
heart disease

Is the outer layer of skin:

Most filtered fluid is returned to the body’s internal environment by the kidneys in a process known as:
tubular reabsorbtion

The main OTC drug for acne is:
benzoyl peroxide

Are used to treat bronchial conditions:
cholinergic blockers

Disperse a fine-particle mist of meds deep into the lungs:

Are used to partially sedate patients prior to surgery:
preanesthetic medications

Is also known as a stroke:

Is the most abundant mineral in the body:

Is air or a clot circulating in the body:


Warfarin sodium

Abnormally fast heartbeat is:

Insulin 70/30 contains:
70 NPH and 30 regular insulin

Is an anticoagulant:

Is a common inflammatory disease of the skin:

Is an inflammatory disorder of the sebaceous glands:
acne vulgaris

Dysregulation of the beta cell function in the pancreas can lead to:
diabetes mellitus

Pepto-Bismal is:
bismuth subsalicylate

Hip fractures in the elderly can occur due to:

The drugs of choice in treatment of intraocular hypertension and chronic open-angle glaucoma are:
beta-adrenergic blockers

Is the chronic disease of the tracheobronchial tree:

Drug therapy for hypertension usually begins with:

Hypertension is:
BP over 140/90

A drug of choice for antithyroid therapy is:
radioactive iodine

The most effective drugs for controlling diarrhea, which require a prescription are the:
opiod analgesics

Is the functional unit of the kidney:

Stop ovulation by causing the pituitary to stop secreting follicle-stimulating hormone FSH:
oral contraceptives

The prototype drug of the histamine H2-receptor antagonist is:
cimetidine (Tagamet)

Are agents that cause blood vessels to expand:

Many cases of gastric ulcer or gastritis are due to the presence of the bacterium:
helicobacter pylori

The main function of the kidneys is to:
regulate the volume, composition and pH of body fluids

After conception:
pregnancy continues for 38 weeks

The action of anesthesia is:

Patients taking alpha/beta blockers should be instructed to make position changes slowly in order to avoid:
postural hypotension

Is also referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM), or juvenile diabetes:
type 1 diabetes

The most important structure of the heart is:
it’s middle layer, or myocardium

Are the oldest and most frequently prescribed drugs for anginas:

Is not a function of the sympathetic nervous system:
cause bronchoconstriction

Is the leading cause of chronic illness and school absenteism in children:

Is the generic name for anturane:

An anesthetic agent is injected into the subarachnoid space:
during spinal anesthesia

Is the hormone that stimulates powerful uterine contractions and aids labor in its later stages:

May be utilize in cases of severe psoriasis:

In the case of water and electrolytes:
the quantities that enter the body should equal the quantities leaving it.

Are two types of muscle spasms:
tonic and clonic

Is the most abundant organic waste:

Mimic the effect of the sympathetic nervous system:
adrenergic medications

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