Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases is caused by a fungus?

Which of the following can yield a false-positive result with a home-pregnancy test?
collecting the urine in a waxed paper cup

Which agent is used for uncontrolled bleeding at birth?
methylergonovine (Methergine)

Hormone replacement therapy is controversial because it is associated with increased risk of
breast cancer.

What is hypogonadism?
deficient hormone production and secretion

Which synthetic insulin is the longest acting?
glargine (Lantus)

Which hormone listed below is not released by the pituitary gland?
thyroxine (T4)

Which drug listed below has been shown to speed the healing of lower extremity diabetic ulcers?
becaplermin gel (Regranex)

Which of the following drugs is used to treat genital herpes?
acyclovir (Zovirax)

Combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptives prevent conception by
interfering with the production of the hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle.

altering the cervical mucus to form a physical barrier that prevents the penetration of sperm.

changing the composition of the endometrium to make it unsuitable for implantation.

a, b, and c

What is a symptom of estrogen deficiency?
vasomotor instability
atrophic vulvovaginitis
a, b, and c

What is a danger of using nicotine in combination with estrogen?
increased risk of blood clots

What oral contraceptive may cause weight loss in patients?
ethinyl estradiol-drospirenone (Yasmine, YAZ)

Which hormone, released by the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, stimulates the ovaries to produce estrogen?

When a patient has had the thyroid surgically removed, due to cancer, for example, what is the drug of choice for chronic therapy?
levothyroxine (Levothroid, Synthroid)

Approximately what percent of persons older than 60 years have diabetes?
20 percent

Which of the following drugs or drug classes may cause male impotence?
haloperidol (Haldol)
(all of the above)

Which of the following oral hypoglycemic agents acts by interfering with carbohydrate metabolism and glucose absorption?
acarbose (Precose)

A life-threatening medical emergency involving excessive thyroid hormone is
thyroid storm.

A patient with diabetes might take a statin to
manage cholesterol levels.

Topical corticosteroids should be applied as a thin film and used sparingly because
they can suppress the hypothalamus-pituitary axis.

What is the top layer of skin known as?

What term is used to describe the excessive response of the skin to sun in the presence of a sensitizing agent?

Both lice and scabies
cause intense itching

Which of the following skin disorders is a fungal infection?

Which of the following drugs, derived from chrysanthemums, is available OTC and is used for head lice?
Pyrethrins (Rid Mousse)

Eflornithine (Vaniqa)
is approved to be used only by women

What features are characteristic of rosacea?
flushing, erythema, papules, and pustules

In general, what is the maximum dosage and the number of consecutive weeks that superpotent steroids are given?
45 to 50 g per week; 2 weeks

What is the most commonly occurring eye disease?

What ingredient in liniments and ointments helps to relieve itching?

What causes age-related macular degeneration (AMD)?

What drug is used to treat cold sores (herpes simplex 1)?
Docosanol (Abreva)

Open-angle glaucoma is usually treated with

Which of the following drugs is not used to treat fungal infections?
Fluorouracil (EFUDEX)

Which of the following might a physician prescribe to treat the symptoms of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis?
loteprednol (Alrex, Lotemax)

Which drug used to treat glaucoma may cause light-colored eyes to turn brown?
latanoprost (Xalatan)

Which class of drugs can cause photosensitivity?

Which class of drugs is typically used to treat poison ivy?

Which of the following drugs is used to treat acne vulgaris?
Tretinoin (Retin-A)

What are immunoglobulins?
Proteins with antibody activity

Which class of recombinant DNA drugs is used to influence the bone marrow to produce blood cells?
Colony-stimulating factor

Which type of immune cells are memory cells?
Small Lymphocytes

What drug combination is known as “Magic Swizzle”?

What is the advantage of recombinant DNA technology?
It can produce pure human protein in large quantities.

It can produce pure human protein without the risk of viral contamination.

Which of the following statements about erythropoietin is true?
It is produced by the kidneys.
The recombinant DNA product is known as epoetin alfa (Epogen, Procrit).

Erythropoietin increases the production of red blood cells.

The drug should not be shaken, as this may denature the glycoprotein and inactivate it.

What is the purpose of the lymphatic system?
to filter body fluids by nodes, vessels, and lymphocytes before the fluids return to general circulation

How would a pharmacy technician know that a drug is an monoclonal antibody?
The name of the drug ends in “mab.”

What is a serious oral complication that can result from chemotherapy?

What is the most common immunoglobulin, making up about 80% of the total in plasma?

What term describes a small circular ring of DNA that can be used to transfer a gene to a host cell?

T cells and B cells both arise from the
bone marrow.

Where do T cells reside?
Lymph Nodes and Spleens

Which drug is a secretion-thinning enzyme used in managing cystic fibrosis?
dornase alfa (Pulmozyme)

Neoplastic disease occurs when
A death occurs

Drugs for the prevention of breast cancer recurrence attempt to intercept the production of estrone.

Which antirejection drug is a monoclonal antibody?
basiliximab (Simulect)

Which term is used to describe the goal of most chemotherapy?

A cytoprotective agent is also known as a(n)
rescue agent.

Monoclonal antibodies medications are adminstered in what dosage forms?
IV, Injection

Alcoholics are often deficient in
vitamin B1
vitamin B9.

Enteral nutrition might be indicated for patients with
partial bowel obstruction

short bowel syndrome

Chrone’s disease

Which of the following is a water-soluble vitamin?
Vitamin C

What is another name for vitamin B9?
Folic Acid

What is the drug of choice for treating an overdose of acetaminophen (Tylenol)?
acetylcysteine (Mucomyst)

In what type of solution are there fewer particles (that is, a lower concentration) than contained in body fluids?

What are the symptoms of vitamin B3, or niacin, deficiency?
diarrhea, dementia, dermatitis

Which of the following drugs may cause tinnitus (ringing in the ear), nausea, and vomiting in children with doses greater than 150 mg/kg?

What is considered moderate malnutrition?
lean body mass reduction of 20%

What drug may be used to treat drug-induced bradycardia?

Which herb might benefit patients with diabetes?
chromium picolinate

Which drug do some physicians prescribe to try to preserve the skin around the bite of a brown recluse spider?

Proportionally, who has the highest amount of body water?

Which dietary supplement is incorrectly paired with its medicinal use?
garlic – impotence

What organ maintains the largest stores of fat-soluble vitamins?

In preparing an enteral, the pharmacy technician should
place a sticker on the preparation warning that it is not for intravenous use.

What vitamin found in dairy products, liver, and fish oils is also known as retinol?
Vitamin A

Putting all the electrolytes except phosphate into a small-volume parental bag and then transferring into each batch of TPN solution is called

What is a complication associated with parenteral nutrition?
acid-base imbalance

high serum lipid concentrations

electrolyte imbalance

liver toxicity

Which drug is the most commonly used agent in cardiopulmonary arrest?
epinephrine (Adrenalin)

The rate of medication absorption through the skin depends on which of the following? all of the above Which of the following are true of topical fungal preparations? 1. They may be used on hair, nails, or skin. 2. Most …

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