Pharmacology – Dosage calculations

apothecary system
a very old system of measure that was specifically developed for use by apothecaries or pharmacists; it uses the minim as the basic unit of liquid measure and the grain as the basic unit of solid measure.

Clark’s rule
a method of determining the correct drug dose for a child based on the known adult dose (assumes that the adult dose is based on a 150-lb person)

Child’s dose = weight of the child/150lb x average adult dose

inding the equivalent values between two systems of measure

Fried’s rule
A method of determining a pediatric drug dose for a child younger than 1 year of age, based on the child’s age and the usual adult dose (assumes that an adult dose would be appropriate for a 12.5-year-old child); it states

Child’s dose (1 y) = weight of the child(mo)/150mo x average adult dose

Metric system
he most widely used system of measure, based on the decimal system; all units in the system are determined as multiples of 10

Ratio and proportion
an equation in which a ratio containing two known equivalent amounts is on one side and a ratio containing the amount desired to convert and its unknown equivalent is on the other side

Young’s rule
method for determining pediatric drug dose based on the child’s age and the usual adult dose; it states

Child’s dose (1-12 y) = child’s age (y)/child’s age (y) +12 x average adult dose

Does not use a colon
Do not use AM/PM
Military time

6am in military time

10:24pm in military time

4:45pm in military time

3:13am in military time

How many mug in 1mg

How many grams in 1kg

How many mg in 1g

How many lbs are in 1kg

How many mL in 1oz

How many cc in 1mL

How many tsp in 5mL

How many mL in 1L

3 tsp
How many tsp in 1 tbsp

How many mL in 1 tbsp

2 tbsp
How many tbsp in 1 oz

0.5-3 mL volume
Most IM dosages are contained in a

Larger volumes
IV additives may be contained in

____ is never abbreviated

5 numbers
Commas are not used in a quantity at least ___

The number of grams of a drug contained in 1 mL of a normal solution

1 mL
3 mL
5 mL
10 mL
20 mL
60 mL

*insulin is orange

Syringe types

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