pharmacology clear and simple ch 17

nasal decongestant
dry secretions to alleviate nasal congestion

reduce inflamation but do not contain sterioids

used for long term therapy of inflamtory diseases (RA, psoriasis, chrohns disease ect)

fight off bacteria

one of the oldest antibiotics

used for patients who are allergic to penicillin

first generation cephalosporin
generation used for patients allergic to penicillin

second generation cephalosporin
treat nonsocomial pneumonia or pelvic intradominal infections

third generation cephalosporin
used to treat gram negative bacteria

fourth generation cephalosporin
used through IV for severe nosocomial surgical infections

tetracycline medications
cause permanent staining on teeth of children/fetus

aminoglycoside medications
more toxic than other antibiotics. ideal against gram aerobic gram neg bacteria.

marcolide medications
inhibit reproduction of microorganisms by inhibiting protein synthesis. used for upper resp tract infections, skin infections, PID

quinolone meds
prevent bacteria from growing. used for chronic UTI

slufaonamide drugs
kill bacteria by interupting their metablolism

anti histamines
Diphenhyframine (Benedryl)
Loratadine (Claritin)
Cetirzine (zyrtec)

glucocorticiod family
beclomethasone (beclovent)
Budesonide (entocort)
Fluticasone (flovent)
Hydrocotisone (cortef)

nasal decongestants family
naaphazoline drops (privine)
tetrahydrozolline (tyzine)

NSAID family
ibuprofen (motrin, advil)
Dicofenac (voltaren)
celecoxib (celebrex)
Katorolac (toradol)

penicillin family
ampicillin (omnipen)
Amoxicillin (amoxil)
Pennicillin (Pen VK)

tetracycline family
doxycylcline (vibramycin)
Minocycline (solodyn)
tetracycline (sumycin)

macrolide family
erythromycin (e.e.s. granuales)
clarithromycin (biaxin)
Azithromycin (zithromax)

aminogylcoside family
amikacin (amikin)
gentamincin (garamycin)
tobramycin (nebcin)

quinilone family
ciprofloxican (cipro)
ofloxican (floxin)

sulfaonamide family
septra, bactrim, pediazole

antituberculin family
cycloserine (seromycin)
rifampin (rifadin)

Antifungal family
ketoconoazole (diffucan)
miconazole (desinex, micatin)

antiviral family
acyclovir (acivir, zovirax)
zanamivir (tamiflu)

antimilarial family
atovaquone (malarone)
chloroquine (aralen)
mefloquine (lariam)

anthelmintics family
albenazole (albenza)
praziquantel (bilitricide)
ivernectin (stomectol)
mebendazole (vermox)
pyrantel (antiminth)

pediculide family
permethrin (nix)
malathion (ovide)

active natural immunity
microbes invade body and learn to fight it

passive natural immunity
mother passive immunity to fetus (lasts 3-6 months)

active artificial immunity
vaccine given to stimulate invasion, thus antibodies are formed.

passive artificial immunity
antibodies from donor given to at risk patient (protection is temporary)

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